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Directory of resourses related to the process of converting organic-based matter into burnable fuel as a replacement for fossil fuel.

Considering the fuel costs involved in farming, is not the concept of biofuels somewhat contradictory? Yes, the final product may have chemically derived from a plant-based origin, but how much "fossil" fuel is consumed in the process of creating each gallon of biofuel?

For this reason, programs that recycle/convert already existing pre-cursors into fuel seem the most plausible, such as griesel or biomass.


Fast Facts

Almost all of the arable land on Earth would need to be covered with the fastest-growing known energy crops, such as switchgrass, to produce the amount of energy currently consumed from fossil fuels annually. (U.S. DOE (176-page PDF))


  • Featured: Events > Algae / Biofuels >
    Event:Algae Biofuels World Summit 2009 - San Francisco, California on March 18-20, 2009. The Algae Biofuels World Summit will be a major event where the nascent algae biofuels community will come together to discuss how to build a new international industry. (PESWiki)
  • The 2nd Biofuels International Expo & Conference - May 27-28, 2009 at the Beurs van Berlage, in central Amsterdam, Netherlands. Bringing together medium to large biofuels producers, investors, regulators, project owners and equipment/service providers to discuss how to fight the critics and drive the European market forward.

Open Source

Biofuel Wiki

  • US Govt. & Energy > Alt Fuels > Biofuels >
    A Wiki for the Biofuels Research Community - Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) have created a technoeconomic model that should help accelerate the development of a next generation of clean, green biofuels that can compete with gasoline in economics and well as performance. (Biofuel Daily; November 2, 2010)

Do It Yourself

  • Store: DIY > Biodiesel > from Algae >
    Making Algae Biodiesel at Home - Downloadable 650-page book provides detailed instructions on how to sustainably produce clean oil from algae -- in your back yard -- enough to supply your transportation and home power needs. This is not a simple, afternoon venture, but a serious, long-term commitment.

See also DIY


  • - In the corporate world's rush to profit in the biofuel industry, often sustainability is not considered. Velocity provides sustainable biodiesel consulting for waste-based fuel production, staying away from crops that can be used for food and other practical uses.


  • Biofuels / Waste to Energy > Animal >
    Forget Wave Power, Google and Others May Use Poo Power for Data Centers - Hewlett Packard has released a research paper that states that tech companies like themselves, Google and Microsoft could benefit from a partnership with dairy farmers, using the cattle waste for fuel. The research paper says that the dairy farmers could rent out land and power to the tech companies with a return on investment in waste-to-fuel systems in two years, making it a great arrangement for the farmers too. (EcoGeek; May 19, 2010)

Types of Biofuel Sources

See Directory:Biofuel Sources - separate index page

Image:Yucca plant biofuel 95x95.jpg Image:Rapefield_95x95.jpg Image:Cheese 95x95.jpg Image:Hemp Marijuana number1solution 95x95.jpg Image:Sweetsorghum 95x95.jpg Image:Carp Invasion anim 95x95.gif Image:Switch grass 95x95.jpg


  • Algae >
    Arizona Project Uses Algae to Turn Coal Pollution Into Biofuel - Arizona Public Service has secured $70.5 million in stimulus funds to expand an innovative project that turns carbon dioxide emissions from a coal power plant into biofuel using algae. While part of the funds will be used to scale up the algae processing portion, some of the funds will also be used to investigate the potential benefits of turning the coal into a gas prior to burning it for power. (Gas 2.0; Sept. 17, 2009)

