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Directory of electromagnetic energy generation modalities, in which more energy emerges than was put into the system (over unity), harvesting energy from some external source, usually unseen. Also covering super efficient methods.



  • Feature: Electrolysis > Hydrogen / Electromagnetic >
    Hydroxy Gen and OU Replications - Michael Couch writes about the many self charging battery system videos of various origins; Bedini, Tesla Switch, SEC, and others showing up all over Youtube. 100% 'Looped' Hydroxy Genset, Kapanadze OU and Self Charging Battery Systems Demoed! (PESN; July 13, 2010)



QMoGens: Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over

  • Featured / Top 5: Electromagnetic >
    Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over - Featuring a number of systems in which a motor turns a larger output generator, and the generator is producing enough energy to keep the motor running, as well as enough left over to power other things. A starter motor, temporarily, gets it going; then it stays going until turned off. Energy source could have something to do with phase angle harvesting vacuum energy. (PESWiki; September 5, 2012)


  • Featured: Electromagnetic > QMoGen >
    ValyEnergiStar Self-Looped Motor-Generator System - For the first time in our Free Energy News history, Valy Valintin of Romania appears to be selling "Autonomous systems from 10 kW - 100 kW for € 1 per watt." The system appears to entail a motor, wind turbine generator (without the wind), and flywheel. (PESWiki; September 23, 2013)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic? > NEW: Elecotric Ltd. >
    Elecotric claims to power house for 10 months - English inventor, John M. Davenport, has posted several videos showing his house being powered by some kind of solid state exotic free energy technology that requires, "no fuel, no sun, no wind, no batteries (no emissions)." He says the units are available for £25/month, plus a security deposit. Just don't try to call them. (PESN; December 18, 2012)
  • Feature: Electromagnetic >
    Magnetron Fuelless Generator by PowerStream - PowerStream claims to have a self-generating power system called the Magnetron, which they say is "first of its kind to market", advertising output capabilities between 5KW and 2 MW. They say the load-following device could be the primary and sole source of energy for a myriad of applications, from home to business to transportation power. (PESWiki; June 8, 2010) (Comment)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic > Kapanadze >
    Kapanadze's 100 kW free energy device third-party tested - A video has been posted showing the setup of the one hundred kilowatt free energy generator by Tariel Kapanadze's group as it is being third-party tested, complete with large coils, arcing spark gaps, huge capacitors and mesh screens, set atop a ~one-inch-thick glass. (PESN; July 24, 2009) (Comment)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic >
    REM Source, LLC > REMGen (story removed) - On Sept. 16, 2009, REM Source requested that we remove the contents that appeared on this page. In the future, we anticipate providing updates when they are ready for coverage. (PESN; July 23, 2009)


