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A New Energy Congress prioritized listing of the very best energy technologies according to ten criteria, including: renewable, environmentally safe, affordable, credible, reliable, developed, and safe (among others). The New Energy Congress is an association for the purpose of reviewing the most promising claims to up-and-coming clean, renewable, affordable, reliable energy technologies, in order to come up with a weighted list of recommendations of the best technologies.

Update Notice

Our present focus is on the >> Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies << rather than the top 100 renewable energy technologies, so the listing below is not current. We specialize in exotic, so that is where we have decided to focus.


Top 100 Energy Technologies

Since April, 2006, the New Energy Congress has been systematically voting on the following energy technologies, reviewing a new technology every few days, and weighing it against the criteria they established. Last update - Nov. 17, 2008. (Present focus is on Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies).

  1. Validated | Available for Commercial Purchase | Solar >
    Stirling Energy Systems utility solar - 20-year purchase agreement between Southern California Edison and Stirling Energy Systems, Inc. will result in 20,000+ dish array covering 4,500 acres capable of generating 500 MW, at a cost competitive to grid power. (
  2. Engines >
    Cyclone Technologies Schoell Cycle Engine - The Cyclone Engine is designed around the principles of an external combustion engine, to efficiently use any liquid or gaseous fuel and create more power and significantly less emissions than current gasoline or diesel powered internal combustion engines. (
  3. Validated | Directory:Hydrogen from Water / Solar Hydrogen / Waste to Energy >
    Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation (SHEC) - Has developed a process that will convert landfill and other waste methane into clean hydrogen, using the power of the Sun for the reformation, at a price comparable to traditional hydrogen production methods. ( (NEC Specialist: Tai Robinson)
  4. Geothermal >
    Raser is Rapidly Deploying Cost-Effective Geothermal Power - Instead of using electricity to turn a heat pump to cool a liquid, Raser runs a warmed liquid through a heat pump to generate electricity. With their rapid, low-cost deployment capability, they could maximize the U.S. geothermal capacity within ten years. (
  5. Batteries >
    Nanotube Super Capacitor Battery - MIT researchers are developing a battery based on capacitors that utilize nanotubes for high surface area, enabling near instantaneous charging and no degradation. Estimating ~5 years to commercialization.
  6. Nanotech / Thin Film Solar >
    Nanosolar a leader in the drive to make solar affordable - Nanosolar has developed proprietary technology that makes it possible to simply roll-print solar cells with performance and durability similar to silicon-wafer cells, while cutting the costs, making solar affordable. The long-term limitation will be the growing scarcity of Indium. (
  7. Nuclear >
    Focus Fusion - Purports to be a far more feasible and profoundly less expensive approach to hot fusion, in contrast to ITER. Lawrenceville Plasma Physics' is developing the Plasma Focus Device for hydrogen-boron nuclear fusion. 4-7 years to commercial. 1 cent / kWh anticipated energy generation cost. ( (NEC Specialists: Thomas Valone)
  8. Validated | Solar >
    Enviromission Solar Tower - Enviromission Solar Towers are like an inverted funnel, with a wide skirt to collect air to then turn a turbine in the tower. ( (
  9. Engines >
    Quasiturbine Engine - This four-chamber Wankel-like engine is capable of burning fuel using photo-detonation, an optimal combustion type. The design can also be used as an air motor, steam engine, gas compressor, hot air engine, or pump. (
  10. Solar >
    International Automated Systems - Utility scale solar presently in process of being commercially installed for first time; alleged to produce electricity at 3-5 cents per kilowatt-hour. Highly-efficient bladeless turbine has wide range of waste-heat-harnessing applications. Methanol production technique will draw CO2 out of the environment, reversing global warming. (
  11. Thermal Electric / Solar >
    Johnson Electro Mechanical Systems - Thermal energy system invented by the person who came up with the Super Soaker can achieve a conversion efficiency rate that tops 60 percent with a new solid-state heat engine. It uses temperature differences to create pressure gradients that are used to force ions through a membrane, instead of moving an axle or wheel. Inventor has also come up with an ambient energy conversion system as well as an electric heat pump.
  12. Validated | Available for Commercial Purchase | Waste-to-Energy / Plasma >
    StarTech Environmental Corp Plasma Tech - Startech is the only publicly traded waste-to-energy plasma arc technology company in the world. They presently have three 5 ton/day installations in operation, with a number of other plants in various stages of implementation. A 200 ton/day plant being scheduled for Panama will be the largest such plant in the world. (
  13. Solar > Silicon >
    RSI Silicon - Developed a proprietary process to manufacture solar grade silicon with a purity of 99.9999+% (6N’s). The manufacturing processes have been commercially in use for over fifty years. (NEC Specialist: Jim Dunn)
  14. Concentrated Solar / Stirling Engines >
    Infinia Corp's Stirling Solar Technology - Infinia's solar technology entails a parabolic dish that focuses the sun's energy onto their stirling engine that uses helium in a hermetically sealed system, requiring no lubrication inside the machine, nor maintenance.
