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Operation Jade Helm 15

Obama - Jade Helm 15
Jade Helm 15
Operation Jade Helm 15
ISIS - Operation Jade Helm 15
ISIS Operating in Mexico - Just Eight (8) Miles From US Border
Jade Helm 15 - InFoWars - Alex Jones
[1] [2]


What Christians have done with this country is inexcusable. They have abdicated their responsibility as the “inherent holders of the political power.” They have refused to “render unto Caesar, the things that belong to Caesar.” They have forgotten the contents of their “political trust deeds,” and they have no understanding of either their “Civics” responsibility, including their form of government, whether it be local or federal. For that matter, they don’t even recognize their individual State representatives. They allowed an atheist to remove prayer from our school system. They willingly pay for abortions on demand via their taxes, thereby becoming accomplices in the termination (death) of the life of babies. We have ultrasound mechanisms that actually show that these unborn can feel pain, can hear sounds and can respond to music. We were told that we cannot “legislate morality.” We have vested power in our leaders, who have deceived and lied to us and don't even represent us. We vote for people that we don’t even know or recognize, and then we are shocked when we find that they are criminals and usurpers. In plain English, we are stupid, and if we don’t start becoming a part of our own government, we will be ruled by others, who will ultimately destroy and terminate us as a viable people.

Billy Graham’s son Franklin Graham has called for Christians to run for office, in all branches of our State, Federal and local governments. He recognizes the problem; he understands that if good people do absolutely nothing, then evil people will triumph over us. We need honest people, who are willing to provide honest government, willing to take their oaths of office seriously to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Many officeholders today don’t even honor or take their oaths of office, thereby making sure to avoid “criminalizing themselves.” We have a person, “Barack “Hussein” Obama, a Muslim, who hates Christians, who violates his oath of office every day, and for that matter, we aren’t even sure that he took the “Oath of Office” because it was never recorded or shown to the American people (check for yourself). We do not want a repetition of the same actions (Hillary and Company, including the Democrat Party). These people don’t represent you, they have their own hidden agendas and they have the money and resources to destroy your standard of living.

The first thing you need to do, is to find out what form of local government you have, (they vary from County to County, within your individual State Governments. Pay attention to what is taking place within your local communities. Janet Lee Meisinger has been doing this for quite some time already and has been influential within her own State of Colorado. Get in touch with her. You might also wish to contact Devvy Kidd, another lady who knows a thing or two about the US Constitution and is quite Civic minded. You absolutely can legislate morality---if you do not then you will allow (and invite) both immoral and lawless behavior.

Thirty-five (35) years ago I was a part of the founding of Regent University (CBN University). I was there when Pat Robertson planted (wrote on) the foundation corner stone. I have the documentation to prove it. I was in attendance when it was proposed, and I was a part of a group of individuals who actually paid to build the university from the ground up. I still remember Robertson’s words: “He is Willing!” Then something happened, Robertson changed course, he followed the money, instead of trusting in “He is Willing!” I invited Dr. Antony C. Sutton to join the school as an educator. He had been an economics professor at Cal State. He liked the idea—he wanted to join. But before I could contact the University Administration, something happened. Pat Robertson altered course and rejected what he had told us previously. He rejected “Dominionism,” he fired Carl Hiteshew accusing him of releasing private information and soon after S. Tucker Yates was gone. He fired Herb Titus, a lawsuit ensued, the outcome was not pretty. I was one of twelve individuals who received a letter from Carl Hiteshew regarding these matters. I went down to see him personally at his home @ 3100 Edinburgh Drive in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Carl had been accused of something he did not do and he was distraught, confused and wanted advice and counsel. We prayed, the phone rang, Pat Robertson called, they spoke, Carl brightened, became cheerful. Assured that all was well, I returned home on Long Island. Midyear I returned for a follow-up visit, nearing the house I noticed Carl’s wife leaving, there was a “For Sale” sign out in front. I was told that it was fortunate that I had arrived, because she was leaving for good, the house was up for sale, and I was informed that Carl had died of a broken heart. Because of Pat Robertson's failure in not trusting in “He is Willing!” and the failure of many other Christians we now have “lawless government.” We have a virtual unknown in the “Office of the President.” (all of which is documented by Andrew K. Dart: It is time to repent, and regain what rightfully belongs to “We The People.”

Herbert W. Titus

Robertson vs Titus
Robertson Fires Back on Law School Dispute
Former Dean Settles Suit
Regent University Wins Faculty Tenure Lawsuit

Carl F. Hiteshew

1923 - 1991
Carl died of a broken heart due to unresolved issues with Pat Robertson at the age of 67

Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson

Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson
Founder CBN - Regent University - 700 Club
Pat Robertson - Senator A. Willis Robertson
Pat Robertson: Shout it from the Housetops

S. Tucker Yates

S. Tucker Yates
"S. Tucker Yates": (former) Chairman of the Board of Regents - Regent University
S. Tucker Yates - Regent University
The 700 Club - S. Tucker Yates

Regent University

Political Trust Deeds

Organic Law

"The U.S. Supreme Court has held that when a politician takes his oath to "support the Constitution," he not only swears to uphold that document, but all the founding charters of our country, which together are called the "organic law."
(1) Cole v. Richardson, 405 U.S. 676 at 682, 92 S.Ct. 1332 at 1336, 31 L.Ed.2d 593 (1972), citing Ohlson v. Phillips, 304 F.Supp. 1152 (Colo. 1969).
(2) 1 U.S.C.A 17-23 (West, 1988). The Ordinance was originally approved while the nation was still under the Articles of Confederation, but was repassed by Congress while it was formulating the First Amendment so that it would remain in effect under the new Form of Government. Annals of the Congress of the United States, Wash. D.C.: Gales & Seaton, vol. 1, pp. 56 (Senate), 660 (House).
(3) Northwest Ordinance, Sec. 14, Art. III, 1 U.S.C.A 21. (West, 1988). Schools were required by the federal government to teach religion in those states admitted into the Union under the Northwest Ordinance. The constitutions of states admitted as late as 1875 (Nebraska) contained almost identical language, requiring the teaching of Christianity in the public schools. Commended by the U.S. Supreme Court in Church of the Holy Trinity v. U.S., 143 U.S. 457, 469. See discussion in Barton, Myth, p. 37-39.
What Constitutes "Organic Laws?"
What Constitutes "Organic Laws?
Fundamental Documents



  • Ungarisches Real Gimnasium, Burg Kastl bei Amberg, Bayern, Germany
  • Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey, 07079
  • BA, Government, 1973.

Founder's Club Member [3]

  • Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23463 [4] [5]
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