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The following listing was prepared on Apr. 23, 2010 by Sterling D. Allan as an abridged version of Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies for a couple of groups who are considering doing a TV series on free energy technologies, as well as for some others with development and business interest in the sector.

Will any of these technologies emerge this year? Who will arrive in the maket next year? How might they transform society?

If you have production skills or financial resources, you might consider getting involved in this TV initiative by Christopher Toussaint of Free Spirit Productions in Santa Monica, California; and John Rickey of Future News Network in Hawaii.


Sterling's Short List

  • Blacklight Power - "The world leader in a new field of novel hydrogen chemistry; inventor of a new method: the BlackLight Process, which generates light, power, plasma, and a vast class of new compositions of matter."
    • They've had some mainstream coverage.

  • JET Energy is Developing Cold Fusion Technology - Having brought cold fusion through many generations of advancement, Mitchell Swartz' company is in process of developing the technology to the point that it could be commercialized. They made history in 2003 by running a large public demonstration for five consecutive days at MIT.
    • These are the furthest along in the cold fusion quest that I know of.

  • Featured: Electromagnetic / Solid State >
    ERR Fluxgenerator by Noah's Ark Research Foundation - Inventor, James B. Schwartz of the Philippines, has come up with a device that allegedly puts out six kilowatts of electricity from the surroundings, using a solid state arrangement in a panel made from "left-handed material" -- Aluminum and Bismuth interwoven with coils -- tying into the Earth's frequencies. (PESWiki; Aug. 15, 2009)
    • Would probably be hard to get ERR on a segment for yet many more months.

  • Featured: Papp engine / Plasma >
    Plasma Expansion Motor Could Revolutionize Renewable Industry - Nobel (inert) gas engine patterned after the Papp Engine, would cost 1/3 what a comparable output engine would cost, while its fuel would cost a few dollars per month -- negligible; totally revolutionizing the renewable industry. Six test engines expected to be completed soon. (PESWiki; Dec. 26, 2008)
    • This one could be the holy grail.

  • Steorn Electromagnet Orbo - Irish company made a big splash a few years ago announcing they had a free energy technology that could change the energy landscape of the planet. They got a jury of scientists to review the technology, who said they were not convinced, but the company still maintains that they will yet be proving their claim. They have a group of scientists helping in the R&D. They are presently allowing third parties in for independent testing and licensing.
    • Their recent solid state version is compelling.

  • Nuclear >
    Colliding Plasma Toroid Fusion - Electron Power Systems Ltd. is developing a process that remains stable without magnetic confinement, by using background gas pressure for confinement instead, could provide clean, non-polluting energy technology at one-tenth the cost of present energy generation. (

  • Nuclear >
    Focus Fusion - Purports to be a far more feasible and profoundly less expensive approach to hot fusion, in contrast to ITER. Lawrenceville Plasma Physics' is developing the Plasma Focus Device for hydrogen-boron nuclear fusion. 4-7 years to commercial. 1 cent / kWh anticipated energy generation cost. (

  • Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) Engine - Internal combustion engine features multiple firings in one cycle to give 40 times higher power to weight ratio, low parts count, low maintenance, high mechanical efficiency, and low pollution.
    • Wait until he has his 6" engine done by ~June-July 2010.

  • Green Power Inc's Catalytic Pressureless Depolymerization - Green Power Inc has developed a catalytic pressureless depolymerization (CPD) process they call "NanoDiesel" that inexpensively converts biomass and municipal waste into high quality diesel fuel, which could solve the world's energy and waste problems at the same time, without upsetting the CO2 balance.
    • Wait a month; as CEO is recovering from health issue.

  • Magnacoaster Motor Company: Vorktex - Canadian company claims to have an over-unity generator that produces electric power without using fuel. The design involves a solid state system with some very high-powered permanent magnets and some specially-wound coils, along with some proprietary circuitry that pulses and convertes a high-frequency high-voltage current. A lead acid battery bank serves both as the input and the output.
    • They've been postponing delivery, with one delay after another, for more than a year.

  • Directory:GEET Reactor by Paul Pantone - Preheating incoming fuel with outgoing exhaust, with a magnetic rod of specific length, forms a plasma of the fuel at relatively low temperatures. The plasma then implodes in the combustion chamber, burning cleaning and ultra efficiently, and allowing multiple fuel stream types to be used in the engine.
    • As of Apr. 18, 2010, Pantone claimed that a group is about to come out with a retrofit kit that will work with most small engines.

  • Directory:REMGen by REM Source, LLC - Alleged self-looped electromagnetic motor with copious energy left over for use, going into production.
    • This distant cousin of Troy Reed isn't interested in coverage or attention right now.

  • World Improvement Through the Spirit Ministries - Timothy Thrapp's organization claims to have many technologies for sale (to developers), including all-magnet motors.
    • They might have some stuff you could put on film. They've produced a lot of interesting YouTube videos. Their business model is eccentric in the extreme.

  • Featured: EV / Electrolysis > Boyce / Electromagnetic > NEW: Boyce Hex Controller >
    Child Rides EV Toy on Boyce Free Energy! - A South African experimenter has modified an electrolysis circuit developed by Bob Boyce so that now it recharges his daughter's electric vehicle riding toy. What makes this remarkable is that the energy is not drawn from the wall but from the environment somehow. He's done this around 35 times now and knows of three replications by others. (PESN; Nov. 12, 2009) (Comment)
    • Still waiting for Boyce to file a provisional patent.


Feel free to add a listing for other technologies that you think belong on this page. This is a publicly editable site. Just log in and edit this section to add a listing.

In the News

  • Media > Free Energy TV > Ultimate Energy Showdown >
    Success for FE TV Kickstarter drive - The Ultimate Energy Showdown filmmakers have achieved their $5000 fundraising goal on Summer Solstace thanks especially to Whole Systems Foundation and New Energy Movement. Now they can begin to pitch their television series that demonstrates and proves or disproves new energy devices. (Changing Power; June 19, 2010)
  • Featured: Media Producers / Best Exotics / Top 100 >
    Exotic Free Energy Technologies for TV - A short list of some of the best breakthrough clean energy technologies that merit coverage for a TV type of audience; compiled in response to several related requests. Will any of these emerge this year? Which will arrive in the market next year? How might they transform society? (PESWiki; Apr. 23, 2010)


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