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Bill Gates

Bill Gates to Face Trial in India for Poisoning Millions of Children by Vaccine Political - October 14, 2014


The Pandemic Control Paradigm
Finally! Studies Prove That Unvaccinated Children Are Far Healthier


New World Order

Politicians/Professors Gather to Warn US About the New World Order - October 27, 2015

Climate & Weather

Pope Francis preaches cult climate religion
Four hundred years ago, from 1610 to 1633, the Roman Catholic Church thought it knew more about the solar system than Galileo Galilei. So it subjected Galileo to an Inquisition. Now, in 2015, Pope Francis thinks he knows more about climate science than thousands of educated climate scientists (like me). So the Pope wants a new Inquisition for those who tell you the truth about climate change.......
by Dr. Ed Berry, Ph.D

Finally They Admit the Goal of Climate Change is to Destroy Capitalism

Finally They Admit the Goal of Climate Change is to Destroy Capitalism
"Those who read my blogs know I don’t believe in Global Warming and it took me a while to understand why our government was supporting this with so many failures as in solar panel manufacturing and wind farms using our tax dollars. Scientists continued to argue and then they began to come out of the woodwork admitting statistics had been fudged and money had crossed crooked hands......"

News With
by Diane Kepus

Evidence of a conspiracy to suppress the facts about global warming - Climategate
Founder of GreenPeace Testifies to US Senate: "Global Warming Is A Fraud" TRN - February 27, 2014
Founder of GreenPeace Testifies to US Senate: "Global Warming Is A Fraud" TRN - February 27, 2014
Source: US Senate Official Transcript


Who is Manipulating the Jet Stream?

Who is manipulating the Jet Stream?
HAARP System In Place To Manipulate The Jet Stream, And The Weather
[1] [2]
Jet Stream Manipulation Is Fueling Weather Extremes GeoEngineering Watch
HAARP Responsible For Recent Record Breaking Snowfall And Extreme Cold Weather
[3] [4]
Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research - Weather Control Documentation
The Secret Global Weather Warfare Between: US - China - Russia

Janet Lee Meisinger

Judge Rules Administrative Court System Illegal After 81 Years
“The judge ruled that the SEC agency violated the Appointments Clause of the Constitution by subjecting Hill to proceedings before an Administrative Law judge, who isn’t directly accountable to the president, officials in charge of the SEC, or the courts under Article III. The ruling is 81 years overdue. The entire structure of administrative agencies blackmailing people has been outrageous. Then you take the banks who just entered a plea of CRIMINALLY guilty to manipulating markets. They are now formally FELONS who engaged in violating SEC rules and thus under the SEC rules, they are no longer eligible for a banking license. The banks are “too big to jail” and the SEC has waived their own rules, of course, to exempt the banks. So they can engage in fraud and manipulation, get caught, pay billions in fines, and the SEC exempts them from losing their licenses. This is how corrupt the administrative agencies really are.”
Add to that the horrors visited upon the people by the FDA, EPA, etc. It is time to end administrative law and return to Courts of Common Law Justice run by we the people an no private, political clubs like the un-American BAR Assoc. in direct violation of our constitutions. Janet Lee

Islamic Terrorist Network in America

Islamic Terrorist Network in America
It is well known now that America helped to create ISIS as even Democratic US Congressional Representative Tulsi Gabbard recently told Wolf Blitzer as shared in this linked story from Susan Duclos. Why is the US still funding ISIS?

As usual, a ‘dire situation’ caused by the U.S. gov’t in the first place. U.S. gov’t motto: Cause a problem so you can make it bigger. Have you ever seen it solve a problem? They spend money like water on ‘refugees’ while our veterans are left to die. Janet Lee
WINDOW ROCK, Az. – The U.S. Department of State announced today that it will grant upwards of two-hundred and fifty thousand Syrian refugees temporary amnesty in the United States. Over the next four months, State Department officials working in conjunction with FEMA will begin processing and transporting the refugees to sparsely populated parts of Arizona and North Dakota.
“Due to the increasingly dire humanitarian situation in the Middle East, the United States has agreed to facilitate the transfer of a number of Syrian refugees to the Navajo and Standing Rock reservations where they will be provided with food, shelter, and medical treatment,” Cathy Pieper, a spokesperson for the Department of State, said Friday. Continue Reading

