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Directory of cars that run on the power of compressed air. Related resources.



  • Featured: Air Cars / Magnet Motors >
    Magnetic Air Car Could Be Ready by 2010 - The Magnetic Air Car uses three on-board substations to build and harness compressed air. "A battery starts a magnetic motor… which in turn drives a small but powerful on-board air compressor. The air flow is then tubocharged and multiplied." (PESWiki; Oct. 14, 2008)
  • MDI Air Car - The MDI Air Car uses compressed air to push its engine’s pistons, can hit 68 mph, has a range of 125 miles, and can be refuelled in a few minutes with custom air compressors at a cost of around $2. Will be available in France late 2009. Tata Motors of India is also planning to produce these zero-emissions cars.

Research & Development

  • Featured: Alt. Fuels > Air Cars >
    Air Fuel Synthesis: Scientists Turn Fresh Air into Petrol - A British company has produced a "petrol from air" technology that they suppose is poised to solve the energy crisis while removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The very fact that the mainstream press is giving it wide coverage tells you that it is not likely to be transformational. (PESWiki; October 24, 2012)
  • EVs / Fuel Efficiency / Air Cars >
    Air hybrid vehicles could halve fuel consumption - New research suggests that pneumatic or air hybrids that store braking energy as compressed air would be much cheaper to produce than the current crop of EVs and battery-electric hybrids and could halve the fuel consumption of ICE powered vehicles. (Gizmag; February 7, 2011)
  • The future of fuel could be...air? - Students at Clarkson University in New York have been assigned a project by their professor to build a compressed air vehicle, with hopes that eventually they will build an engine strong enough to power a full sized car. (10Now; 05/13/2006)

Buyer Beware

In the News

  • Top 100: Air Cars > MDI >
    $10,000 Car Runs On Air - On October 9 MDI unveiled its answer to the need for clean air and urban mobility - the AIRPod. With its low price, zero pollution, high range and playful and futuristic design, the AIRPod marks a turning point in the nexus of automobile and urban transportation. And it will cost less than a Euro per 200 km to operate and will leave no one stuck in traffic jam. (CNN / (via BIN); Oct. 27, 2010)
  • Go-Karting Goes Green With Compressed Air - Students modified a snowmobile engine to run on compressed air stored in two scuba tanks, producing power similar to a gas engine. They attached the engine to a go-kart that can go 43 km/h full out. Although it runs out of air quickly, the zero local emissions make it attractive for indoor operations and the tanks are easy to refill. (EcoFriend; June 11, 2008)


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