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Lockheed Martin Fusion Reactors - The Control Paradigm Maintained

Energy from the Vacuum

Tom Bearden [1] is an “officer and a gentleman,” a “patriot” and a friend Report To The Congress. He had access to Redstone Arsenal’s original library base when it was in the hands of the US Army Missile Command. Tom was an expert on Missile technology. He studied the significant references that were available in their hard copy data base (books, references, documents pertaining to the original physics foundation papers), hence his knowledge of the original Maxwell’s Equations, and information regarding “energy from the vacuum.”

Significance of The Four (4) Blood Moons

[2] [3]

Blood Moons – Decoding The Imminent Heavenly Signs – Mark Biltz (Forward by Joseph Farah)
WND Books – Copyright © 2014 – Mark Biltz, Washington D.C. [WorldNetDaily].
Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-936488-11-7; eBook: 9768-1-936488-08-7

The Bible Codes

[4] [5]

Yacob Rambsel - The Bible Code


Kynan Bridges and Sid Roth at The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, Israel

[7] [8] [9] [10]


Western Journalism [11]
Congressman Thrashes CDC Head - Makes Him Squirm
Donald Trump Obliterates Obama on Ebola in Two (2) Simple Statements
Trevor Loudin Concerned America Dangerously Becoming a One Party State
WND - (WorldNetDaily)
Houston We Have A First Amendment Problem Chuck Norris
Crowd of Democrats Walk Out On Obama - Joe Kovacs - Oct 20, 2014
Yes Virginia There is a Choice in November - Joe Farah - Oct 20, 2014
Ebola, the SS, and The Great Golf Swinger NewsWithViews - Darren Weeks - Oct 7, 2014
Obama Administration’s Late and Inadequate Response to the Ebola Outbreak NewWithViews - Jonathan Emord JD - Oct 13, 2014
Vaccines - What Your Doctor Won't Tell You NewsWithViews - Rob Pell - Dec 3 2013

Smoking-Guns on Obamacare Fraud Judicial Watch - October 17, 2014
Christian On Trial for Telling Dangers of Homosexuality - Bob Unruh - October 10, 2014
Citizen Pulls Over Police Officer in Unmarked Car: “You’re in Violation of the Law” Freedom Outpost - Tim Brown - October 18, 2014
UN Arms Treaty Attempt to Disarm America Liberty - David L. Goetsch - October 18, 2014
Black Mobs, Black Hate Crimes, and Black Racism Andrew K. Dart -
Black on White "Knockout Game" Assault
Colin Flaherty "White Girl Bleed A Lot"
Black on White Crime Underreported
Black on Black Crime Underreported
Black Bus Driver Accused of Arranging White Family's Beating - October 18, 2014
Washington Demands Politically Correct Speech When Dealing with the Obama Administration


CDC approves Vitamin D-Nial to treat Ebola!

Ebola Mutating

The Military Ebola Team

The Pandemic Control Paradigm

Obama Ebola Bumper Stickers Appear Around Los Angeles


Eleven (11) horrifying Truths about Ebola the Government doesn't want you to know

[1] Ebola truth #1) No government in the world is prepared to handle an Ebola outbreak [13]
[2] Ebola truth #2) Ebola can spread through aerosols and contaminated surfaces such as door knobs [14]
[3] Ebola truth #3) Once Ebola spreads in a major city, it will be unstoppable across the entire planet [15]
[4] Ebola truth #4) The medical system has no solutions for Ebola and won't recommend anything other than vaccines and pharmaceuticals [16]
[5] Ebola truth #5) Ebola is mutating faster than any vaccine effort could possibly match [17]
[6] Ebola truth #6) A hospital is the most dangerous place to go during an Ebola outbreak [18]
[7] Ebola truth #7) Even if an Ebola vaccine is made available, it will be experimental and untested, turning patients into guinea pigs [19]
[8] Ebola truth #8) The mainstream media, government and health authorities will get people killed by censoring the truth about natural cures [20]
[9] Ebola truth #9) Every world government already has plans on the books to quarantine individuals, towns or cities at gunpoint [21]
[10] Ebola truth #10) If Ebola infects a major world city, it will cause a collapse of the infrastructure that delivers food, water, medicine, fuel, cash and more [22]
[11] Ebola truth #11) Ebola can be easily harvested and released as a bioweapon [23]

Countries with travel bans due to Ebola

Ebola Horror - Infected Nurse Flew US Airline

Natural News on Ebola

Natural News on Ebola

Natural News on Ebola - The Health Ranger

Nurse Nina Pham

Nurse Nina Pham Treated at the NIH

Dr. Kent Brantly

Doctor Kent Brantly provides blood with ebola antibodies to Nurse Nina Pham

Dr. Gil Mobley

Dr. David Sanders

The Lies About Ebola from the Obama Administration

Ebola Spreads in Dallas Hospital [24] Natural News Documentation

Ebola Protective Gear Inadequate

HHS admits there may already be more cases of Ebola in America



Suspicious Plane Accident



  • Ungarisches Real Gimnasium, Burg Kastl bei Amberg, Bayern, Germany
  • Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey, 07079
  • BA, Government, 1973.

Founder's Club Member

  • Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23463 [26] [27]
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