  15. Solar >
    Johanna Solar Technology thin film solar eclipses others - South African solar panels consist of a thin layer approximately five microns thick (a human hair is 20 microns thick) of a unique metal alloy that converts light into energy at a fraction of the cost. The photo-responsive alloy can operate on virtually all flexible surfaces. Expected in market in 2007. (
  16. Solar > Concentrated >
    Cool Earth Solar - Company has developed an inflatable solar concentrator technology that slashes materials costs, making solar farms competitive with commercial electricity generation systems within three years. ( (NEC Specialist: Jon Bonanno, investor, board member)
  17. Solar / Thermal Electric / Nanotech >
    Advanced Diamond Solutions' amorphous nanostructures - Semiconductor industry company serendipitously developed thermionic solar cells using amorphous diamond nanostructures that offer potential efficiencies of 50% at half the cost of silicon solar cells. Also has good promise as a thermal electric generator. (
  18. Storage > Batteries >
    EEStor Ceramic "Battery" - Texas company is working on an "energy storage" ultra-capacitor device made from ceramics. It's not technically a battery because it doesn't use chemicals. It can allegedly charge within 5 minutes (from a substation) with enough energy to move a car 500 miles on about $9 worth of electricity -- about 45 cents a gallon.
  19. Waste to Energy / Plastic >
    Global Resource Corp:High-Frequency Attenuating Wave Kinetics or HAWK Microwave Turns Carbon Items into Oil and Gas - Frank Pringle of Global Resource Corp (GRC) has invented and refined an efficient microwave energy process to turn plastics, discarded tires, and other carbon-based substances such as shale, coal, and tar sands into gas and oil.
  20. Tidal / River >
    Verdant Leads River/Tide Energy Pursuit - Verdant Power is a world leader in commercializing low-impact kinetic hydropower solutions, harnessing the energy from river, tide, and man-made channels. Prototype array is presently producing power for customers. (
  21. Top 100 / Featured: Solar > PV > Plastic Solar Cells >
    Konarka's PowerPlastic Photovoltaic Solar - Konarka is an advanced R&D company, dedicated to the commercialization of power solutions based on a proprietary, solid-state, flexible, low-cost photovoltaics platform that can convert sunlight and even indoor light into electricity. (PESWiki; Sept. 8, 2008)
  22. Validated | Available for Purchase | Electric Vehicles >
    Tesla Motors Inc. Fastracking Electric Car Introduction - Tesla Roadster and Sedan are 100% electric, not hybrid. Four wheel drive (in-wheel motors) make it faster than most sports cars; and it has a 250+ mile range. ( (NEC Specialist: Noah Seidman)
  23. Plasma / Waste to Energy / Engines >
    W2 Energy Birthing Affordable, Renewable Petrol - Imagine a gasoline and diesel source that is CO2 neutral, sulfur-free, derived from renewable sources, superior in its power performance to fossil-based fuels, and costs less than 1/7 of fossil-based fuels. The company has also built an engine to optimize use of the syngas portion of the product. (
  24. Cogeneration >
    Kokhala: Electricity from Low Temperature Heat & Storage in PCS - Technology harnesses 120+ degrees from a wide variety of sources to generate electricity, for reliable, affordable, clean power for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
  25. Solar > Thin Film >
    AVA Solar to Mass Produce Low Cost Solar Panels - AVA Solar will start production next year on cadmium telluride thin film solar PV modules developed at Colorado State University. Produced at less than $1 per watt, the panels will reduce the cost of generating solar electricity to roughly the same as the conventional grid. (
  26. Fusion >
    Energy/Matter Conversion Corporation - Dr. Bussard and his team at Energy/Matter Conversion Corporation, after close to 20 years of hard work, have developed a revolutionary radiation-free fusion process that takes boron-11 and fuses a proton to it, producing, in its excited state, a carbon-12 atom. This excited carbon-12 atom decays to beryllium-8 and helium-4. It was developed under a DOD contract and has recently been made public.