Obama - The Most Effective President America Has Ever Had

Blow Back Time From Islam Caused by the Media
OBAMA IS GOD’S JUDGMENT ON AMERICA. A spokesman for Elijah Ministries said after the Paris attacks that Obama is not incompetent as many think. He is not just a loony leftist. In fact, he is one of the most effective presidents America has ever had. Just think of the damage this man has been able to accomplish in the last few years. The spokesman for Elijah, an ex-military man, said Obama is a traitor. He continues to commit treasonous acts against our nation.......
by Betty Freauf

626 Democrats Rise Up Against Obama

626 Democrat Politicians Just Rose Up Against Obama And Sent Him A Demand He Didn’t Want To See
Over 600 Democrat politicians from 32 states have joined together to oppose the centerpiece of Pres. Obama’s climate change agenda, the Clean Power Plan. continue reading
Western Journalism - Randy DeSoto - November 25, 2015

Treason Doth Never Prosper

None Dare Call It Treason G. Edward Griffin

Andrew K. Dart

I have no doubt that Barack H. Obama is a Muslim Andrew K. Dart
Andrew K. Dart's Documented Website Andrew K. Dart

Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace Andrew K. Dart
Islamic Invasion Disguised as the Displacement and Acceptance of Refugees Andrew K. Dart

Devvy Kidd

Unimaginable Carnage From Fukushima, Killing Pacific Ocean
Our oceans provide us with so many wonderful things besides beautiful mammals, heavenly beaches and delicious fish of all kinds for consumption. Many native American tribes depend on fish like salmon as a food staple. Our oceans also provide critical plant life. Too many do not appreciate the importance of all sea life. TEPCO and the Japanese government are guilty of a monstrous crime against humanity and still they haven't taken responsibility.......
by Devvy Kidd
Democrat Congresswoman introduces bill that must anger Obama
As I have written several times, you and I are being raped in taxes to fund so-called rebels in Syria who want their legally elected president, Assad, thrown out of office. Assad is another bad guy who oddly enough has protected Christians in his country even though he is a Shia Muslim.......
by Devvy Kidd

Militant Islamism is a Continuing Threat Andrew K. Dart

News With Views - Guest Opinion

News With Views - Guest Opinion

Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch Tom Fitton
Judicial Watch - Tip Sheet (November 25, 2016)
Judicial Watch Sues Obama Administration for Records about Citizenship Push for Immigrants --
Judicial Watch announced that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia seeking records related to letters sent by U.S. Citizenship and... READ MORE
Judicial Watch: State Department Documents Reveal Rushed Approval of Hillary Clinton Memoir, Classified Information Concerns on Book’s Iran Chapter--
Judicial Watch released documents from the Department of State revealing that State Department officials ordered rushed approval... READ MORE
New Taxpayer Lawsuit Challenges DC’s Expenditure of Taxpayer Funds without Congressional Appropriation --
Judicial Watch announced that on November 6, 2015, it sued the Mayor and Chief Financial Officer of the District of Columbia on behalf of Clarice Feldman, a longtime taxpayer and... READ MORE
Imam Who Issued Fatwa Against Islam Critic Got DOJ Contract, Holds Peace Prayer for Paris --
A radical imam quietly hired by the Obama administration to teach Muslim federal prisoners is holding a “peace and unity prayer” to denounce the Paris terrorist attacks at the same mosque that he was ousted... READ MORE
Judicial Watch In The News
Supreme Court Digs Into Redistricting
Are Americans allowed to make fun of Hillary Clinton?
Huma: Hillary is 'Often Confused'

Obama - ISIS

Obama Caught Helping ISIS
Obama Found Helping ISIS
Obama Discovered Helping ISIS
Obama Is Actually Helping ISIS
Obama Has and Is Helping ISIS
ISIS Admits Obama Helped Them
Is Obama a Traitor?
Obama Has No Intention of Defeating ISIS
Should Obama Be Impeached?