  • Feature: Electromagnetic > Electrolysis > Kanarev >
    Kanarev announces a self-running motor-generator - Russian Professor Ph. M. Kanarev presents what he calls "the world's first self-rotating electric generator," saying it has been tested by a scientist from the Russian Academy of Science. The device was built to demonstrate Kanarev's theory of the mocrocosm. (PESN; Oct. 13, 2010)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic > MagnaCoaster >
    Magnacoaster Vorktex nearing commercial rollout (Interview) - Canadian inventor, Richard Willis, claims to have a solid state device that amplifies input power, such as from a solar panel, to produce many more times output -- enough to power a home, for under 20,000 USD. The technology involves pulsing (kHZ) the input power through a coil next to large, permanent magnets. (PESN; July 10, 2009) (Comment at
  • Magnacoaster Motor Co - Magnetic motor and generator produces electric power without using fuel. A home unit is planned for production in fall of 2008. Several demonstration videos have been posted.
  • Featured: Electromagnetic / Propulsion >
    EmDrive - Chinese Say They're Building 'Impossible' Space Drive - Chinese researchers are proceeding to build a demonstration version of a technology developed by Satellite Propulsion Research Ltd (SPR Ltd) of the UK, who have tested both an experimental propellant-less thruster and a demonstrator engine that use patented microwave technology to convert electrical energy directly into thrust. (PESWiki; Sept. 27, 2008)
  • Wilt's Clean Energy, Inc - Herman and Cathrine Wilt and James Wiggins have successfully developed their patented electromagnetic engine. This is another milestone validating and legitimizing the Magnet Motor. (PESWiki; May 8, 2008)
  • World Improvement Through the Spirit Ministries - Timothy Thrapp's organization claims to have many technologies for sale, including electromagnetic motors that produce more energy than they consume to run; both mechanical and solid state.
  • Phemax Technology's Plasmagnetic Alternator - Patent pending device allegedly generates electricity via plasma arc (Microsun) technology, initiated with low voltage, high current, high temperature, thermally conductive, thorium tungsten / graphite electrodes submerged in water. The resulting syngas runs a Phemax generator, which is said to have 5x amplification capability. (PESWiki; Aug. 7, 2008)
  • AKOIL Power Generator - Russian company claims to have a fuel-less generator. Is taking orders for units from 100kW up to 10 MW. Ten kilowatt demo allegedly available for assessment. Previous experience with company/dealers suggests caution. ("PESWiki"; Sept. 16, 2006)
  • Self-running Bedini motor - Long-time participant in various Bedini motor replication projects, Rick Friedrich posts videos, photos, diagrams, and explanation of his set-up, which he says measures a net gain in energy "from nature".
  • Modified Bedini Cole Window motor - Mike (HMM) has posted a demonstrated video of a device which quickly became buzzed as "overunity," but he does not claim it to be such. Complete instructions provided. Many researchers presently seeking to replicate the effect.
  • Chas Campbell Generator - Australian inventor demonstrates a prototype generator with input of 800 W, able to self-run off the 3500 W output, with energy left over to run a drill, a saw, and other appliances. Claims he can scale it up to 1 megawatt output.
  • CD Motor Open Source Project - Experiment developed between Sept 2001-2004 under the direction of Tim Harwood, inspired by the claims of Robert Adams and his exotic pulsed motor technology, was widely replicated; is now published again. Allegedly achieves over unity, but no self-runners were ever achieved.
  • Gemini Electric Motor - With permanent magnets positioned at BOTH ends of the coils, additional energy is achieved without consuming additional electricity. It is capable of handling twice the power of a conventional motor. Two energy fields contribute to rotational power and torque, while the third produces electricity from normally unused electromagnetic fields within the motor.
  • Directory:CDmotor - Apparatus design by Tim Harward. The objective is to mimic the exotic results claimed by Robert Adams, yet at low cost, with ubiquitous materials.
  • The Hydraulic Battery-powered Electromagneti Generator from Tennessee - A trio of inventors from Tennessee have design a hydraulic, battery, electromagnetic system than they say can fuellessly run a home or a vehicle, or other devices. Several working prototypes have been built. Presently awaiting "pending" patent status, they are ready to build a business to bring this technology to market.
  • Stephen Kundel's Motor - Video of second version prototype shows a quickly vibrating motor, with electrical input. As it accelerates, less electrical input required. Over-unity not documented. More here. ("PESWiki"; Mar. 14, 2006)
  • Lutec - Claims generator that will produce up to 1000 watts of DC electricity twenty four hours a day, every day, which will be stored in a battery bank and then inverted to AC power and connected directly into the home or business.
  • Electric Motor Secrets DVD by Peter Lindemann - In his DVD presentation, drawing on 30 years of his own research and development, Lindemann explains in simple terms what back EMF is, and how one can build motors and generators that do not involve back-EMF. He asserts that such designs can improve upon the most effective motors of today by many-fold, not just a few percent.
  • Magnetic Power Inc - Mark Goldes' company claims to be close enough to have some demo devices, which extract energy from the vacuum of space, ready for market in 2007. 1 kW module expected shortly thereafter. (
  • Millennial Motors - The Magnetronic Motor uses a small amount of magnetic force to control a large amount of magnetic force. Motor concept is tested and prototype developed, preparing for production, with public debut scheduled for July 2007. Company is planning to retrofit cars to produce pollution free vehicles.
  • Magratten Electromagnetic Motor for Sale - site launched to announce completion of the Gary Magratten motor, now available for sale, for research purposes. Said to be 200% over-unity; no independent verification known.
  • Magnetricity NeoGen PM Dynamo - Based on the late Bill Mullers' work with super magnets in a motor/generator design, this site describes Rex Hebert's ongoing research into developing a self-running permanent magnet dynamo. (Jan. 2006)
  • Joseph Newman Motor - Joseph Newman is one of the more notorious names in the free energy world, having claimed for years that he has developed an electromagnetic device that produces more energy than it consumes, harnessing its excess energy from an unseen, free energy source.
  • Perepiteia Generator Aims to Harnesses Back EMF - Thane Heins of Potential Difference Inc stumbled upon a way of making electric induction motors work, at the very least, more efficiently. At most, he may have found a way to manipulate magnetic fields so that instead of slowing down a generator it speeds it up. (PESWiki; Feb. 6, 2008)
  • Rotoverter - A "rotoverted" AC motor can best be described as an off-shelf 3-phase AC motor with its phases reconnected very simply to run on single phase AC input (house grid for example), and with only 2 of the 3 phases in the motor connected to power source. Various generators and alternators, or even a 2nd 3ph motor hooked up to work as alternator, can be turned by shaft to demonstrate "overunity" (more watts output than input)
  • Donald Sitler's Permanent Magnet Motor - Prototype allegedly uses modest electrical input to convert magnetic force into motion. Test rig shown in video runs on about 1.44 watts, turning at about 400 rpm. It uses neodymium permanent magnets in the stator and rotor.
  • Can the SuperMag Engine/Generator Solve the World's Clean Energy Needs? - Enigma G.C.'s "SuperMag", being marketed by Supervision Entertainment, allegedly uses manipulated magnetic fields to generate electricity sufficient to power the needs of a home or office building and provides clean electrical power for free to the consumer after the initial cost of the purchase and installation of the system.
  • Testatika Electromagnetic Generator - Includes an inductance circuit, a capacitance circuit, and a thermionic rectification valve. Alleged free energy machine harnesses energy from the aether. Also known as the Swiss M-L converter or Thesta-Distatica.