  27. Validated | Available for Commercial Purchase ? | Batteries > Utility Scale >
    Plurion Systems - Zinc/Cerium Redox technology for renewable or grid electrical storage provides the highest power density of any battery on the market. The environmentally benign organic electrolyte is maintenance-free, making it possible to engineer sealed battery modules in the range of 250kW - 5MW, which can be connected to meet larger power requirements. (
  28. Validated | Available for Commercial Purchase | Batteries >
    A123 Systems lithium-ion battery technology - A123 replaces the cobalt oxide in lithium-ion cells with nanophosphate, enabling a quick charge, while delivering high power density, with a long life-time. Is used in power tools, and is process of breaking into hybrid vehicle market. (
  29. River / Vortex >
    Zotloterer Gravitational Vortex Power Plant - Mini-power plant is simple to construct, has a turbine efficiency of 80% but is safe for fish due to low turbine speed. The gravitational vortex hydro technology can be applied with water drop as little as 0.7 meters. The cost for installation of the prototype was close to $1/watt capacity. (
  30. Top 100: Featured: Battery Chargers / Radiant Energy >
    Bedini's R-Charge Device also Rejuvenates Batteries - Renaissance Charge brings to the marketplace the first radiant [as in Tesla] battery chargers that radically increasing battery capacity in sulfated (dead or dying) batteries, dramatically reducing replacement costs. R-Charge also draws less power compared to traditional chargers. (PEWiki; Nov. 10, 2008)
  31. Concentrated Solar >
    eSolar Utility-Scale Solar Power - eSolar thermal power systems use reflected sunlight via heliostats as a heat-source to drive electric generators. Using small heliostat size and the advantage of mass production, eSolar systems were designed to minimize cost, realizing economy-of-scale at 33 MW, becoming cost competitive with fossil-fuel-powered plants. (
  32. Tidal / River >
    Venturi System Optimizes Water Flow Harnessing - Patented venturi containment system increases turbine efficiency 3.85 times what the turbine would produce without the system, making this a world leading design. The company is now commencing the commercialization stage, with an expected price that competes with coal in the range of 3.5 to 6 cents per kw-h.
  33. Validated | Thermal Electric / Solar >
    Ergenics - Developing a metal hydride heat engine that converts solar hot water into electricity for an estimated cost of less than 1¢ per kilowatt hour. The solar panels produce hot water, which is pumped to a hydrogen compressor, that compresses a gas that is then expanded in a hydraulic motor-generator set that produces electricity. (
  34. Fuel Efficiency > Retrofits / Hydraulics / Hybrids >
    Hydristor to convert vehicles into green hybrids - This infinitely variable vane hydraulic pump/motor is basically a simplified automatic transmission with no gears, with regenerative storage capability. Aiming to retrofit existing vehicles, it is projected to double or even triple mileage, while drastically cutting emissions (to 1/4) and boosting performance. (
  35. Validated | Available for Commercial Purchase | Wind >
    Wind Farms - Wind farms present an economy of scale, enabling them to produce electricity in the price range of grid power.
  36. Fuel Efficiency > Vehicles / Hydraulics >
    Valentin Technologies - The 130 MPG Car is a medium size 5-seat passenger car, driven by a Hydrostatic Powertrain. The free-piston internal combustion engine pumps hydraulic fluid into the accumulator that drives the wheelmotors in each wheel. The wheelmotors are reversed during braking and become pumps to recuperate the entire braking energy. (
  37. Efficient Vehicles >
    MDI Air Car - The MDI Air Car uses compressed air to push its engine’s pistons, can hit 68 mph, has a range of 125 miles, and can be refuelled in a few minutes with custom air compressors at a cost of around $2. Tata Motors of India is planning to produce these zero-emissions cars in 2008. (
  38. Biomass / Clean Coal >
    Biomass-based "Coal" Makes Coal Plants Renewable and Clean - NewEarth Renewable Energy, Inc. produces a "coal" equivalent from biomass sources. The pellets do not smoke, and produce virtually no pollution, yet have the same BTU content as coal, but at a lower price, ultimately. (
  39. Ocean Wave Energy >
    SDE Wave Power - S.D.E. Energy Ltd. is a Tel Aviv, Israel manufacturer and marketer of Sea Wave Power Plants - utilizing sea wave energy to produce electricity economically, and in an environmentally-friendly manner claiming that their system can generate electricity for 2 cents per kWh.
