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Directory of technologies and resources pertaining to the preservation of the environment. Indeed, this entire site is related to this quest, so don't intepret the scant content on this newly-created page for any slighting of the subject on the part of this site.




  • Home: how we care for our planet (video) - Stunningly beautiful footage and introspective commentary reviews the milti-billion year history of our planet and the major disruption imposed in just that last 100 years, urging action to stem the tide of destruction and spur sustainable existence. (YouTube; May 19, 2009)
  • Environment >
    Michael Jackson - Earth Song - (music video) - One of the all-time most expensive music videos features a commentary on what we humans have done and are doing to the planet, also inspires an un-doing of the damage to restore the earth to its pristine state. It is a prayer of intercession, and one of last artistic works done by the controversial musician. (YouTube; May 14, 2008) (See also: Treehugger; July 26, 2009)
  • Environment >
    We are the World (music video with subtitles) - Very touching performance by 45 of the biggest music stars from 1985, including Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Paul Simon, Kenny Rogers, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Diana Ross, Huey Lewis, Tina Turner, Kenny Loggins, Ray Charles. (YouTube; May 02, 2007)

Artistic Memorials



  • Humor > Environment > Impact > Conservation >
    Earth Hour a Superficial, Cheap Conscience Salve (Video) [Caution: crude language and humor] - In a recap of 2011, comedian, Deek Jackson, provides a hilarious and insightful overview of all the hypocrisy and shallowness of "Earth Hour". He later also addresses the rising oil prices. "The ultimate environmental indulgence: ...In exchange for just one hour spent in the dark, you can be absolved of all consumerist sins accrued over the rest of the year." (YouTube / FKN Newz; January 24, 2012)

Transition of Society

  • Health / Conspiracy >
    Don't Worry, Be Happy! (Tens Reasons Why) - In the face of dark news about the coming meltdown, Mike Adams points to some significant positive outlook, including that people will turn to alternatives because status quo remedies won't be available; the FDA, big pharma, and other corrupt institutions will go down with the govt.; complacency will come to an end; mother nature will prevail. (Natural News; July 25, 2009) (Subscribe)

Environmental Problems of "Clean" Technology

  • Environment / Magnets > Vulnerabilities >
    Inside China's secret toxic unobtainium mine - Raising questions about the world's source of Neodymium ... "I was the first Western journalist to set foot inside the mine. What I saw at Baiyun Obo and the poisoned refineries it feeds raises disturbing questions about the future we are buying into - and who will control it." (Daily Mail; UK; Jan. 10, 2010)
  • Magnets >
    Earth-Friendly Elements, Mined Destructively - Some of the greenest technologies of the age, including e-cars and wind turbines, are made possible by rare earth minerals. Just one problem: These elements come almost entirely from China, from some of the most environmentally damaging mines in the country, in an industry dominated by criminal gangs. (NY Times; Dec. 26, 2009)
  • Downsides of Compact Fluorescent Lighting - While we applaud the trend toward more energy efficiencies, like anything else, compact fluorescent bulbs have a down side. This page is presented to document some of those, so an informed decision can be made, and by pointing out the problems, solutions might be produced/encouraged.
  • Wind power may have its own environmental problems - Wind power generation is expected to be a clean and environmentally friendly natural energy source, but a new kind of environmental problem has surfaced as infrasonic waves (20 Hz sound waves) caused by windmills are suspected of causing health problems for some people. (PhysOrg; July 5, 2009)

Ecological Impact of Oil

See Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil - separate page

Image:Deepwater_Horizon_burning_95x95.jpg Image:Fort mcmurray alberta oilsands 95x95.jpg Image:ThunderHorse oil rig hurricane Dennis crop 95x95.jpg Image:Houston salt intrusions 95x95.jpg Image:NewOrleans superdome flooded 95x95.jpg

Ecological Impact of Plastic

Food Choices


  • Environment / Weather Control / Tesla / Haiti >
    US Quake Test Goes “Horribly Wrong”, Leaves 500,000 Dead In Haiti - A report prepared by the Russian Northern Fleet for Prime Minister Putin states that the catastrophic Haitian earthquake was the ‘clear result’ of a United States Navy test of one of its ‘earthquake weapons’ planned to be used on Iran. The Tesla-based weapon allegedly uses resonance to set up massive vibrations. (WhatDoesItMean; Jan. 14, 2010)

Weather Engineering

See also: Directory:Weather Control



  • Radio / Environment >
    Planet 100 YouTube Channel - "The top 100 environmental news stories in 100 seconds or less." PlanetGreenTV is a professionally-done, though liberal-leaning, news service that I've enjoyed being subscribed to, for the most part.


  • Environment / Building / Renewable Energy >
    50 Must-Read Green Engineering Blogs - A list of blogs that wonderfully illustrate how creative, innovative engineers – including technology, architecture, civil, construction, materials science, transportation, energy, computers, and product design engineers – are synthesizing their studies with the environmentalist awareness as a means of bettering Earth for current and future inhabitants. (TopOnlineEngineeringDegree)

Lawn Care

  • EarthTurf - Eco-friendly lawn seed breakthrough. Combines eco-grasses with nitrogen fixing microclover. Stays attractive without fertilizer or chemicals. Grows low and requires minimal water. Also earth worm friendly, wallet friendly, and attractive.
  • - earth-friendly lawn-care products. A sugar beet protein, trymethyglycene, for example, knocks out weeds and is healthy for humans. Canadian company has 100,000 clients in the U.S.

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