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Perendev Magnetic Motor Analogue Winds Down - Keith Anderson says he saw the Perendev motor running, and that his group has built two different working magnetic motor designs, including one that is analogous to the Perendev, but that they all depleted their magnets under load. (Oct. 18)

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Vladimir Kangas Claims to be Tapping the Coriolis Force to Achieve 'Reactionless Propulsion' Claims that the Coriolis force (pertaining to the inertia force) can be used to "disbalance internal forces in a closed system resulting in a body displacement without any external action." U.S. and Sweedish patents awarded.

Vladimir Kangas, 69

Original Message -----

From: Vladimir Kangas To: sterlingda @ Sent: Tuesday, December 02, 2003 2:03 PM Subject: Contact

Free Energy 

This time, everywhere in the world, there is an intensive search for new sources of energy; some of them could be characterized as attempts to find the "holy grail" in the form of the Perpetual Motion Machine. Since this term had been hopelessly discredited, the politically correct substitutes as "Free Energy", "New Energy" were found. There numerous sites of the Internet where scientific institutes, organizations, and scientists are listed as involved in the "Free Energy" problem solution. Huge, if not astronomical funds to support this research are spent with the results close to zero. There are several "Free Energy" prizes, but so far nobody has won any of them. The question arises: "Why the efficiency of this work is so low?"

The "Free Energy" problem solution could be referred to a device which collects energy from a source which is not recognized by contemporary science or even contradicts it. Then the answer could be very simple - the main obstacle in further developments in Physics (Mechanics) is Physics itself, or more correctly, its postulates, among them there are conservation laws of Newton' mechanics. Numerous but unsuccessful attempts to refute these fundamental laws lead to situation that the classic Newton' mechanics became indisputable and, thus, a barrier to new ideas development. All that is not complying with these laws is rejected and cannot be a subject of consideration and discussion. Thus, medieval inquisition is superseded by dogmatic scientists whose behavior reminds that of surrounded by red flags wolves who are ready to die rather then to overstep them. However, among new ideas can be met those deserving the attention, for example, a case of the Coriolis force which is the inertia force and has the "double" effect.

I have proposed fifty years ago to use this effect for to disbalance internal forces in a closed system resulting in a body displacement without any external action, i.e. to displace the center of mass at the expenses of only internal forces. The effect could be called as "reactionless" propulsion. Till this time, I have got the Swedish patent No. 510 440 and the US patent No. 6321783 confirming my discovery. In spite of this, because my discovery formally contradicts the Third law- the holy grail of Newton' mechanics, I failed to get any recognition and support from a side of scientific community.

Till this time, already hundreds of scientists became familiar with my estimations, but none of them express the will to discuss the subject with me due to the conservatism of thinking I have mentioned above. I do consider that my discovery could be a real breakthrough in the field of mechanics and, as a consequence, in space propulsion and energy production.


Vladimir Kangas Tel/Fax: +46-31-88 46 69 (speaks only Russian. You might consider using AltaVista's translation service [free] and send your message translated into Russian, as well as the original English.)

Patents US Patent 6,321,783 URL for sending in plain text email so it doesn't get chopped:

United States Patent 6,321,783 Neem , et al. November 27, 2001

Closed system motor

Abstract The invention relates to a closed system. It consists of a spirally-wound elastic pipe (1), inside which a fluid flows, and a straight rubber pipe (2) extending in the center of the spiral, inside which pipe the fluid is so arranged as to flow in the opposite direction, i.e. the fluid circulates inside a closed circuit formed in this way. The system is so arranged as to be extended and compressed so that the internal forces therein enter into a state of imbalance during the actual extension and compression process, and so that the system is thereby so arranged as to begin to move because of the internal forces, which can be utilized as an energy source.

Inventors: Neem; Hillar (Tornrosvagen 16C, S-435 21, Molnlycke, SE); Kangas; Vladimir (Ronngarden 51, S-435 31, Molnlycke, SE) Appl. No.: 509149 Filed: March 17, 2000

Swedish patent No. 510 440

$10k to build Prototype To: sterlingda @ Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 2003 2:11 PM Subject: RE: posted: Vladimir Kangas Claims to be Tapping the Coriolis Force to Achieve 'Reactionless Propulsion' Dear Mr. Allan,

The proposed construction is invented 50 years ago. The prime issue is to show in the theoretical way the possibility of unbalanced forces in the closed system.