ISIS In US Cities

'Thousands' of ISIS Fighters Now Inside U.S. Cities Leo Hohmann - - Nov 25, 2015

Islam vs. Women

Rape Epidemic in Sweden

Islam vs. Women Andrew K. Dart

Black Mobs, Black Hate Crimes, and Black Racism

While the Media refuses to present the true facts and true statistics on Crime --- In particular Crimes committed by young black males – Black on Black including Black on White Crimes go mostly unreported in the United States by the Liberal Mass Media --- Andrew K. Dart has kept a detailed record of its occurrences on his website:
Black Mobs, Black Hate Crimes, and Black Racism Andrew K. Dart
Presented without advertising as a public service by Andrew K. Dart

The Control Paradigm - Compendium

The Control Paradigm - Compendium

Islamic Extremism - Islamic Theocracy

Islamic Extremism - Islamic Theocracy
Fox: Megyn Kelly: Islamic Extremism - Islamic Theocracy
Marco Rubio: "We Are At War With Radical Islam"

William Boyce Thompson

William Boyce Thompson: The Copper Magnate Who Funded The Russian Revolution

Stonewalling Biggest Hack in US History

Stonewalling Biggest Hack in US History Joseph Farah - - November 22, 2015

Trans Pacific Partnership

Trans Pacific Partnership - Revealed Technocracy News Documentation - American Thinker

Fox News Insider

Watters World

Ben Carson: Speaks Softly - Carries A Big Stick

Ben Carson: Speaks Softly - Carries a Big Stick

Trump's VP Choice & Eligibility

Trump's VP Choice & Eligibility Nelson Hultberg - NewsWithViews - November 28, 2015
Citizenship - Natural Born Birth - John Jay - War of 1812

Alternative Energy Workshop

Renaissance Charge - Rick Friedrich

Indiana Practical Alternative Energy Convention Workshop - Dec 18;19; 2015
We are having two days of meetings in northern Indiana at Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds on Dec 18-19 2015. This meeting will be the most practical we have had and will have a special focus on Farmers and people wanting to go off the grid (especially Amish and Mennonite people. Amish in Middlebury IN have wound our coils used in these motors for years.) Come learn about batteries, how to rejuvenate and keep your batteries, and about a practical alternative energy solution. Watch as we demonstrate motors of various sizes powering lights, air compressors, fans, generators while charging batteries at around the same rate as the batteries powering the motors are discharging (which is thought to be impossible). Some of these motors will also create heat at the same time as running these loads. We just had a similar meeting in Grand Rapids that was the best one so far. We have been doing these meetings all over the country and in Germany since 2010.
Come for day one or two or both days. Add the motor for the Workshop.
Ordering above gets you a ticket for the second day on Saturday which we are making the main day. You can add the first day and also the motor for additional cost. The first day will go over all the details about battery charging, all the battery chargers/rejuvenators, an introduction to the motor circuits, the most significant overunity demonstration.
CONTACT: Rick Friedrich - 1-208-304-2954
Indiana Practical Alternative Energy Convention Workshop - Dec 18;19; 2015
Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds
17746-D County Road 34
Goshen, Indiana 46528
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The Compendium Group

History Repeats Itself

History Repeats Itself


Education Andrew K. Dart


  • Ungarisches Real Gimnasium, Burg Kastl bei Amberg, Bayern, Germany
  • Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey, 07079
  • BA, Government, 1973.

Founder's Club Member [5]

  • Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23463 [6] [7]


Enya - Honorary Doctorates
The Keys to Enya's Kingdom Anne Helen Petersen - - November 22, 2015'

Enya's New Album: "Dark Sky Island" is Phenomenally Her Best "Christmas Release in 2015"
Enya - Echos in Rain
Enya: "Even in the Shadows" (Dark Sky Island)
Enya: "The Humming" (Dark Sky Island)
Enya: "The Entire Album" - Christmas 2015



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