Super-Efficient Electric Motors and Generators

see Directory:Super-Efficient Electric Motors and Generators - separate page

Research & Development

  • Featured: Electromagnetic >
    Gerard Morin's Free and Natural Energy Technology - Calling the phenomenon, "radiant watts", Gerard demonstrates its effect lighting burnt-out fluorescent bulbs, high-lumen LEDs, a pancake 60-V DC motor, an ozone machine, and heating up magnets with voltage. The heart of the "modulator" is a spinning ceramic magnet that oscillates a magnetic field. (PESWiki; December 6, 2014)
  • Featured / Best Exotic: Electromagnetic > AuroraTek >
    Bill Alek Preparing SmartPAK™ Power for Electric Bikes - After years of research and development, a Senior Engineer from several large companies including Boeing, William Alek of AuroraTek, is ready to announce a technology that is very close to being ready to provide power for e-bikes and scooters, after an infusion of $100k for patent filings and prototype engineering. (PESN; September 21, 2013)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic / EVs >
    Jurgen Parysek's Free Energy for Electric Vehicles - German inventor has a website that claims to have a generator technology that will enable indefinite range for electric vehicles so they do not have to stop to be recharged. No evidence is provided. No photos, no video, no data, no witness statements, no specs. (PESWiki; November 28, 2013)

Solid State

See Directory:Solid State Generators - separate index page here at PESWiki

Image:ERR_Fluxgenerator_JamesBSchwartz_95x95.jpg Image:Solid-state_Orbo_95x95.jpg


See Directory:Toroidal_Power - separate index page

  • Featured: Electromagnetic > Toroids >
    Unification Coil by 1StopEnergies - The Unification Coil was invented and created by Daniel & Erica Nunez of Bronx, NY. It combines the work of Marco Rodin's "Rodin Coil" and Randy Powell's "Abha Coil". They posted a video on Wednesday claiming over 450% overunity as measured by multimeters, powering a bank of LED lights. An electromagnetic field emanates at least 20 feet from the small coil. (PESWiki; September 29, 2012)