  40. Waste to Energy > Refinery Flaring Recovery >
    Capstone Microturbines help save waste - Have you ever driven past a refinery and seen the large flare towers and thought, "Why don't they harness that energy?" Capstone's microturbines are ideally suited for that task, among other applications. (
  41. Wind > Vertical Axis >
    TESNIC vertical-axies wind turbine - The TESNIC is based on the principles of the Tesla turbine, extracting the wind power via adhesion, in addition to the classic drag and lift extraction, enabling it to achieve a very high efficiency, with the potential cost of electricity produced below the utility price. (
  42. Solar >
    DayStar Technologies - Daystar's unique one-step CIGS deposition process enables high performance thin film modules at low costs. (
  43. Validated | Available for Commercial Purchase | Wind >
    Offshore Wind Technology - Winds are stronger and more stable; economy of scale. (GE)
  44. Validated | Available for Commercial Purchase | Directory:Tidal Power >
    Blue Energy - Company now implementing its technology commercially. Turbine design, which acts as a highly efficient underwater vertical-axis windmill, could product energy for as cheaply as two cents per kilowatt hour, well below commercial grid energy wholesale prices today. (
  45. Validated | Available for Commercial Purchase ? | Batteries >
    Vanadium Redox Batteries - Low cost, low environmental impact battery that has a superior deep cycling life and can be mechanically refueled in minutes. Suitable for green energy storage, backup power, electric vehicles and utility load leveling / peak shaving.
  46. Top 100 / Featured: River / Water >
    Markovic Self-Propelled (SP) River Pump - This innovative pump system by Slovenian inventor, Vladimir Markovic, works in relatively slow and shallow moving water (rivers) to pump water for irrigation; pump air into the water to oxygenate and clean up a river; or to pump water for driving an electric generator. (PESWIki; Oct. 13, 2008)
  47. Engines >
    StarRotor continuous-cycle engine - Highly efficient process could eventually replace present internal combustion design. Five U.S. Patents. Several prototypes. ( (NEC Specialist: Richard P. George)
  48. Validated | Available for Purchase | Wind >
    O'Conner Hush Energy Turbine - Arthur O'Conner of Australia has international patents on a wind turbine design that is very quiet, can operate a low speeds while tolerating high wind speeds, with a price tag that makes energy generation comparable to grid energy cost for residential and commercial applications. (
  49. Thermal Electric >
    Fellows' Thermoacoustic Cycle (TAC) Generator - Texas inventor's technology uses heat to amplify acoustic waves (sound waves) in a high pressure gas, which drive a linear generator and produce electric power. The system can allegedly be built at a very low cost. (
  50. Featured: Algae for Oil >
    OriginOil turning Algae to Oil - OriginOil believes that their breakthrough proprietary technology will provide the world with an endless supply of what they call "new oil" from algae, through a high-speed manufacturing process, capable of making it a direct competitor to petroleum, without disrupting the environment or food resources. (FreeEnergyNow; Nov. 10, 2008)
  51. Batteries / Vibrations >
    M2E Motion to Energy - M2E Power is emphasizing the commercial applications for their technology, with a specific goal: revolutionizing cell phone batteries. An external charger generates between 300 and 700 percent more energy than current kinetic energy technologies, and may eventually replace cell phone batteries altogether. (
  52. Atmospheric Electrostatic Energy >
    Nelson Scientific's Electron Capture - Developing commercial method for capturing electrons for electricity. Device catches free electrons in a vacuum, where they are redirected to conductors, yielding electricity. (
  53. Validated | Available for Residential Purchase | Wind > Home Generation >
    Skystream 3.7™ - Southwest Wind Power is making available the first fully integrated wind generator designed specifically for the grid-connected residential market. The output would provide 40 to 90 percent of an average home’s energy needs. In states like Hawaii, where the cost of energy and wind speeds are both high, Skystream 3.7 can pay for itself in less than 4 years.
  54. Wind >
    MagLev Wind Power Generator Unveiled in China - Permanent magnetic levitation wind power generator is expected to boost generation capacity by as much as 20% over traditional wind turbines, dropping operational costs by as much as 50%. (
  55. Validated | Available for Commercial Purchase | Wind > Vertical Axis >
    TMA Global Wind Energy Systems - Vertical axis wind turbine design creates pull on the back side contributing to 40%+ wind conversion efficiencies, doesn't kill birds, runs more quietly, doesn't need to be installed as high, blends better with landscape. Cost-competitive with the best horizontal axis propeller designs. Going commercial. (
  56. Engines >
    Gun Engine - Canadian inventor, Kazimierz Holubowicz, has come up with an environmentally friendly and transmission-free engine based on the same mechanics as how a bullet is shot from a gun. Initial test results showed 92% efficiency.
