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A directory of companies and resources relating to the incubation of free energy technologies to the marketplace.



Incubation Companies

Free Energy Incubators

  • Chava Energy (Chava LLC) - Develops breakthrough energy solutions with the goal to dramatically reduce the need for fossil fuels and the associated economic, environmental, health, and geopolitical issues.
  • Greer > The Orion Project Launched to Create Plausible Free Energy Technology - After 18 years of combing the planet for a plausible, working free energy technology that his colleagues could help bring to the world, Dr. Steven Greer's next move is to gather $3 million in donations to establish a research organization that can fabricate such a technology. (PESWiki; March 18, 2008)
  • Global Institute for New Energy Technologies - The Global Institute for New Energy Technologies (GIFNET), headed by Nicholas Moller (namesake of the MAHG) is a European non-profit organization established in 2003 to assist in the development of exotic alternative energy technologies. Lab visited June 13 by Kofi Annan. (PESWiki; July 14, 2005)

Renewable Energy Incubation

  • Featured: Organizations / Orwell >
    Will Google Become King of Energy Too? - We've created a page featuring Google's various renewable energy initiatives. With Google Energy being given approval to buy and sell energy as a utility, as long as their efforts move us toward more distributed energy and autonomy, not toward an Orwellian world, then we might be glad. Sign petition telling Google not to enter agreement with NSA. (PESWiki; Feb. 24, 2010) (Comments)

General Incubation

  • - "Invention Home is a company of experienced inventors who learned how to succeed in the invention and patent process by developing a simple idea into a million dollar product line. Today we help ordinary people develop and pursue their ideas by using our low-cost, low-risk proven success model."

Incubation Support

  • New Energy Congress - Association for the purpose of reviewing the most promising claims to free energy technologies, in order to come up with a weighted list of recommendations of the best technologies. (; founded Sept. 27, 2005)


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