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Advanced Magnetic Piston Generator (MPG) design has the flexibility to be powered by any source of thermal (heat) or pressure energy to produce electricity.



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(from Aug. 3, 2005 press release)

How it Works

The MPG design is for a unique pressure driven "Linear Engine" that propels a permanent magnet through a series of electro-magnetic coils to generate electricity according to Faraday's Law of Induction, wherein moving a permanent magnet into and out of a coil of wire induces an electrical current in the wire while the magnet is in motion.

The MPG design can use fuel combustion or low-boiling-point working fluids to convert heat energy into high-pressure gases that propel its "Magnetic Piston" at high velocities, back-and-forth, through a linear alternator to generate usable electricity. The greater the velocity of the Magnetic Piston passing through the alternator, the greater the electrical power output that can be generated. The Company believes that the MPG design can be scaled-up to generate electricity by the kilowatts or potentially megawatts of power.


Using the "free fuel" of waste heat which our modern industrialized society currently discards, the MPG is designed to be installed alongside and improve the overall fuel efficiency of any fuel cell system, vehicle combustion engine, gas turbine or steam boiler without consuming any additional fossil fuels, nor generating any additional greenhouse gas emissions. The MPG design can thus enable power plants, factory steam boilers, ovens and furnaces worldwide to increase their fuel efficiencies and lower their emissions intensity

In addition to waste heat recovery, the MPG is designed to generate zero-emission electricity using compressed air or gas pressure to drive the MPG in a pressure-to-electricity conversion process. Such geo-pressure resources are available in many of the world's oil and gas wells, natural gas storage tanks and pipelines

In the News


MPG originally developed by inventor Mr. Robert Hunt, licensed to Encore.

The new MPG design resulted from the optimization of Encore's vapor hydraulic HeatSeeker, heat-to-electricity energy conversion technology.

Power generation thru excess atomisation pressure process


Encore Clean Energy Ltd. Dan Hunter, CEO
(310) 246-0063

Jason Assad, Investor relations
(678) 570-6791

Media Contact: tinePublic Inc. Christian Darbyshire
(416) 419-9953


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