  57. Electrolysis > Solar Hydrogen >
    Electrolysis Breakthrough Makes Solar Storage Affordable - MIT researchers have combined a liquid catalyst with photovoltaic cells to achieve nearly a 100% efficient electrolysis in a simple set-up, which could make solar energy more affordable and practical -- excess capacity during the day could be stored as hydrogen and oxygen, then used in fuel cells at night when needed. ([
  58. Validated | Engines >
    Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) Engine - Internal combustion engine features multiple firings in one cycle to give 40 times higher power to weight ratio, low parts count, low maintenance, high mechanical efficiency, and low pollution. (
  59. River / Wind > Vertical Axis >
    Neo-AeroDynamic Wind/Water Turbine - The patent-pending turbine for wind and water, invented by Phi Tran, employs lift on the leeward edge, harnessing the turbulence that usually impedes efficiency. The price point is expected to be better than fossil-fuel-generated electricity, even in low wind areas, making it ideal for city/urban roof top and back yard settings.
  60. Concentrated Solar Power>
    SkyFuel - SkyFuel's The Linear Power Tower (LPT) is a concentrating solar power system for utility-scale solar thermal power plants. LPT is a high-temperature linear Fresnel system with molten salt storage.
  61. Validated | Cold Fusion >
    JET Energy is Developing Cold Fusion Technology - Having brought cold fusion through many generations of advancement, Mitchell Swartz' company is in process of developing the technology to the point that it could be commercialized. They made history in 2003 by running a large public demonstration for five consecutive days at MIT.
  62. Theoretical | Thermal Electric >
    Rauen Environmental Heat Engine - The Superclassical heat engine of Ken Rauen is designed to be able to tap the heat of the environment for energy generation. It is based upon the experimental evidence of the Proell effect, a macroscopic Maxwell’s Demon. (NEC Specialist: Ken Rauen [Inventor])
  63. Solar > Thin Film > Dye Sensitized >
    G24 Innnovations Ltd rolls out solar - Automated "roll-to-roll" manufacturing process transforms a lightweight roll of metal foil into a 100-pound half-mile of G24i’s Dye Sensitized Thin Film in less than three hours. This material is rugged, flexible, lightweight and generates electricity even indoors and in low light conditions. (
  64. Validated | Available for Purchase | Wind > High-Efficiency Horizontal >
    MotorWind's Pastic Micro Wind Turbines - Two of the biggest hurdles for using wind power have been cost and the need for strong winds. A Hong Kong businessman/inventor has found a way to overcome those problems with plastic, bringing the generation cost down to around 1 cent per kilowatt-hour. (
  65. Plastics / Waste-to-Energy >
    Polymer Energy LLC Turns Waste Plastics into Renewable Energy - The Polymer Energy™ system uses catalytic pyrolysis to efficiently convert plastics (primarily polyolefins) into crude oil. The system can handle as high as 30% impurities such as metals, glass, dirt, water, etc. in the feedstock, making pre-sorting, cleaning, or drying unnecessary, reducing overall operational costs. (
  66. Validated | Directory:Tidal Power / Directory:River Energy >
    Underwater Electric Kite (UEK) Corporation - Low impact hydrokinetic turbines harness tide and river flow, without harming aquatic life, requiring no dam or impoundment. ( )
  67. Biodiesel from Algae / CO2 Sequestration >
    A2BE Using Algae to Capture Carbon and Produce Biodiesel and Food - A2BE Carbon Capture is developing bio-secure, scalable, climate adaptive, and highly cost-effective technology for producing valuable fuel and food from CO2 using algal photosynthesis and bio-harvesting in a system they call Algae@Work. (
  68. Nuclear >
    Blacklight Power - Randell Mills "hydrino" device - New field of novel hydrogen chemistry. BlackLight Process generates light, power, plasma, and a vast class of new compositions of matter. (
  69. Engines / Thermal Electric >
    Deluge Inc's Thermal Hydraulic Engine Generates from Low Heat Input - Utilizing low level heat energy, 180°F (82°C), the Natural Energy Engine™ is suitable for solar, geothermal, or any other heat source, including waste heat from existing processes. The engine requires no combustion, operates virtually silently, and generates no emissions. Now ready for commercialization. (
  70. Top 100 / Featured: Wind > High Efficiency HAWT >
    ENECO's Wind Amplified Rotor Platform (WARP) - The WARP design speeds up the wind with a velocity amplification factor in excess of 1.5 over free wind, resulting in a 4.5-fold increase in power. A WARP wind farm would need on average about 80% less land per kilowatt of energy generated. Projected cost $.02 to $.04/kW-h or lower. (PESWiki; Sept. 11, 2008)
  71. Eectrolysis >
    Kanarev's Electrolysis - Professor Kanarev holds five patents, has written several books about how water can be the main power carrier of future power engineering. Some processes described resemble those being attributed to the Joe cell. (
  72. Featured: Stirling Engines / Waste-to-Energy >
    ReGen's Modified Stirling Engine to Harness Industrial Waste Heat - ReGen Power Systems is developing two engines: one to harness discarded heat in the 250ºC range (25% thermo electric efficiency), such as what emerges from steam turbines; and the other in the range of 100ºC (13% efficiency). They can be arranged in tandem. A test 10kW prototype is being built. (PESWiki; Oct. 30, 2008)
  73. Validated | Available for Commercial Purchase | Sea Wave Energy >
    AquaBuOY based on long-proven technology - The AquaBuOY technology, which has been independently evaluated and found commercially viable, has potential to generate electricity at a cost that is competitive with onshore and offshore wind farms and some fossil fuels, in the near to mid-term.