Jim Murray

  • Featured: Inventors > Electromagnetic >
    Featuring James (Jim) F. Murray III - Jim Murray has three prominent, patented inventions that embody his life’s work and understanding. They are the Dynaflux Alternator; SERPS (Switched Energy Resonance Power Supply); and Toroidal Rotating Transformer. He sees COPs in the range of 20-50x. Crowdfunder launched yesterday. (PESWiki; November 12, 2015)

EV Gray

See Directory:EV_Gray - separate page

  • Featured / Classifieds: Electromagnetic > EV Gray > Francoeur >
    Original EV Gray Motor Available for Right Lab - Alan Francoeur of BC, Canada, has been doing research and development in electromagnetic overunity systems for maybe a couple of decades. He has three of the original Edwin V Gray motors, and recently acquired one of the original controllers, which he thinks may be where the secret is found. He's willing to sell one of his motors to help finance his reverse engineering project. (PESWiki; January 30, 2013)

Joseph Flynn's Parallel Path Magnet Technology

  • Joseph Flynn's Parallel Path technology - A motor built with this technology is at least 3.5 times more efficient than conventional motors, offers excellent torque, and high power to weight ratios. All motor companies should license this technology. It's not perpetual motion. It doesn't violate laws of physics. It does add a new rule that will become a chapter in all new electronics textbooks, and will become standard fare in all electric motors.
  • Joe Flynn’s Parallel Path Magnetic Technology - Article by Tim Harwood, who ran a successful replication project. Versions of the article were published in 2003 in Nexus magazine and New Energy Technologies magazine. (PESWiki; Feb. 21, 2006)
  • Build your own Flynn Parallel Path magnet technology proof-of-concept - Flynn associate, Michael Schuckel, provides a complete set of instructions of how to build a very basic device that proves the revolutionary magnet flux multiplication concept set forth by Joseph Flynn, and now being pursued by some large companies. (PESWiki; Feb. 20, 2006)
  • How Parallel Path Gets Over Unity - Paul Noel explains how Joe Flynn's Parallel Path device works and where the energy comes from. "What Joe Flynn has is a transistor (actually a pair) for a magnetic circuit." (PES Academy; March 7, 2006)

Rodin Coils

See Directory:Marko_Rodin_Coil_/_Torus_/_Motor'

  • Feature: Electromagnetic >
    The Marko Rodin Coil - Marko Rodin claims to have discovered the source of the non-decaying spin of the electron, and proposes a wide range of applications of this knowledge including energy harnessing. His models fascinated many and could become a cornerstone of future science. (PESWiki; Aug. 28, 2010)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic > Rodin > SkyCollection >
    The Many Exotic Coils of SkyCollection - Jorge Rebolledo C. of Mexico is the founder of the organization SkyCollection, and seeks to use compressed starship coils based on Rodin math for energy applications. He has built many prototype systems that appear to produce very interesting effects, and may eventually lead to overunity energy production. (PESN and BeforeItsNews; August 17, 2011)

Joule Ringer

See Directory:Joule Ringer - separate index page



  • Academy > Magnetism > Electromagnetic > Steorn >
    Steorn's free SKDB Lite collaboratory for engineers - SKDB Lite uses Clearspace by Jive Software, a very capable professional tool for online collaboration and sharing of documents. The Modules in the e-Learning section covers 27 topics pertinent to understanding the logic behind Steorn’s claims. These elegantly produced Flash modules are broken down into topical categories covering basic physics, rotary systems, magnetism, rotating electromagnetic systems, tools for data analysis and tools for testing. (OhmyNews International; June 10, 2010)
  • Electromagnetic > Electric Motors >
    Washer Dryer electric motors may help in alternative energy - Devices released this year, by Toshiba, for example, use “variable magnet motors”, making it possible to regulate the magnetic force of magnetic fields in the motor. By changing the magnetic force of permanent magnets, they can change the motor’s characteristics between low-speed and high-speed operation. (GreenOptimistic; May 10, 2010)
    Possibly something inventors could incorporate into a Bedini design? -- Craig Stangland