  For the time being I can propose several constructions that can be used in practice and the production cost will not exceed 10 000 US $ (for every prototype)   

Best Regards.

03-12-07 Vladimir Kangas

Earlier Prototype; University Validation From: Vladimir Kangas To: sterlingda @ Sent: Saturday, December 20, 2003 4:48 AM Subject: RE: posted: Vladimir Kangas Claims to be Tapping the Coriolis Force to Achieve 'Reactionless Propulsion'

>Do you have any photographs I could post? Video images? No, I do not have any photographs but I do have a video of an earlier prototype. >Do you have a working prototype? No, at the time being there exists no prototype due to the cost of manufacturing such a device ($10000). The Swedish University, Chalmers, has examined my theories and validated the truth behind it. But they do not want (dare?) to go public. I'm certain (thru different sources) that my device is rendered secret. >Keep up the good work and keep hoping.

Thank you very much! The reason I do not answer to all the letters, e-mail etc. I get is because I do not speak any other language than Russian. This answer has been translated for me.

Sincerely, Wladimir Kangas

Coriolis force

Appeal to the physicist of the world

300 years ago the Academy of Paris prohibited all discussions concerning the perpetual motion machine or the Perpetuum Mobile (PM). The reasons were the enormous amounts of applications for a patent for the PM flooding the academy and the fact that the principle itself of the PM is against the basic laws of physics and thus is impossible. 45 years ago I discovered the double effect of the Coriolis force but didn't manage to convince anybody to believe in my discovery. After 5 years of inquiries Chalmers University of Technology has acknowledged that the double effect of the Coriolis force can be used in the way I asserted and nobody doubts that the Coriolis force can be used to move a wagon, a boat etc. forward or: The system can move its center of gravity only by means of its internal forces without any external influence. This can be considered a decisive discovery within mechanics and all specialists within theoretical mechanics can confirm this assertion.

Unfortunately, Chalmers ignores this aspect of my discovery and concentrates only on the use of the Coriolis force as an energy source. But my discovery can be used within two areas: 1. To move e.g. a spacecraft forward. 2. As an unlimited source of energy. Point No. 1 can be used immediately, for example there is no limit to how much a spacecraft can increase its speed and keep its mass constant. For practical use of point No. 2 let us apply the formula: N=vF Where N stands for effect, v for speed and F for force. In all machines of today speed and force depend on each other, i.e. when the speed increases, the force decreases. In our case the Coriolis force, which moves the device (e.g. the wagon) doesn't depend on the speed of the device at all. This makes it possible to increase the speed of the device infinitely (under ideal conditions). The consequence of this is that when the speed of the device increases, the effect increases and its efficiency can exceed 100%, i.e. we have a real functioning perpetual motion machine (PM). Thus the assertions of Chalmers, saying that the efficiency is low, are wrong. Now that the greenhouse effect threatens the entire existence of mankind, it is criminal to put off an acknowledgement of my discovery and not to give it your support, especially as this discovery has had a Swedish Patent No. 510 440 as well as an international one No. PCT/SE98/01767 and a US patent 6321783.

Inventor Vladimir Kangas

Related Articles (Swedish) Evighetsmaskinen som fått patent - ?Vi har inte resurser att räkna igenom för att se om det stämmer?, säger Patentverket (Swedish) "Innerspåret - drömmen om fri energi" - "Coriolismaskinen" heading mentions Kangas. (Swedish) Coriolis Explanations and Demonstrations. En intressant och pedagogisk förklaring av corioliskraften, upplag av PAGE (Program for the Advancement of Geoscience Education) vid UCAR (The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research)

See also Google > Coriolis+force Google > "Vladimir+Kangas" Kangas spoke at the 2nd International Workshop On Natural Energies in Sweden Aug. 8-10, 2003 Contact Vladimir Kangas Tel/Fax: 46-31-88 46 69 (speaks only Russian. You might consider using AltaVista's translation service [free] and send your message translated into Russian, as well as the original English.)

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