3.16 Minutes Vertical Algae biofuel Growing
Valcent's own video of Vertigro. (You Tube Feb. 1, 2008)

  • BioHeat - Blend of heating oil and biodiesel.
  • Green World Biofuels - Exists to assist farmers, cooperatives, schools, small businesses and individuals to establish small scale local production of biodiesel based on locally available resources.The Ester Machine is a complete biodiesel production system that enables the operator to turn used fryer or virgin vegetable oils into high quality finished fuel.
  • Growdiesel Products - Growdiesel is a renewable energy exploration and production organization dedicated to the cause of environment, energy & empowerment of masses. The main objective of Growdiesel is establish a value chain for production of sustainable biofuels from non-food feedstocks like Jatropha, algae and biomass. GROWDIESEL MIRACLE™ is India's first bio based fuel additive-range. Miracle range of fuel additives are specially formulated for different kind of fuels like Diesel, Furnace Oil, Kerosene, Petrol, ATF etc.
  • Vaperma - With its innovative Siftek™ membrane technology in hand, Vaperma looks to revolutionize the biofuels industry by creating a unique membrane for the purification (dewatering) of syngas - a 99%-pure ethanol product with energy saving up to 40%. It has teamed with Greenfield Ethanol in Canada to prove it and Dedini in Brazil (ethanol equipment provider) to promote it. (submitted by Vaperma; March 4, 2008)
  • GreenShift's CO2 Bioreactor - Patented process uses algae to consume greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-fueled power plants, giving off pure oxygen and water vapor. Light from concentrated solar panels is conducted into the algae chambers via fiber optics. Once the algae grows to maturity, it is harvested for conversion into ethanol and biodiesel fuels. (PESWiki; Feb. 28, 2008)
  • 200 Tons/Day BioOil Plant Engineering Completed - DynaMotive and Tecna's joint modular plant will generate energy from abundant organic resources traditionally discarded by the agricultural and forest industries. To be deployed in Canada and internationally. (PESN; June 10, 2005)
  • Running on vegetable oil? - It’s a simple recipe: Mix 10 gallons of vegetable oil with 10 gallons of diesel fuel... Might not work in all diesels. (News Advance; June 24)
  • 2005 Tour de Sol skirts 100 mpg - Over 60 hybrid, electric and biofuel vehicles from throughout the U.S. and Canada demonstrated that we have the technology today to power our transportation system with zero-oil consumption and zero climate-change emissions. (PESN; May 22, 2005)
  • Powering society with biofuels - U. of Minnesota professor pushing for a National Center for Biofuels Research, to become a national center for biocatalysis — turning renewable resources such as farm and forest products into biofuels. (Minnesota Daily; March 9)
  • From Grease to Fuel - A $500,000 project to rebuild the Iowa Energy Center's 7-year-old biodiesel pilot plant is nearly complete. The Iowa State University-based energy center will help the biodiesel industry learn to use animal fats to produce biodiesel. (NewsWise; July 7, 2005)
  • Wal-Mart Deploys Solar, Wind, Sustainable Design - New store outside of Dallas, Texas could revolutionize how leading world retailer builds and powers their stores. Experimental design combines a host of renewable energy technologies including numerous solar PV arrays, two, small wind turbines, a bio-fuel boiler to recycle and burn recovered oil from store operations and a nearly endless list of energy-saving and sustainable design principles. (Renewable Energy Access; July 22, 2005)

Government and Politics

  • For UN, Brazil's Biofuel Model is a Win, Win, Win Strategy - "Agroenergy and biofuels represent a shift in paradigms, a coming together of different people, setting new guidelines for sustainable development and peace promotion," said Roberto Rodrigues, president of the Superior Agribusiness Council at the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (Fiesp) and former Brazilian minister of Agriculture, while attending the "International Conference on Biofuels" Nov. 19-21, 2008. Video (Brazzil Magazine; Nov. 20, 2008)

  • Biofuel industry lashes out at "misleading" OPEC claims - An open letter to Opec president Chakib Khelil signed by biofuel trade bodies from Europe, the US, Canada and Brazil argues that his recent claim that "the intrusion of bioethanol in the market" is responsible for 40 per cent of the rise in world oil prices is both "self-serving and misleading". (BusinessGreen; July 17, 2008)

Research & Development

See Directory:Biofuels:Research and Development - separate page

Image:UMA Geobacter fuel cell 95x95.jpg Image:UMass_green-gasoline-could-power-future-cars-and-jets_95x95.jpg Image:LS9_biochemist_95x95.jpg Image:Algae_Barry_Raleigh_HI_95x95.jpg