  74. Thermal Electric / Solar >
    Closed Loop Ammonia Turbine - The return of Tesla's solar (and other low heat input) design for home and commercial power systems using inexpensive technology discarded last century due to then cheap oil prices.
  75. Validated | Wave Buoys >
    Manchester Bobber - A patented new wave energy device, the commercial vision is to deploy a number of platforms, each of which supports a closely spaced array of bobbing floats (between 25 and 50) that generate electricity through independent generators. Each of the generators will be rated at 500kW so a platform will be rated at approximately 12MW and will provide an average annual output of 4MW.
  76. Ethanol >
    Coskata Turns Waste to Ethanol via Bacteria - Coskata, Inc. is a biology-based renewable energy company that has developed a technology that uses proprietary microorganisms and transformative bioreactor designs to produce Ethanol for under US$1.00 per gallon anywhere in the world, from carbon-based feedstock. (
  77. Ground Source Heat Pumps >
    EarthLinked Technologies - Company has been in the business of installing Ground Source Heat Pumps for nearly two decades. The residential and commercial systems save energy in the winter and summer, drawing from the thermal mass of the earth with their direct geo-exchange technology. ROI is just a few years. (
  78. Biofuels / Concentrated Solar / Clean Coal >
    GreenShift's CO2 Bioreactor - Patented process uses algae to consume greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-fueled power plants, giving off pure oxygen and water vapor. Light from concentrated solar panels is conducted into the algae chambers via fiber optics. Once the algae grows to maturity, it is harvested for conversion into ethanol and biodiesel fuels.
  79. Solar > Concentrated >
    SUNRGI's Affordable CSP Solar Coming in a Year - Focusing the sun's rays 2000x and pulling the heat away from the photovoltaic cells, combined with a method of low-cost mass production, the Xtreme concentrated photovoltaics by SUNRGI are expected to produce in the range of 5-7 cents per kilowatt hour. (
  80. Air Conditioning > Zeolite >
    Zeolite-Water Heating and Cooling System - Zeo-Tech has developed a new energy conversion process for the efficient generation and storage of heat and/or cooling power. Driven by a heat source, this process is solely based on the material zeolite and water and is therefore fully compatible with the most stringent environmental regulations. (
  81. Thermal Electric >
    Matteran Energy produces electricity and refrigeration from near ambient heat - An experimental small scale power plant is producing electricity and refrigeration temperatures fueled simply by the heat in warm water - typically 150 degrees Fahrenheit. (
  82. Wind > Horizontal Axis >
    Broadstar Wind Systems - BroadStar's AeroCam is claimed to be the first turbine to break through the $1/watt cost barrier. It enables distributed power generation in almost any setting, including densely populated urban areas and can capture abundant surface-wind energy in wind farms. (
  83. Wind >
    Magenn - Inflatable, rotating balloon, wind turbine design scheduled for market readiness in 2007/8; at a price close to grid power. (
  84. Solar > Concentrated >
    World Leader in Satellite Dishes Tunes to Solar - Andersen Manufacturing is coming back to solar and is looking for joint venture partners with receiver technologies that could be paired with their low-cost, high-accuracy, rapid-deploy dishes. (PESWIki; Oct. 4, 2008)
  85. Featured: Water as Fuel > Brown's Gas >
    Epoch has Commercialized Brown's Gas - Epoch Energy Technology Corp is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of Oxy-hydrogen gas generators and solar water heaters. They have developed a method by which ordinary soft water can be instantly transformed into oxygen-hydrogen fuel.