  • Featured / OS: Electromagnetic / Magnet Motors >
    Tom Ferko's Satellite Generator -- Open Sourced via PES - Michigan inventor has come up with a unique combination of separate (satellite) magnet wheels, a coil, special circuitry and back-emf harvesting to produce some very unusual effects, including running on very little power, and super fast speeds of a 2-inch diameter magnet spinning far above the coil. (PESWiki; November 3, 2012)
  • DIY / Electromagnetic > Plans >
    Energy from the Vacuum is stylin' - Jeane Manning writes: "When a serious hands-on experimenter wants to build non-conventional energy converters and asks where to get how-to information, I usually recommend the online Energetic Forums and also the Energy From the Vacuum series of DVDs. Tony Craddock, executive producer for Energetic Productions Inc., has filmed interviews on various topics beginning with the theories of Tom Bearden." (Changing Power; August 23, 2011)
  • Featured / OS: Suppression > Electromagnetic > Muller Dynamo >
    Romero's Self-Sustaining Dynamo Drama - An forum member going by the handle "romerouk" claims to have produced a self sustaining "Muller Dynamo." He has posted instructions, specifications, pictures, and videos of the device. Then yesterday, after receiving an unsettling visit, he announced it was all a, "big fake." (PESN and BeforeItsNews; May 11, 2011)
  • Organizations > 'Free Energy' Plans by Creative Science and Research - Company sells plans for devices that they say can provide "free power for your home, garage, car or truck". They claim to have heaters, engines, and other devices that are over unity or that require no fuel. A few buyers say the kits do not operate as claimed. Others are satisfied.
  • Bedini SG - This "Bedini School Girl (Simplified)" iteration is a variant of the "School Girl Motor" that has been circulated on the Internet since 2001.
  • Adams Motor - The CD motor instructions posted are compiled by Tim Harwood and originated by Robert Adams.
  • Lindemann Rotary Attraction Motor - Peter Lindemann has been coaching a forum in replicating a modified off-the-shelf motor, adding a Bedini-like circuit for improved efficiency, smoother running, and possible over-unity performance.
  • Ross Motor - Theoretical overunity motor design presented by Jim Ross, based on theories put forth by Tom Bearden.
  • Free Energy Generator: The Mini Romag Electromagnetic Motor - The Mini Romag free energy generator from Magnetic Energy uses the principle of moving magnetic flow named “the magnetic current” for generating electrical power. According to Magnetic Energy this generator is able to produce 3.5 volts, 7A DC ( about 24 Watts ) of free electricity while its generate sufficient power to sustain itself… (The Green Optimistic; Feb 6, 2008)
  • Radu Electromagnetic Motor - Vadu Vacarescu has build a Sprain-like electromagnetic motor, using a spiral arrangement of magnets around a rotor, then using an electromagnet to get the rotor past the magnetic stick point. Is his claim of a COP of 4 a measurement error? (PESWiki; Mar. 25, 2008)
  • Stiffler 'Cold Electricity' circuit - Ronald R. Stiffler has come up with a circuit that he calls a "cold electricity" circuit that appears to be harnessing free energy from the environment. "This is a totally self-contained, self-powered circuit. There are not tricks to it."
  • Harvey Achieves Constant Speed with His MPMM Magnet Motor Variant - Video shows a modified MPMM motor that involves tying a stator magnet to a coil and circuit to coordinate its pumping action to keep the motor running at a constant speed. "The unique nature of this approach is that the rotor is propelled by the stator, not the solenoid." (PESWiki; March 7, 2008)
  • LaFonte Perpendicular Magnetics Motor - Butch LaFonte now offers to open source what he and his associates have come up with, being far enough along to begin some serious building and testing and possibly start coming up with some useful output designs. (PESWiki; July 24, 2008)


