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The Natural Energy Engine™

Utilizing low level heat energy, 180°F (82°C), the Natural Energy Engine™ is suitable for solar, geothermal, or any other heat source, including waste heat from existing processes. The engine requires no combustion, operates virtually silently, and generates no emissions.

Developed by Deluge Inc. over the past 10 years, the engine is now ready for commercialization.

The technology has been nicknamed the NE Engine™ because it can literally replace any ("NE") engine.



Official Websites

Latest Developments

December 8, 2008

"Deluge Energy Report" - " Deluge, Inc. is now poised to deliver a radical upgrade in mechanical engineering that will have far-reaching effects worldwide. The "Natural Energy Engine" developed by Deluge has gone from an inventor's garage model to commercialization in Hawaii. There, Americans are paying four times the price for electricity as counterparts on the "mainland". [1]

June 11, 2007

  • Ready for Commercialization - Deluge, Inc. has tested and perfected a breakthrough hydraulic engine design that is now ready for commercialization. The company has just successfully completed long term field testing of the technology, and has obtained patents on the design in nearly 40 industrialized countries world wide. (Company press release via BusinessWire; June 11, 2007)



(2:30 minutes)

  • New Engine Answers Energy Industry - Brian Hageman's invention, the Natural Energy Engine, is available as a 250 kw electric generator, reverse osmosis water pressurizer, or for applications in the oil and gas business. (YouTube; May 22, 2007) (News 13, Cheyenne, WY)

How it Works

The engine – used to drive an oil pump – operates without fuel or electricity, just hot and cold water. The concept is similar to that of a thermometer. Thermometers rely on the simple principle that a liquid changes its volume relative to its temperature. Liquids take up less space when they are cold and more space when they are warm, hence the liquid in a bulb thermometer rises when the temperature rises, and falls when the temperature cools down. The same principle applies with the NE Engine™.

Two separate pipes are hooked to the engine, one supplying hot water (at 175 degrees Fahrenheit) from a nearby naturally-occurring aquifer, and the second supplying cooler water (at 68 degrees Fahrenheit) from a nearby storage tank. Each pipe has a valve which is turned on and off with an electronic timer. The timer opens the hot water valve, allowing water to enter the heat exchanger where it heats pressurized liquid carbon dioxide. The liquid carbon dioxide expands in volume, pushing up the engine’s piston. The timer then opens the cold water valve to cool the carbon dioxide, contracting the liquid volume and lowering the piston. The pipe then drains the water from the engine. The piston drives a pump that lifts oil from the well, and that oil is piped to a storage tank. [2]

Independent Evaluation


The company has obtained patents on the design in nearly 40 industrialized countries world wide.

Features and Benefits

Overall features and benefits of NE Engine technology include the following: [3]

  • Proven Technology: The engine is based on recognized, proven, understandable technology of modest complexity.
  • Flexible Design: The engine is designed so that it can be fabricated using existing off-the-shelf components and machined parts from existing fabrication plants, enabling access to a diverse source of parts vendors around the world, resulting in competitive pricing.
  • Simple Maintenance: Training is of a mechanical nature, and does not require expensive high tech testing equipment, allowing for a broad range of skilled individuals who can be made field ready in a relatively short period of time.
  • Durability: The engine has a robust design for long functional life, and easy repair and maintenance.
  • Independent Power: Self-contained products can easily be configured that work well “off the grid" in remote locations.
  • Multiple Fuel Options: Multiple fuel sources include solar thermal, geothermal, ocean thermal, natural gas, propane, waste heat and others, allowing for flexibility in choosing the most cost effective and available energy and backup energy source options.
  • Low capital cost: The Company projects that engine configurations can easily be priced at some 60-85% of power systems that produce equivalent output.
  • Low operating costs: Depending on configurations, operating costs can easily range from 25-75% of power systems that produce equivalent output, and can actually be as little as 4% (a 96% reduction in costs) – which can justify replacement due to the quick payback.
  • Pollution free: The engines create no environmental waste, are inherently safe to operate, and produce no noise. They can be configured to be entirely “green" and pollution free.
  • Cost Efficiencies with Size: As engines are built in larger sizes, a dramatic decrease in cost will occur when approaching the 200 horsepower range. As with many technologies, projections beyond that range will continue to reduce the cost per horsepower.


Company: Deluge Inc.

Hydrotherm Power Company and Deluge Inc.

The company has been backed by $10 million in R&D since 1996.

Inventor: Brian Hageman

Mr. Hageman is CEO of Deluge, Inc. as well as Chairman of its Board of Directors. Brian is the inventor of the Natural Energy Engine™, an innovative technology that he developed while he was an independent researcher at the University of Arizona. More


In the News

NEC Evaluations

On June 14, Ken Rauen wrote:

This is a good idea. If it is as reliable as the field testing claims say it is, it is a nice embodiment of classical thermodynamics to use heat sources that normally are just wasted. It is an "external combustion" heat engine, like a steam engine or a Stirling cycle engine.

On June 13, Mark Dansie wrote:

"Top 10 material"


Deluge, Inc.
8765 E. Bell Road, Suite 210
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Tel: 602-431-0566
FAX: 602-431-0599



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