  86. Validated | Available for Commercial Purchase | Solar >
    SkyBuilt aims to be the Dell of renewable energy systems - Uses rugged shipping containers as foundation for made-to-order designs for quick deployment in off-grid applications. (
  87. Top 100 / Featured: Wind > Horizontal >
    FloDesign Wind Turbine Mimics Jet Turbine - FloDesign is working on a wind turbine concept that could potentially be at least twice as efficient as traditional rotor blade turbines, which force air around them instead of through them. First prototype will be 12 feet in diameter and produce 108 kW power. (PESWiki; Sept. 9, 2008)
  88. River / Tide / Ocean Current / Water >
    Bourne Energy Harnesses Flowing Water to Make Clean Water - Bourne’s Kinetic Energy Systems entail floating turbines for river, tidal and ocean currents, and have numerous environmental advantages over conventional hydropower dams, Run-of-River and other hydropower systems. The latest is in developing potable water. (
  89. Validated | Available for Commercial Purchase | Engines >
    Engineair’s Ultra-Efficient Rotary Compressed-Air Motor - Elegant minimalist design eliminates most of the working parts traditionally associated with internal combustion engine; offers close to 100% energy efficiency for a variety of transport and stationary applications. (
  90. Solar >
    Sliver Solar Cells - New manufacturing process developed at the Australian National University uses as little as one tenth the amount of hyper-pure silicon as in square solar PV technology. First product line put on hold; commercial manufacturing expected in two years. (
  91. Thermal Electric >
    Acoustic Stove, Fridge, Generator - The "Stove for Cooking, Refrigeration and Electricity," or SCORE, could help improve the health and quality of life for the two billion or so people in the world who cook over open fires. The SCORE thermoacoustics technology promoted by a multi-institutional project converts heated gas into sound waves which can be used to cook, cool, and/or generate electricity. (
  92. Engines >
    Crower’s Six-Stroke Engine - Achieving a means of harnessing engine heat, Bruce Crower's internal combustion engine adds two strokes involving the injection of water, which immediately turns to steam, expanding the chamber for another cycle. Process keeps engine running cool.
  93. Fuel Efficiency Retrofits >
    Green Diesel Injector System - This award-winning invention is a pump-less, hydraulically operated, super-high-pressure diesel injector system allegedly results in 30% higher power, 30% less fuel consumption and a dramatic reduction in pollution.
  94. Top 100: Solar > Inverters >
    Micro-Inverters make solar modular - Enphase Micro-Inverters turn solar panels into modular systems, increasing the energy harvest by 13 to 15 percent. The system includes the micro-inverter, embedded powerline communications and Enlighten — a web-based performance monitoring and analysis tool. (PESWiki; Sept. 22, 2008)
  95. Engines >
    Linear Combustion Electromagnetic Engines - Index of designs and companies promoting designs in which a linear two-piston system drives magnets by induction coils to generate electricity, so that the output energy of combustion is electricity, not torque.
  96. Validated | Available for Commercial Purchase | Directory:Home_Generation:Hot_Water >
    Edwards Heat Pump for Hot Water - The Edwards Heat Pump is like a solar water heater without collector panels. It operates like a refrigerator only in reverse; transferring the heat in the surrounding air to the stored water. It is extremely energy efficient - using approximately one third the energy of a conventional electric water heater. (
  97. Fuel Efficiency >
    330 MPG Aptera Hybrid - The Aptera prototype, which is halfway to completion, will go for up to 330 miles on a gallon of gas thanks to an aerodynamic design and the lightweight composites that make up the chassis. (

Recent Additions

  1. Top 100 / Featured: Generators / Wind >
    ExRo Technologies' Variable Input Electrical Generator (VIEG) - ExRo's patented technology designed for widely variable speeds of wind, wave, run-of-river, and tidal turbines; takes the place of traditional generators that are limited in operating activity; and could lower the cost of wind turbines, while significantly increasing their power output. (PESWiki; Nov. 21, 2008)
  2. Top 100 / Featured: Hydro > Tide / Ocean Current >
    Marine Current Turbines' 1 MW SeaGen - SeaGen, designed and developed by Marine Current Turbines Ltd. of Britain, works in principle much like an “underwater windmill”, with the rotors driven by the power of the tidal currents rather than the wind, and has now generated at its maximum capacity of 1.2MW. (PESWiki; Jan. 7, 2009)
  3. Top 100 / Featured: Ocean Wave Energy > Buoys >
    Oceanlinx Converts Wave action to Air Action - Oceanlinx is a leading international company in the field of wave energy conversion. It has developed technology for extracting energy from ocean waves by converting them into air flow that turns a turbine to produce electricity, or to provide desalinated industrial or potable grade water from sea water. (PESWiki; Jan. 19, 2009)
  4. Noble Gas Engines >
    PlasmERG's Plasma Expansion Motor - PlasmERG Inc, who is developing a noble gas plasma expansion motor providing clean, cheap, and reliable power has been selected as a top five finalist among the "Most Promising Renewable Energy Technologies" category for EE Times' prestigious Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards.