Other PES Network Coverage

  • Feature: Electromagnetic >
    Andreas' Free Energy Generator - Polish inventor living in Greece, Andrzej Wojcik, who has made a name for himself manufacture low speed permanent magnet generators, now claims to have come up with a generator that consumes 150 Watts while running a 600 Watt load. His "proof" video is not skeptic proof. (PESWiki; June 29, 2010) (Comment)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic / Aether >
    Kapanadze Free Energy Generator - Georgia Republic inventor, Tariel Kapaladze, claims to have invented a 5 kilowatt free energy generator. In a demonstration video, the device appears to produce copious amounts of energy from no visible source. Though it appears to be extracting energy from the aether, some people think it could be a matter of getting energy from the electrical grid through inductive coupling. (PESWiki; July 9, 2009)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic > Motors / EVs >
    Ultra efficient and powerful Magnetronic Motor (Interview) - Because the design by Millennial Motors, Inc. eliminates more than 95% of the iron from their motor, they are able to capture nearly all of the collapsing electromagnetic fields into a capacitor to be used again in the next pulse. Their coils are ultra simple to wind, and are arranged in removable, modular nodes. (PESWiki; Oct. 15, 2008)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic > Electrostatic / Magnetism >
    Rosmary Ainslie's Magnetic Field Model - Combining symmetry, patterns and principals of correspondence, Rosemary Ainslie developed an alternate physics model that is able to reconcile the mass volume ratio of the proton ... She has been able to experimentally prove her concepts related to the electromagnetic interaction by inducing more energy from a circuit than is available from the supply, achieving COP>17 in 2002. Her latest results point to an infinite coefficient of performance. (PESWiki; March 2, 2011)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic > Zero Amp Tech >
    Zero Amp Tech demonstration reflections - Peter Sumaruck has captured the imagination of many with his demonstration alleging 0.05 Watts input from a genset powering five motors (4000 Watts) output through his modified variable AC motor controller. However, a New Energy Congress assessment gives reason for skepticism. (PESN; Nov. 30, 2008)
  • Featured: Magnet Motors / Gravity Motors / Electromagnetic >
    Lee-Tseung Lead Out Theory - Theory predicts that both gravitational and electron motion energy can be lead out via pulse force at resonance on oscillating, vibrating, rotating or flux change systems. The ideal pulse force for a simple pendulum can be thought of as the pull applied perpendicular to the arc of motion when the pendulum bob is at the maximum displaced position. (PESWiki; Sept. 16, 2008)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic >
    The Wardforce Pathway to Free Energy - Steve Ward has demonstrated a magnetic force he calls the "Wardforce." This force could be considered the opposite of Lenz Law's back-EMF concept, because it can support the motion of an electric motor instead of resist it. Could this be a pathway to overunity? (PESN and BeforeItsNews; June 5, 2011)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic >
    Daniel Quale's Lenzless Generator - Inventor claims to have come up with an electric generator that is unaffected by Lenz's Law. According to the site, this type of generator should be capable of overunity. (PESWiki; March 9, 2009)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic >
    Alan Francoeur Interference Disc Generator - Alan L. Francoeur describes his generator as a multi-phase, interchangeable, ac/dc, variable, frequency dynamo machine of high efficiency. Due to some "prior art" controversy, in the interest of history, we resurrect this information. (PESWiki; March 9, 2009)
  • David Bowling's Continuous Charging Device - Arizona inventor says he has developed a device that will put out a continuous 12 volt electrical current which he has then been using to run motors, small appliances, and charge batteries. (PESWiki; Apr. 30)
  • Weather Control Via Newman-Like Device - A dozen years ago, while pursuing a possible overunity machine, Mr. Wells discovered that the machine was effecting local weather. Several machines and years later, the effect is much better understood and refined.
  • Using a Clock Pendulum to Generate Electricity - Bill Mehess has invented a system in which a clock pendulum mechanism swings magnets into coils, allegedly generating enough electricity to recharge the clock spring as well as power other devices. (PESN; Mar. 24, 2007)
  • James D. Hardy's Self-Looped Water Pump and Electricity Generator - Massachusetts inventor demonstrates a patent pending technology in which a 165 gallon/minute water pump powers a water wheel, which is connected through belts to a one horse power generator, which powers the water pump as well as an incandescent bulb. (PESWiki; July 16, 2008)

Disappeared in History

  • Suppression / Videos > Energy from the Vacuum series >
    Cold Heat from Canada (Trailer) - In 1968, Designex Inc. in Toronto, Canada, was powering the refrigerator, lights, radio and other appliances in their offices with a device of their own design that was self powered by cold negative radiant energy. Toronto Hydro, the local power company, sent a crew out, who removed all Toronto Hydro power meters, fuse boxes, and wiring in an attempt to shut the power off, but to no avail. (Energy from the Vacuum; Disc. 19; July, 2010)

