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Fred Burks in 2006
Fred Burks in 2006

White House Insider Turned Activist

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
December 23, 2010

Frederick Burks is a former White House insider (serving as interpreter) who about a decade ago began waking up to the conspiracy to establish a global police state and has been a tireless watchman ever since. He is a close friend and supporter of exotic free energy technology research and development.

"Actually, it wasn't until 2001 that I had my eyes opened through the Disclosure Project … about the UFO coverup, and I then started exploring, 'Well, what's really going on in the World?' I knew nothing about all that. And literally, my life was changed over night. I started exploring, and eventually went deeper and deeper, and then hit the deepest level, which was the quite disturbing mind control coverup. [I] found out about all these declassified government documents documents that were indisputable proof of the development of Manchurian candidates and other deep, dark aspects of the use of mind control to manipulate global politics." [1]

His newsletter specialty is to present validations of extraordinary developments from the mainstream press, whether it be confirmations of key elements of the conspiracy, or breakthrough clean energy technologies, or alternative health threats and validations, or UFO and extraterrestrial disclosure. He also promotes spiritual wellness and whole person advocacy. Most of his posts conclude with a "what you can do" list of suggested action steps.

His website is organized into topical compilations of the things he has covered over the years. It is a great resource.

He is one of the first reporters to become part of the alternative media group, as the US Intelligence Examiner, where his profile states: "Former White House insider Fred Burks is a top expert on news analysis. Having served as language interpreter to Clinton, G.W. Bush, Cheney, and Gore in secret meetings, Fred reveals the underlying forces which shape national and global politics."

I am honored to include Fred Burks in my inner circle of dear friends and am glad to have been receiving his newsletters for 2-3 years now.

One of his favorite quotes is: "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."

He has been a great supporter of our work. Yesterday, he told me: "I always refer to your website anyone who is looking for the best info on new energy. You rock!!!"



The following is Fred Burk's biography as posted on his Facebook account as of December 22, 2010:

Having worked as a language interpreter [Indonesian] in top secret meetings at the highest levels of government (see Washington Post article on my resignation at [for 18 years], I have had the privilege of seeing things that few others ever see. As a participant in a global network of courageous individuals dedicated to the transformation of our world, I have also received an abundance of both deep inside information and inspiring, empowering information that we can all use to build a brighter future together.

Knowing of both the deeper aspects of politics of which few are aware and of the powerful transformation movements sweeping across our planet, I find it most important to balance my interest in deep cover-ups with exploring and joining in on some of the many awesome movements taking place which invite more love, joy, and deep connection with ourselves, our communities, and our planet and universe. I am incredibly optimistic that we can and will build a brighter future together.

Before resigning from the U.S. Department of State in 2004 due to excessive secrecy demands, I served for 18 years as an Indonesian language interpreter for top officials of the U.S. and other countries, including for such notable figures as Bush, Clinton, Gore, and Cheney. I participated in many secret meetings where only the key players and their interpreters were allowed. Through these meetings and through my active participation in an international network of courageous individuals dedication to transformation, I have acquired in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of our political and economic systems.

With a deep commitment to personal and global transformation through love and empowerment, I work with a courageous, inspiring team to provide reliable, verifiable information to those who want to know all that is being hidden from public view. I place equal importance in giving empowering ideas on how we can powerfully work together to create a brighter future. I do this largely through several popular websites we have developed. I am a dedicated networker willing to share knowledge and wisdom with any and all who are interested.

Official Websites

Mind and heart-expanding websites managed by Fred Burks and the nonprofit PEERS network

  • – "Dynamic online courses powerfully expand your horizons. Provides highly engaging free courses for those who are ready to powerfully be the change in our world. Take a look at how these exciting courses have already helped to transform many people's lives."


  • Former White House interpreter and transformation agent Fred Burks talks of major cover-ups and global transformation movements sweeping the planet. (Google Video; 2007)

Mind Control

  • Frederick Burks gives a refreshing and detailed interview on MIND CONTROL. Declassifed CIA documents available via data on his website, disclose how Mind Control victims are in the 100,000s. Children are taken at the age of 5, and programmed through their early childhood for activation later in adulthood. Victims are also programmed to self terminate when their programming has run its course. Burks dicusses various Mind Control programs, and the creation of Manchurian Candidates. See Bases 4 part 3 and 4. Available from on DVD,with Mary Rodwell, and Mary Joyce and soon on download. (YouTube; April 17, 2010 )

Founder of PEERS

In January of 2006, Fred Burks founded Public Education and Empowerment Resource Service (PEERS), in Berkeley, California. PEERS is deeply committed to cultivating community and transformation through inspiration and education. Incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, PEERS embraces a clear vision of building a brighter future through inspiring a sense of global community based on love and cooperation, and through educating the public to little-known forces underlying the political and economic structures that shape our world. The greatest part of our work involves both the ongoing development of several popular websites dedicated to these goals, and the creation of exciting new websites which powerfully facilitate community development and inspired action leading to personal and global transformation. [2]


Examiner Fred Burks spoke on mind control and global transformation at the respected UFO Congress on Feb. 22, 2010 in Laughlin, Nevada.

Fred's News Items Covered by PES

  • Conspiracy / Fred Burks >
    Behavior Modification and Mind Control in the News - Former Whitehouse interpreter, my friend, Fred Burks, provides a collection of troubling/revealing articles from the mainstream press about government sponsored behavior modification and mind control experiments and programs for population manipulation to make us more docile as slaves and malleable as robots. (Examiner; April 27, 2012)
  • Top 100 > Related Lists >
    Media reports on amazing clean, green, renewable energy inventions - Fred Burks compiles some exciting, clean energy inventions reported in the major media articles that could easily transform our world within just a few years. These amazing inventions are ultra green and renewable. Concise summaries of each fascinating media article are given, with links provided to the full original article. (Examiner; December 22, 2010)
  • - The highly revealing 12-minute video clip from 60 Minutes on the fascinating resurgence of cold fusion has now been removed by CBS. I highly suspect media censorship at work here. A supporter emailed that the embedded video from an article posted on this at was not working. Checking back on the original links to the video revealed that a weak clip of less than two-minutes had replaced the engaging, longer original. After some careful research, it was discovered that the 12-minute video had moved up to the fourth most popular on the entire CBS website. Following the link on the CBS video page in the "Most Viewed Videos" section at the bottom, it was found that though there were 70 comments posted under the video, it no longer functioned. Someone didn't want us to see that video. What other reason would there be to censor this powerful clip? For more on this, see the informative article posted here. Please take advantage of the power of the Internet to spread the word, so that we can break through this kind of censorship. I encourage everyone to send CBS a short message using this link to ask why the amazing 60 Minutes video was removed and tell them you want it back. And please let me know if you are successful. Together, we can make a difference. Thanks for caring.

Other Coverage


'Fred Burks
New Jersey, USA

Can be contacted through his sites. .

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