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Formula Zero' is an organization based out of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, founded in 2003. Formula Zero's vision is to demonstrate that zero emissions technology can be both fun and sustainable at the same time. The organization's goal is to use racing as a platform to get people interested in hydrogen fuel cell technology.

In 2005, Formula Zero began construction of the Mark 2, the world's first fully-functional fuel-cell powered go-kart using ultracapacitors for energy storage. On October 26, 2006, the Mark 2 set an official FIA record of 1/8th of a mile in 11.869 seconds. The Mark 2 was featured on the ‘’Discovery Channel’’ as a part of the FutureCar television series. Formula Zero set a new FIA record with the Mark 2 in September 2007.

Formula Zero, together with top quality partners, started the race for the future by building the world's first fully-functioning hydrogen fuel cell racing kart; the Mark 2. The kart only emits water and is especially designed for racing and powerful acceleration.



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Official Website

Latest Developments

  • Events - Zin in een leuke en leerzame dag? Ga dan naar de Schoner Vervoer Boulevard op de Albert Cuyp, op de autovrije zondag op 21 september 2008 tussen 11.00 en 17.00 uur. (Sept 21, 2008)

How it Works

Hydrogen Clic-and-Go Refueling
Hydrogen Clic-and-Go Refueling


(.40 Minutes) Element One Fuel Cell Vehicle Test 08-23-08 at Formula Zero Rotterdam Facility

  • The Element One Team performing a low-speed vehicle test at the Rotterdam Formula Zero facility in the Netherlands. (YouTube; August 26, 2008)

_ _ _ _

(2.22 Minutes) Formula Zero Kart Hidrógeno, Fuel Cell. 9 Abril Alcañiz.

  • Formula Zero Fuel Cell Kart. Presentación 9 Abril 2008. Aliaga, Gasión, Team Elias. (YouTube; May 09, 2008)

_ _ _ _

(5.49 Minutes) Formula Zero Eupla hydrogen fuel cell car, 1st tests

  • Formula Zero 3D rendering of a Hydrogen race kart, combined by building & test process. (YouTube; March 19, 2008)

- - - -

(3.26 Minutes) Forze - Formula Zero team Delft

  • Forze is the newest sustainable project of Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Forze is designing and building his own hydrogen powered race kart by using a fuel cell. In September 2008, the competition called 'Formula Zero student edition' will begin. Different universities will compete against eachother in this high profile race class, organized by Formula Zero BV. (YouTube; June 25, 2007)

_ _ _ _


  • Car Racing with Clean Tech.


  • Go-Karts
  • Race Cars
  • Other Vehicle Technology Transfers


See Formula Zero > Competition Teams

  • Forze - Greenchoice Forze, the Formula Zero team Delft, dominated the event and became winner of the first ever hydrogen race August 23, 2008. Netherlands Entry

Fuel Cell

All competitors used the same Fuel Cell.


Company: Formula Zero

Founded 2003.


  • Green tech in 'Formula Zero' race - The championship consisted of several events, with teams from the UK, US, the Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium competing for the top honour: zeroth place. A Dutch team won the endurance event, while a Spanish team clinched the award for fastest lap. (BBC News; Aug. 26, 2008)
  • Fuel-Cell Car Racing Series Aims To Spur Green Motoring - The world's first international fuel-cell powered motor racing series kicked off in Rotterdam over the weekend. The organisers hope that 'Formula Zero,' like Formula 1, can become a forum for competing technology as much as anything else, helping green consumer cars to become better. (Slashdot; August 26, 2008)


  • Formula Zero Championship
  • Hydrogenics Fuel Cell - Used in the Mark 2
  • Maxcell Ultracapacitors - "BoostCap" Used in the Mark 2
  • Linde Gas Benelux - 5 litre aluminium tanks at a pressure of 200 bar to store hydrogen.
  • Gravitron Motors - The Formula Zero kart uses a Gravitron motor and control motor (HE DATA 1000 amp and a LAAA4002 DC motor).
  • TNO - The MACS (Modular Automotive Control System) is a Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) system constructed by TNO. On the kart the MACS controls the following functions: Central vehicle controller, battery management system, power train controller and engine control functions.


See Discussion page


Formula Zero B.V.
Keizersgracht 6 sous
1015 CN Amsterdam

Tel: +31 (0) 206226327
Fax: +31 (0) 207760970 Kaart Dok Kantoor & Test Centre Heijplaatstr. 21-unit 34
3089 JB Rotterdam

Tel: +31 (0) 104768000


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