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A directory of people and organizations who specialize in or are at least friendly to free energy technology, and have been involved in producing films, videos, documentaries about free energy technologies.


Free Energy Producers

Chris Patton

Directory:Chris Patton - Chris Patton is a new energy advocate and producer in Hollywood at his studio, Zero Point Films. He's also a producer at Dark Horse Entertainment, a division of Dark Horse Comics. On Jan. 12, 2008, Chris become an Advisor to the New Energy Congress, a capacity he was unofficially filling for nearly a year prior.

Christopher Toussaint

Relevant Productions:

John Rickey

"My goals are to get a warehouse located in the Natural Energy Park (perfect location since already have a lot of alternative energy development going on there) where we can set up a testing center for development and management of these new technologies, and for our broadcast television studios for, and the various sub channels http://FutureWatch.TV, http://EnergyWatch.TV, http://EarthWatch.TV, http://SpaceWatch.TV, http://ScienceWatch.TV, and http://ProjectWatch.TV. We have the cms software which is for direct LIVE tv broadcasting, and will get a Red5 server, plus we have located a developer for the softswitch P2P iptv desktop applications. I also have where we can help promote and sell many of these new and upcoming technologies. The goals are to build out a channel partnership program that will be a solution based news service where we can provide a 24/7 get involved change the world total collaborative network that will provide anyone with a cause to utilize our channel players and skype type interface for direct broadcasting through our network. We will profit share advertising and ancillary communication service profits with the causes, so it will be a win-win situation and anyone that signs up through an affiliate will automatically have any revenues shared with that cause." (Apr. 22, 2010)

Robert Rousseau

Lives in Hollywood and would like to do a documentary on free energy / overunity technologies. He specializes in filming and editing to make for an excellent presentation, and is willing to help provide that expertise to US inventors with breakthrough technologies.

Phone: 323-943-2611


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