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Obama & ISIS

The Control Paradigm


Black Light Power Inc.

Black Light Power Inc., has good reason to be concerned, and an even better reason for legally challenging the falsehood perpetrated by the naysayers, and abusive detractors: - 2014_Wikipedia_Defamation_Suit_08132014.pdf
Additional Validations


Those who analyze (recognize) information and understand what they are viewing (recognizing) as novelty of fact merely intuit from primary to secondary observations reality unforeseen (unrecognized). The Solvay Conferences enabled primary and secondary observers to solidify their perspective observations into distinct viewpoints forming the foundations of modern Quantum Mechanics—and a novel field recognizable (today) as Quantum Physics. Dr. Randell L. Mills progressed further with his discovery of hydrogen and light as the primary sources of Energy Transference. The vehicle Dr. Mills chose to use was the hydrino—created when he lowered the ground state of the hydrogen atom. [Leslie R. Pastor]

Terminator Technology

It started with Terminator Seeds, an indication that the “control” paradigm was up to something, becoming more and more apparent that DNA research was being sabotaged not for the benefit of mankind, but what would become a significant detriment to all of humanity. Why “terminate” the reproductive nature of the Creation, and directly, via the sabotage of the reproducibility of life-giving produce (vegetables and fruits, grains and seeds). None of this made logical sense to the average person (farmers, small family farms, grocers) whose livelihood depended upon the regularity and spontaneity of the reproducibility of seeds. I too became concerned several years back and began my research into “Terminator Seeds.”

The problem is significant when you begin to realize that the outcome of a fully developed paradigm of “Terminator Technology” would enable the potential plausible control of the life and death for all life upon the Earth. That is awesome power in the hands of just a few well-placed individuals without parallel in human history. So why let it happen, and more importantly who is letting is happen?

People Perish for Lack of Knowledge

People Perish for Lack of Knowledge
When you say God, what or who are you referring to? In the Western World God referred to the Trinity or Triune God (three persons in one) and within Judaism God was recognized as One (Oh, Hear Oh, Israel, the Lord our God is One).

In order to answer the question regarding who is God, it is necessary to view the original sources of information. In the Western world the original source, when referring to God—the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, one must reference the sources: Moses, a Hebrew slave who became a prince of Egypt, discovered God as the I Am that I Am, (existence without end or origination). Moses gradually learned significant information, which he codified (meant for eternity). In order to understand the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob one must refer to the Book, Bible, Torah, Pentateuch, Septuagint, Old and New Testaments, since these all reference the same God. It is necessary to learn these in order to gain the proper perspective in understanding the relationship between God and mankind. However one other reference is just as important—since language provides the ultimate meaning hidden within the words describing those references, the Hebrew Language.

Charles Missler yields weight to the import of Hebrew as the defining reference—since language (Hebrew) provides links, sources and references hidden within. Charles Missler is not just a Biblical Scholar, but is a physicist, entrepreneur and a member of significant associations which gave him access to knowledge and information enabling him to clarify the data deciphered.

Koinonia International Trust
Weathering the Coming Storm Chuck Missler - Koinonia House

Cosmic Codes
Evidence of Design - Beloved Numerologist Koinonia House Charles Missler
Microcodes: Codes in the Details of the Bible Cosmic Codes Volume 2 - Charles Missler


Jesus is precisely who He stated He Is


Suppressed Inventions & Other Discoveries

Before I became a member of the NEC, many of the membership did not believe in suppression of inventors, inventions or technologies. In fact several of the members did not even recognize the Aharonov – Bohm Effect, not surprising, since very little of it was known or even posted on the Internet. Today you can Google “Aharonov – Bohm Effect” and you can glean volumes of data regarding the ABE.

The only “open“ technology that has reached the forefront is “BlackLight Power” with its novel attribution of using hydrogen and light as both energy transformation and power creating hydrinos to create DC current via solar cells. Only time will tell when this is developed into a viable energy system, replacing the existing energy paradigm (oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear, hydro-electric power), which was the supposed intention of the Obama Administration and the Democrat Party (Senator Charles Schumer).

Obama and Solyndra

Stanford R. Ovshinsky

Stanford R. Ovshinsky after a lifetime of achievement in developing batteries, hydrogen and solar cell technology was ousted from his own company by GM directors who were invited by Ovshinsky to help in developing his solar cell technology. GM deliberately sabotaged Ovshinsky’s company, parked him, and derailed all that he had accomplished during his lifetime. View the evidence.

GM is notorious for derailing technologies that would interfere with their agenda.

Charles Missler Physics


Charles Missler on Obama

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