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Company expects to bring cold fusion technology to market as early as Summer, 2007; first in the form of some kind of home heater technology, then with electrical generators for homes. Scientific evidence for supporting this company's claims appears weak, and numerous representations by its founder appear to be highly questionable. (See report by cold fusion expert Steven Krivit in New Energy Times May 10, 2006 article.)

Note: As of January, 2008, the D2Fusion site has been down; and the project appears to have fizzled. (more)



Company Websites

Latest Developments

March 10, 2008

  • Russ George's D2Fusion Disappears; Planktos Runs Aground - The D2Fusion site has been down since Mid-January; and the Planktos site has posted a notice of cessation of that project. Previous coverage included de-listing of its stock, allegations of fraud, and the halting of the ocean fertilization project as reported in The New York Times on Feb. 13. (New Energy Times; March 10, 2008)

In the News


  • Featured / Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion >
    LENR-to-Market Monthly -- April 29, 2013 - Highlights this month (sorry for getting behind) include: E-Cat teases with April 30 delivery date, Sweden plant, 3rd party test results, licensing; Wired article; Defkalion interviews; preliminary MFMP positive test result; new LENR patent; SWAT team swarms Russ George research office. (PESN; April 29, 2013)
  • False Absolution - Planktos/D2Fusion donated Carbon Credits to the Vatican. (Progress Report 2007)
  • D2Fusion looks like it is in storage mode - It was "sold" this summer (2007) to another dormant-looking company, Enwin Resources. Well actually, just like the earlier attempted sale of D2Fusion to "Shadow Marketing" - this is a provisional sale. Enwin Resources gets D2Fusion, if it can come up with $2 million.
  • Enwin Signs Agreement to Acquire D2Fusion - Operations are focused on the engineering and development of practical solid-state fusion thermal energy devices derived from work sometimes referred to as LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) or CANR (Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions). (BusinessWire; May 31, 2007)
  • D2Fusion Proceeds on the Path to Fusion Energy - Solar Energy Limited (SLRE.ob) and D2Fusion, Inc. announce major advances in the development of clean, solid-state fusion heat sources. New detection equipment quantifying Helium isotope production, a safe fusion by-product, enables rapid prototype advancement. (PESN; Dec. 21, 2006)

NEC Review

Lack of Ethics Makes them Prone to Crash

On Sept. 18, 2007, a New Energy Congress member said:

Based upon the New Energy Times article and my experience with various scientists in the CF arena, Russ and D2 Fusion are slippery and should be handled with great care. I suggest that D2 Fusion be rated low on the Top 100 list because they are not doing ethical business and could easily crash in one way or another along their way. As usual, the inventor is his own worst enemy. Worse than that, Russ is not even an inventor, to the best of my knowledge. He's hoodwinking people all along the way. Not good in my estimation. I like Russ' enthusiasm, but honesty is an essential piece of the puzzle. Like Abe Lincoln said, a dishonest man can't keep his story straight forever. Russ will crash; don't join him.

Don't Know What They're Doing Well Enough

On May 17, 2006, New Energy Congress Member, Robert Indech, PE, wrote:

Numerous people have recognized the critical significance of solving our nation's and the world's energy problems by use of a controlled form of hydrogen fusion. As is known in elementary nuclear physics, such fusion produces about a 4% mass to energy conversion, compared to 0.01% for oil and its derivatives. It's a different ball park.

Unfortunately, no one has managed to create a system for controlled hydrogen microfusion, to extract this energy and use it in a nondestructive and productive manner. That hydrogen fusion exists has been conclusively proven in our exploding thermonuclear bombs; but these bombs will not provide usable power.

D2 Fusion has set up an excellent organization for research and commercialization of a method to do hydrogen microfusion. The problem is, quite simply, that they do not know how to do it. Their technology is undisclosed and by reading into their website appears to be centered about the Pons effect (i.e. see the "Infinite Energy" website for more info). This effect, denoted LENR ("low energy nuclear reactions") utilizes the shielding effects of the electrons about the platinum and palladium atoms metallic matrix in the electrodes to Coulombically shield two deuterium nuclie from each other until they are close enough for the strong nuclear attraction force to take over, producing fusion. As is noted in the LENR field by numerous researchers, this effect is transient, not subject to repeated verification, and many other researchers consider the experimental results illusory. In fact, the Japanese, who funded Pons and company for about 10 years have pulled out of such funding as there would appear to be no commercial results at present.

This company does not gloss over these facts, and recognizes that there may not be a return on investment for many years. That said, however, I do not dismiss the possibility that such an effect could occur, simply that these boys have been going about it the wrong way. But, as in any well run company I'm sure that they will not remain locked into nonproductive technology, but will use their assembled talent and capital to try other more productive routes.

Thus, I do not ascribe this D2 Fusion to technical oblivion w/r to our group, but rather to "not enough information at present".

For those forward thinkers in this field, try to imagine just what kind of surface WOULD create sufficient electrostatic shielding to allow deuterium fusion to occur, and given such parameters, how would you construct the surface? It's an exercise in electrostatics, nuclear engineering, and very modern materials science.


D2Fusion, Inc.
1151 Triton Drive, Suite C,
Foster City, CA 94404
Tel: (650) 638-1976
Fax: (650) 393-6184
Email: info(at)

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