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Biokavitus is an Italian company founded by Andrea Rampado specializes in cavitation technologies for beneficial uses.

They helping to clean up the planet, cleaning up the nuclear waste, cleaning up the water, improving the health of the water and of the people and organisms who drink the water, improving the quality and quantify of agriculture, making a myriad of processes much more efficient, thus saving vast amounts of energy. Eventually, they envision coming up with inexpensive and sustainable energy generation plants.

In 2005, we posted a feature page: Directory:Zip Project about an earlier embodiment of this company, where ZIP = Zero Impact Platform. "The Zip Project was created to handle waste cycle and water cycle management with clean, renewable technologies available, as well as to support research and development into the same."


Official Website


Leonardo Shows

Oil from Water

Plant Growth Enhancement

October 12, 2011 Skype Conference with PES

Rampado and Mezzano describe their technology showing the very basic component; followed by showing me several of their production line products in their warehouse, beginning with a nuclear remediation product; as well as device for the treatment of oil-water emulsions separation device and a biofuel plant capable of producing 4000 tons of biodiesel per year [about ½ ton/hour constantly produced], running off of 10 kW of power, so 20 kWh/tons of biodiesel are immediately produced; and a Russian patented device that separates oil and water . They also show and describe their fish tank with the microbubbles diffusing into it.

- - - -

Rampado and Mezzano show and describe several videos about their technology that are on YouTube, including two instances where they were featured on the Italian TV show "Leonardo". The first video shows plants' accelerated growth when given the microbubble water. The next video shows oil-water separation. Then is their appearance on "Leonardo", called "Cavitazione", showing a demonstration of separating water and oil from a container that had both in it. Then their "Leonardo" appearance titled "Neutroni da rocce compresse" showing the effect that cavitation had on material strength.

- - - -

mentions their interest in Andrea Rosse's E-Cat technology and how they think their technology sheds some light on his process, and could be used to augment his effect of fusing hydrogen and nickel atoms into copper at relatively low temperatures and pressures, producing copious amounts of energy. Don't get your hopes up, the segment basically says, "we should write that up." They explained it earlier in our call, before I had the video camera turned on.

- - - -

Rampado proudly shows off the Bedini electromagnetic device he built, which he says achieved 2.5x overunity. He also expresses his appreciation for our news service and the role it played in fostering his thinking over the past decade.

In the News

  • Oil > Recycling & Recovering / Cavitation > Biokavitus >
    Oil-water separation, by Biokavitus - A video has been posted that shows the Biokavitus apparatus continually separating out a milk-like solution from an oil solution via a cavitation process. The separated fluids are combined, and added again to the input at the top, to be separated again, and again. (YouTube / armandodepara; April 27, 2012)
  • Best Exotic FE: Cavitation > Biokavitus >
    There is Free Energy? (Original in Italian) - Today I have finally found time to publish my report of the work of my friend Andrea Rampado [of Biokavitus]. Cavitation would produce the implosion of bubbles of steam, the implosion would produce what is commonly called the phenomenon of sonoluminescence , generating light and heat. (22Passi; March 11, 2012)
  • Best Exotic FE: Water > Purification > Cavitation > Biokavitus >
    Short note on piezonuclear cavitation (Translated from Italian) - The results on Cavitation Piezonucleare have already been published in multiple peer-review journals. The statement about the critical nature of the experimental project should not sound strange, since we are dealing with something entirely new to our knowledge of physics. (22Passi; February 20, 2012)
  • Featured / Best Exotic FE: Water > Purification > Cavitation > Biokavitus >
    Cavitation as a Purification Panacea? - The Italian company, Biokavitus has perfected the process of cavitation to the point of now launching several commercial products into the market. And they are open sourcing the core concept to help speed the cleaning of the planet, including nuclear waste, wastewater, oil contamination, but also home cleaning applications. There are health benefits as well - of all living organisms. (PESN and BeforeItsNews; November 5, 2011)
  • No trouble removing oil from water - Researchers from the Centre for Water and Waste Technology and the Water Research Laboratory at the University of New South Wales have developed and patented a high-performance passive oil/water separator for industrial and civil engineering applications. (PESN; Aug. 5, 2005)


Biokavitus srl.
Via Antonio Segni 10 / a, 25062 Concesio (BS) - Italy

Tel: +39 030 21.871.47
Fax: +39 030 21.888.82

Andreas Rampado
<> (Italian)

Roberto Mezzano
mezzano {at} (speaks English and Italian)

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