For Communications

  • Electromagnetism > Nikola Tesla >
    Tapping Tesla to Save Trapped Miners - The noted pioneer in electricity and radio showed over a century ago that a magnetic wave generator could be used for wireless communications. Basically, the generator works like an electromagnet. Powered by standard alternating current or battery, it runs electricity through a wire that is coiled around a metal cylinder, creating a harmless, low-energy magnetic field that extends for hundreds of meters. (ScienceMag; Aug. 20, 2010)


  • Featured: Suppression / Electromagnetic >
    Lester Hendershot's Fuelless Motor - In the 1920's Lester Hendershot was working on a new type of aviation compass and found a method of generating energy. He is reported to have accepted an offer he couldn't refuse being paid never to work on his device again and "committed suicide" in 1960 the same year the U.S. Navy's Office of Naval Research began looking at his work. (PESWIki; Feb. 25, 2009)
  • Featured: Electromagnetic / Magnet Motors >
    The Magnevex Research Project - Based on the research and writings of Ernest L. Norman, the Magnevex magnet motor / generator uses neodymium magnets passing coils of wire to generate electricity. The goal is to do away with the battery that is presently used to run the motor side of the magnetic vortex. (PESWiki; Feb. 1, 2009)
  • Multi Products Company, Inc. - Manufacturer of custom gearmotors and gearboxs which can be designed to meet extreme torque applications. Gearmotors can be custom designed, built, and manufactured for both AC and DC applications. All gearmotors are custom made in the USA.
  • Batteryless Bicycle Flashing Light System - video A Non-Friction Bicycle Dynamo (Generator). No friction on any parts of the bicycle; no drag; very bright. Get the energy almost free (at least on bicycle). Uses a tumbling magnet electrical generating system. Exterior magnet can be in any orientation.


  • Electromagnetic OU >
    Basic Principles of Over Unity Electromagnetic Machines - A new groundbreaking book written by Jovan Marjanovic, gives a scientific view into the world of free energy from electric charges and magnetic fields. The goal of this book is to unlock the secrets of over unity and it is intended to be a kind of textbook for the understanding of free energy magnetic machines. (; December 15, 2011)


  • Electromagnetic > Kapanadze >
    The Kapanadze coil analyzed by William J. McFreey (pdf) - Starting on p. 128 of chapter 3 of Patrick J. Kelly's compilation, this article explain the working principles of Kapanadze devices. "This explanation extends to Tesla, Hubbard, Meyer, Mark, SR193. In my opinion, this is a perfect explanation and the only correct one. This 'overunity' is called... nuclear energy, no matter how it is disguised." -- Greg Pakulski (; May, 2012)
  • Electromagnetic >
    Basic Principles of Over Unity Electro Machines (pdf) - In this work author analyzed several patented electromagnetic machines with over unity behaviour and explained basic principles behind their work. Author found four basic principles for construction over unity electromagnetic machines and one for increasing energy of the river. (; November 23, 2009)
  • Mathematical Proof of Free Energy (pdf) - Paper alleges that with simple formulas in electromagnetics it can be proven that the Newton's Third Law is not valid in all cases for electrical charges and that an electrical generator with high voltage achieved by high RPM has energy surplus in comparison with another generator with low voltage and high current. (; March 02, 2009) (Thanks Bobsy)


(4.16 Minutes)The Electromagnetic Spectrum Song
Composed and performed by Emerson & Wong Yann (YouTube; Dec 4, 2007)

  • Electromagnetic > Bedini SG >
    Spinning Magnet Using Bedini Circuit (video) - I found this looking for a back-up copy of Bedini's video about Howard Johnson's linear track and magnet motor. A cow magnet is seen spinning vertically on top of a plate over a Bedini coil powered by a 9-V battery on the input side, powering a 9-V on the output. (YouTube by Pirate88179; May 03, 2009)

Why Batteries Work and Capacitor's Don't

NEC member, Ken Rauen gave the following comment on June 12, 2006.