Wishful Thinking

  • Major Biofuel Projects Around the World - List of some existing or planned biofuel projects around the world, including U.S., Malaysia, Brazil, Austria, Spain, France, U.K., Saudi Arabia. (Reuters; June 8, 2005)
  • Rising Use of Biofuel may drag Crude Prices below US$ 40 per Barrel - Rising supplies of biofuel are shaving demand growth of traditional auto fuels. With the increasing popularity of fuels & additives derived from soybean, corn, oilseed, and sugarcane, money is likely to switch from oil futures on New York Mercantile Exchange to Chicago's grain futures market. (RNCOS; Jan. 8, 2007)
  • Farm-Grown Biofuels Look to Siphon Oil Demand - Homegrown crops offer consuming nations the opportunity to cut hefty oil import bills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and revitalise agricultural incomes. (Reuters; June 8, 2005)


See Directory:Biofuels:Cautions


  • Human-Powered >
    NatGeo Bus Powered by Passengers - The bussing authority in Atlanta in conjunction with NatGeo, a global biofuel research group, has been experimenting with a new approach to powering their bus fleet with the passengers that board the bus. Passengers enter through the jaws and exit through the tail pipe. (Free Energy News; April 1, 2009)
Coop de Ville?

Close to Home; July 25, 2005
With permission from John McPherson

  • Biofuel On-the-Go - Indian taxi driver grows his own biofuel on the fly. Clippings-catcher on lawn mower in the trunk is directed to an on-board biodiesel maker. Between passengers, driver cuts enough genetically-modified super-fast-growing grass to fuel the next stint. (HempNext; April 1, 2008)

In the News

  • US Govt. & Energy > Alt Fuels > Biofuels >
    A Wiki for the Biofuels Research Community - Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) have created a technoeconomic model that should help accelerate the development of a next generation of clean, green biofuels that can compete with gasoline in economics and well as performance. (Biofuel Daily; November 2, 2010)
  • Gardening / Alt Fuels > Biofuels > Algae >
    Is Algae the DIY Answer to Fuel & Food Crisis? - Aaron Baum of the Algae Lab explains why people growing algae at home for fuel and food can help the environment and their health. He's creating an international network of people growing all kinds of algae in their homes in an open source way. One of the low-cost materials is household urine. (Shareable; Sept. 7, 2010)
  • Alt Fuels > Biofuels > Ethanol >
    World's First Ethanol-Powered Utility Plant - The plant began operating on Jan. 19, 2010 and has installed capacity of 87 MW, enough to power a city of 150,000. The plant, whose ethanol fuel is derived from sugar cane, has lower CO2 emissions and water usage; and has lower Nox emissions. (PowerTechnology)
  • Alt Fuels > Algae >
    Commercial green fuel from algae still as much as a decade away - Breakthroughs are still needed in finding the right strain of algae among thousands of species that will produce high yields; designing systems where the desired algae can multiply and other species don't invade and disrupt the process; and extracting its oils without degrading other parts of the algae that can be made into side products and sold as well. (Reuters; Oct. 8, 2009)
  • Biofuel Sources >
    Seven Weeds That Could Power Your Car - With the attention on first generation corn ethanol fading, the next big thing on the sustainable fuel horizon is nonfood biofuel crops. Within that category, inedible weeds are taking a front-row seat due to their relatively low demands on water, pesticides, and herbicides, and their reduced need for tilling and other mechanized soil prep. (Gas 2.0; Sept. 30, 2009)
  • Going green: Entire Swedish city switches to biofuels to become environmentally friendly - Kalmar Sweden and its surrounding 12-town region, with a quarter-million people, has traded in most of its oil, gas and electric furnaces for community "district heat," produced at plants that burn sawdust and wood waste left by timber companies. Hydropower, nuclear power and windmills now provide more than 90 percent of the region's electricity. (Chicago Tribune; March 9, 2009)
  • Biofuel Market Set To Grow 1,000% - “Agro-fuel" has suddenly become competitive with oil, catapulting it from a backyard business into a global economic phenomenon. Bio-fuels are capturing about $23 billion of the $1.3 trillion spent each year to power vehicles. That’s just two percent of the market, with an astounding 98 percent upside. (EarthToys; October issue, 2008)


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