  5. Top 100 / Feature: Hydro > Ocean Wave > Buoys >
    Spindrift Hydrokinetic Energy Device - This ocean wave harnessing technology takes advantage of the difference between wave height on the surface versus water stability deeper down. It is a buoy system that locates the alternator in the surface buoy, with a turbine down deep, by which water is accelerated via a venture shape through which the water flows. (PESWiki; Sept. 13, 2010)
  6. Top 100 / Featured: Vortex / Hydro > Low Impact >
    Vortex-Induced Vibrations for Aquatic Clean Energy (VIVACE) - Inspired by the ability of fish to propel upstream with relative ease, VIVACE is ideal for converting natural vibrations in slow-moving ocean, river, and tidal currents into affordable and reliable energy. It is highly scalable and affordable, estimated at 5.5 cents/kw-h. (PESWiki; Dec 31, 2008)
  7. Top 100 / Featured: Wind > Vertical Axis >
    Enviro Energies' magnetically levitated Mag-Wind™ system - Affordable wind turbine design by this North American company reduces friction, noise, vibration and energy losses, and generates power in low wind environments; is now going into production. (PESWiki; Jan. 23, 2009)
  8. Top 100 / Featured: Fuel Cells / Hydrogen >
    PowerAvenue is Revolutionizing Hydrogen Production and Fuel Cell Technology - PowerAvenue Corp has patented a way to create from sand a form of silicon that reacts with water to generate hydrogen at the point of use, making silicon the energy carrier. Their fuel cells operate at low pressure and temperatures, have a high power-to-weight ratio, and are reliable and efficient. (PESWiki; Jan. 8, 2009)
  9. Top 100 / Featured: Solar > Concentrated >
    AORA hybrid solar provides baseload, community power - Israeli company combines a modular concentrated solar tower technology with other heat sources to enable its plants to be baseload capable, providing utility power needs 24/7/365. Each 'solar flower' is designed to produce 100 kW of electricity as well as 170kW of thermal power, targeting community-sized production. (PESWiki; July 3, 2009)
  10. Top 100 / Featured: Engines > Wankel >
    Regi Technologies' RadMax rotary engine - The Radmax direct-charge engine with few moving parts is based on the Wankel rotary design, but is claimed to deliver up to three times the power, with half the weight of a true Wankel engine of the same size. It is virtually vibration free and very quiet. (PESWiki; Jan. 27, 2009)
  11. Top 100 / Featured: Solar > Thin Film >
    First Solar Breaks $1/Watt Manufacturing Barrier - Though this Arizona company is to be congratulated on reducing manufacturing costs for solar modules to 98 cents per watt, breaking the $1 per watt price barrier, the environmental downside of the use of highly toxic cadmium can't be overlooked. (PESWiki; March 16, 2009)
  12. Featured / Top 100: Storage > Batteries > Sodium Sulfur >
    Ceramatec Revolutionizing Energy Storage Technology - A company in Salt Lake City is receiving widespread coverage for developing a battery system based on sodium sulfur for residential and commercial applications that may make energy storage much easier and more economical providing the tipping point to make renewables feasible. (PESWiki; August 25, 2009)
  13. Waste-to-Energy / Alt. Fuels > Diesel >
    CPD Process Turns Trash into Diesel Fuel - Green Power Inc has developed a catalytic pressureless depolymerization (CPD) process they call "NanoDiesel" that inexpensively converts biomass and municipal waste into high quality diesel fuel, which could solve the world's energy and waste problems at the same time, without upsetting the CO2 balance.


This list is in a state of continual update.

Some of the best technologies are not listed here for reasons such as:

  • We don't know about them yet. If you know of a technology that should (and can) be listed here, please let us know about it (submit); then be patient as we get around to evaluating it and remind us from time to time making your case, until it appears here.
  • We haven't gotten around to voting on them yet. (in our hopper)
  • Their owners choose not to publicly disclosed their existence yet, for strategic reasons.
  • Their proprietary nature prevents the NEC from knowing enough about them to weigh them against the other technologies listed here.
  • Language barriers prevent the NEC from knowing enough about them. (Translate)
  • The NEC's evaluation is not perfect, but includes some technologies that are not deserving, and excludes others that are, and ranking some higher than they deserve.

That said, we are still confident that this listing is a valuable contribution toward advancing the most deserving technologies toward market penetration.

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