Harold Aspden composed what he calls Aspden's Law, an equation, which creates an opportunity for an asymmetrical circuit to introduce energy when the charge carriers in a circuit have mass that slows down the current motion. Ionic motion in a battery causes this disjunction in charge motion. The Correas have it posted on their website, This is why Bedini says a cap won't work but a battery will. Capacitors just shuttle electrons like the wires. Batteries convert the charge carriers to metal ions which move MUCH slower. Pulsing makes the transition significant enough to allow energy to be gated. The original Tesla coil was energized by pulsed DC, quenched with a magnetic arc blowout. Pulsed AC does not do the same thing.


  • Featured: Electromagnetic > Bedini SG >
    Magniwork free energy plans = bogus claim; say they'll remedy that - Magniwork has been selling a set of plans for a free energy device they say could be scaled to power an entire house. However, it turns out that the device is nothing more than the Bedini SG circuit, which, though interesting, has never been embodied in a self-looped system with energy left over for practical use. They've apologized and removed the Bedini stuff. (PESWiki; June 2, 2009)
  • Featured / Polls: Electromagnetic > Magniwork >
    Poll regarding the Magniwork power generator - We've been calling it a scam, but is it? What's your experience? Haven't bought the plans. • Won't get plans; a scam. • Got the plans; looks bogus. • Got the plans; haven't tried building. • Plans not clear enough. • Built it; doesn't tap free energy. • It's powering stuff, but not house. • It's powering my house completely. (PES Network; Aug. 16, 2009)
  • Featured / Buyer Beware: Electromagnetic > Boswell >
    Boswell Power Production Unit Videos Posted - Claims that something turning in a 5-gal. bucket elevated on a 4-foot PVC pipe, having 12-gauge wire coming from it is producing 5.4 kW and has been powering his home for months. Documents PG&E vehicle stopping by the day after he posted his video. (PESN; April 14, 2009)
  • GMC Holding > SEC Files Action On Fuelless Motor Fraud - The US Securities and Exchange Commission has filed an action against GMC Holding Corporation (GMC) and its CEO, Richard Brace, for defrauding investors by issuing false press releases touting the company's development of a motor technology device capable of generating unlimited energy. (PESN; Feb. 27, 2008)
  • Electromagnetic >
    LEGO electromagnetic motor hoax by Tom A - In February of 2009, Tom Altman(?) posted a video on YouTube showing magnets around a wheel with an inductive coil supposedly firing from the incoming magnetic flux to kick the magnet along. It turns out, though, that a hidden capacitor, pre-charged-was assisting the kick. (PESWiki; Sept. 19, 2009)
  • Planes Could Be Brought Down By DIY 'E-bombs' - Electromagnetic pulse weapons capable of frying the electronics in civil airliners can be built using information and components available on the net. All it would take to bring a plane down would be a single but highly energetic microwave radio pulse blasted from a device inside a plane, or on the ground and trained at an aircraft coming in to land. (New Scientist; April 1, 2009)




  • Electromagnetic > Tools > Construction > SeanCLaNZeR >
    CLaNZeR's CNC Coil Winding Machine - One of the most well-respected free energy replicators, Sean CLaNZeR of CNCDudez has launched a KickStarter campaign to raise money to do a run of 100 CNC Coil Winding Machines. They've already built and delivered several of these. Pledge to get one. (KickStarter; October 30, 2012)



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    Volunteer Researcher, Jose Ruiz, Looking for an OU Lab - Single, 34-year old mechanical engineer from California State University, LA, is looking into the possibility of volunteering on designing, building and testing overunity devices. "I ask for a few things: food, shelter, high speed internet, a few free hours a day or night for trading and, most importantly, interesting projects to work on." (PESWiki; December 15, 2010)


  • Humor > Electromagnetic >
    Motorcyclists show how it feels to be an electron (video) - In a "cage of death" demonstration, six motorcyclists pull stunts that resemble an atom. The act was put on by the Nan Shi Theatre acrobatic troupe in Shanghai. A variation on the old Wall of Death motorcycle circus act, one, then two, then three and eventually six riders enter a metal cage and tear round the inside together. The criss-cross stunt with five riders inside is particularly jaw-dropping. (YouTube; August 6, 2008)

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    BBC Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity - This BBC documentary does an excellent job of reviewing the fascinating history of electricity and its many key players of the past two centuries. It is astonishing how rapidly the technology unfolded and how radically it changed how we live. So will it be with Free Energy. (PESN; March 31, 2012)


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