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Funding sources and resources. There are an abundant number of financial sources for the support of new energy research. This page is established to provide an index of the same.

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    Crowdfunding the Exotic Free Energy Movement - NEST will soon be launching a crowdfunding site that will help make the funding of clean energy ventures more democratic, based on the votes of the people who chip in. And not long from now, US citizens will even be able to make small investments through crowdfunding. (PESN; February 20, 2013)

Tax-Free Donations

Open Source


  • Featured: Financial Resources > Funding >
    Breakout Labs Offers Grants for Radical Ideas - The Thiel Fellowship has announced the opening of Breakout Labs, an organization that offers grants to individuals with radical ideas for game changing technologies. Will applications requesting funding for the development of exotic energy technologies be accepted? (PESN; December 10, 2011)



  • - Funding is via many small loans by individuals to small third world business persons. They do pay back the loans and the money is typically loaned back to other small business people. The organization only takes a small voluntary fee with each transaction. It is all so easy due to the web site that it is a pleasure to participate.


Waste to Energy


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    How to Compare Power Generation Choices - People like to compare the cost to generate electricity from various renewable resources, like wind or solar, to the cost to generate electricity from coal, nuclear and natural gas. Comparing these costs is like comparing apples to oranges. Understanding a few basic factors will help make an informed comparison. (Renewable Energy World; Oct. 29, 2009)


  • Featured: Funding >
    Rasa says he has funding for FE inventors - "I am functioning to connect inventors with funding. Funding now does not appear to be a problem anymore. And any inventor who is looking for funding, please ask them to contact me." Grain of salt, but suggested information to include, Cc to Sterling. (PESWiki; Feb. 10, 2010)
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    George Soros Investing $1 Billion in Clean Energy - Hedge-fund manager George Soros is the latest billionaire to throw his money behind clean technology. Soros announced yesterday that he will be investing $1 billion in clean energy technology and will also be spending $100 million to create a climate policy advisory organization. (Bloomberg; Oct. 12, 2009)


  • Norda Foundation clean energy award went unclaimed last year – This foundation awarded $25 million to various social entrepreneurial and charitable organizations last year. Part of their mission is to fund new, hopefully non-fossil fuel, sustainable energy projects. Last year no energy projects were recommended to them or applied for funding. (Free Energy Blog; February 11, 2016)
  • - C. K. Cooper & Company is an investment bank that focuses nearly exclusively on financing assistance with emerging energy companies.
  • - Walker Enterprises LLC has provided a list of prospective sources of funding. Contact Nora Maccoby for additional funding options for advanced energy and healing technologies at nora {at}
  • There is a USDA grant right now to assist in developing methods for manure reduction.


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