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Aether Unit
Aether Unit

The Aether Physics Model is a new branch of physics quantifying Quantum Structure, as opposed to Quantum Mechanics.



The paper, A New Foundation for Physics by Quantum AetherDynamics Institute, gives a detailed but basic introduction to the Aether Physics Model. Since the Aether Physics Model quantifies quantum structure, it is a companion theory to Quantum Mechanics. The APM specifically shows us how to tap Zero Point Energy, and how electrostatic propulsion works, how the forces unify, and illuminates many other important topics in physics.

Aether Physics Model Course

Quantum AetherDynamics Institute will be providing a course for the Aether Physics Model. This paragraph is a placemark for future content.

Theory Application

Many "mysteries," "patches," and "anomalous" data exist in modern physics. This section links to pages explaining some of these "anomalies" in discrete terms of the Aether Physics Model.


People with questions about the Aether Physics Model can join in discussions on various boards and mailing lists:

Further Reading

Secrets of the Aether by David Thomson and Jim Bourassa (Aenor Trust, 2005) - A full length book explaining the Aether Physics Model in detail. The book presents the quantum physics theory as well as geometrically interesting features of the theory, and a philosophical discussion.

Quantum AetherDynamics Institute

The Aether Physics Model is developed by the Quantum AetherDynamics Institute, a 501(c)3 registered research organization.

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