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  • CAUTIONS - Dangers associated with this project are mainly with the batteries, but also with wheel rotation and soldering. Be sure you understand the risks and that you take necessary precautions.
  • Lithium Cell Warning! - There is a high risk of leakage, fire or explosion if you overcharge a Li-Ion cell or it shorts due to internal circuitry failing or carelessness.

Recommended by Bedini

Battery Reference Works

Battery Comments

Comments about the nature of batteries as they pertain to the Bedini circuits in general, but to the "School Girl" (simplified) in particular.

  • Amp Readings from Ammeter not reliable for SG - The SG input battery is providing a pulsed input (non-sinusoidal) to the coil as the transistor switches it on & off, so the reading you get from your meter is most likely not accurate. (Jim, Dec 28, 2004)
  • Peukert Effect - Basically states that there is an exponential relationship between current draw and battery capacity: the more current drawn from the battery, the less capacity it has to power that load. The effect is a little more amplified in lead acid batteries over NiCd and NMH batteries. (Jim, Dec 28, 2004)

HomePower Magazine Info on Batteries

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