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A directory of technologies and resources relating to airships, blimps, or zeppelins, especially as it pertains to their ability to increase fuel efficiency.



  • Why Fly When You Can Float? - As the cost of fuel soars and the pressure mounts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, several schemes for a new generation of airship are being considered by governments and private companies. Cloud is a flying hotel proposed by French designer Jean-Marie Massaud. (New York Times; July 5, 2008)



  • Aeroscraft — Rebirth of The Blimp - Californian-based Aeros has a developed a modern blimp with a quiet, electric prop-motor combination, requiring only half of the fuel of a jet with similar carrying capacity. Passenger and freight models planned. Runway infrastructure not required.
  • Fuel Efficiency > Aeroscraft > The ultimate corporate aircraft - Aeroscraft ML866 aircraft will be launched at the NBAA 60th Annual Meeting & Convention in September, 2007 in Atlanta. It offers 120 knots top speed, 5,000 square feet of interior compartment, helicopter like vertical takeoff and landing capability and independence from congested airports. (GizMag; Aug. 7, 2007)

Other Blimps

  • Fuel Efficiency > Airships >
    Skylifter Balloon Can Lift Entire Buildings and Put ‘Em Down Gently - The Skylifter is a helium balloon sky-crane capable of moving and placing equipment and prefab buildings in remote areas. The Skylifter promises a payload of a whopping 150 tons and a range of 1240 miles, meaning that not long from now we may have a less invasive way to place our prefab homes or to supply regions in need after disasters. (Inhabitat; Oct. 5, 2010)
  • Power Generating Blimp for Disasters - The airships are only 20 m long, and can house about 120 square meters of CIGS solar cells, producing up to 125 kWh / day. That's enough energy to power 25 shallow water pumps, providing clean water for up to 12,000 people. Or enough to power 400 medical refrigerators. (EcoGeek; May 14, 2008)
  • Skyacht Aircraft - The Personal Blimp is an aircraft capable of quiet, steerable, sustained, and affordable flight. It uses hot air (rather than Helium) for lift and virtually silent electric motors for propulsion. Applications include prospecting, forest canopy research, wetlands survey/management, eco-tourism, and aerial photography and film-making.
  • Ohio Airships - The Dynalifter® “Roadless Trucking�? system has transport costs and speeds comparable to trucking without the need of building a sophisticated highway network. It has the ability to fly on low amounts of power at low speeds, much like airships, but without the operational drawbacks of a traditional airship.
  • High Altitude Wind Power > Fuel Efficiency > Vehicles / Windream One project - The Windream One project to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a sail balloon driven by natural and renewable energy sources is progressing. Test flights got underway last Saturday with a small prototype balloon designed to test the curved carbon foil which will run under the water’s surface and guide the 900m3 helium balloon’s flight path. (Gizmag; Jun. 14, 2007)
  • TCOM - Unmanned lighter than air platforms
  • Advanced Technologies Group - The SkyCat hybrid air vehicles combine lighter-than-air airship technology with air-cushioned hovercraft technology. The SkyCat 1000 ultra heavy lift air vehicle has a maximum payload capacity of one million kg, 10x the capacity of a Boeing 747-200 freighter aircraft.
  • Fuel Efficiency > Vehicles > Blended-Wing Boeing completes first test flight - flew its first prototype of a Blended Wing Body aircraft last week. A BWB design allows the entire body of the plane to generate lift and reduces drag in comparison to a tube-shaped fuselage - both of which are key factors in reducing fuel usage. The BWB design also provides a much greater cargo and passenger capacity. (GizMag; Jul. 30, 2007)

  • Lindstrand Balloons - Designing in liaison with Cargolifter Development the main outer skin structure for the Joey airship.
  • Hunt Aviation - A rigid glider made of lightweight composite materials, the new hybrid “gravity-powered aircraft�? is formed by merging lighter-than-air lift to gain altitude; and, (2) a glider aircraft capable of aerodynamic lift.
  • JP Aerospace - A volunteer-based organization achieving cheap access to space by just doing it. Here you'll find photos and videos from over eighty missions and information on our Airship to Orbit program.
  • HyperBlimp - Ultra-streamlined, low drag, helium-filled airship that slips through the air, rather than pushing it aside. Propelled by central axis rear propeller, capable of moving in any direction.

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