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Official Site

  • Integrity Research Institute - Compiled information from a number of sources on biomas butanol, hydrogen conversion, black silicon, methanol fuel cells, zerop point energy, propulsion science, Amory Lovins and an annual fund-raising appeal. (Integrity Research Institute; Nov. 2008)

Infinite Energy eNews Issues

  • Newsletters > Future Energy eNews >
    Future Energy eNews: May 2012 - Tom Valone's headlines this month include: 1) Anti-Matter Propulsion Engine Redesigned; 2) Tinted Windows Produce Electricity; 3) Lithium Air Battery Moves Forward; 4) Metal Oxides for Gree Energy Tech; 5) ZENN and EEStor Team Up
  • Newsletters > Future Energy eNews > Events >
    Future Energy eNews: January 2011 - Tom Valone's headlines this month include: 1) Upcoming Conference on Future Energy (COFE 4) Abstract: Water Electrolyzers and ZPE; 2) The Year in Energy; 3) Thunderstorms Produce Antimatter; 4) Italians Claim Demonstration of Cold Fusion; 5) TR-10 Solar Fuel
  • Newsletters > Future Energy eNews > Flight / Batteries / ZPE / Events >
    Future Energy eNews: July 2010 - Tom Valone's headlines this month include: 1) New Proton Measurement Throws Physics a Curve; 2) Molten Metal Batteries Yield 20 times More Current; 3) The Flying Prius; 4) Clean Energy 101; 5) COFE4 - SPESIF Call for Papers -- a great opportunity for inventors who would like a chance to put their invention on paper in a peer-reviewed publication.
  • Newsletters > Future Energy eNews / Cooling >
    Future Energy eNews: February 2010 - Tom Valone's headlines this month include: 1) Washington's Snowstorms Due To Climate Change; 2) Hydropower Can Employ One Million Americans; 3) Millimeter-Scale Energy Harvestor System Developed; 4) Harnessing Body Heat To Power Electronics; 5) MIT Energy Wearable Stuff.
  • Future Energy eNew - January 19, 2009 - Biomass Algae Summit; Crystals Turn Roads into Power Stations; Oceans Could Provide Limitless Clean Energy; Microgeneration for Houses; Ocean Currents Can Power the World.
  • Future Energy eNew - November 30, 2008 - Biomass Butanol; New Catalyst Turns Water into Hydrogen; Black Silicon is New, Cheaper, and More Sensitive; Methanol Fuel Cell, Zero Point Energy; Frontiers of Propulsion Science, Amory Lovins.

Solar Power Finance and Investment Seminar - Experts share their ways to profit from solar installations
Seriously Souped-Up Lithium Power Battery - Tesla Roadster and others prepare to slay the gas guzzlers
Turning CO2 Back Into Hydrocarbons - Los Alamos Lab uses solar energy to split CO2 into CO and H
Synthetic Fuel to Steal CO2 from Air - Green Freedom project targets vehicles and aircraft
Space-Based Solar Power Boosts Acceptance - Special Report along with an alliance and study group

Pentagon Space-Based Solar Power - Leading future energy solution for only $10 billion
Space Based Solar as an Opportunity for Strategic Security - Steps to energy independence
Tiny Vibrations Harness Energy - Great review article of new parasitic ways of generating energy
Energy Islands of the Future - Diversified clean energy generation all in one place
Clean Coal is Cancelled - Another nail in the coffin of dirty fossil fuels that cannot become clean
Annual Energy Outlook - Rising fuel prices are expected to spur domestic energy production New Energy Technology - Symposium by the American Chemical Society proves energy importance

NASA and Scientific American Offer Energy Solutions - Global warming geoengineering solutions
Solution to CO2: Feed the Oceans - Study proves efficacy of Planktos' solution to global warming
The Truth is Out: X-Files Go Public - A few may have worthy future energy and propulsion technology
China and India Exploit Icy Energy Reserves - Methane hydrate on ocean floor is another fossil fuel
Unwinding the Cosmos - Rauscher theory unites gravity, magnetism and zero point vacuum energy
Energy Seminars for 2008 - Forty two US conferences on all forms of energy concepts and finances
Solar Energy in Architecture and Urban Planning - Conference in Berlin on use of solar in buildings

Energy Tax Credit About to Expire - Federal credits for efficiency expires at end of year
Energy Needs to Grow Inexorably - Global demand for energy is tied to economic growth
Crude Oil -- The Supply Outlook - Critical analysis from Energy Watch - German Parliment
Eco-Power to the People - Solar panel project in Oakland California to help poor
Beyond the Point of No Return - Maybe the best article full of honesty and ideas for the future
V2G Car Generates Electricity and Money - "Vehicle to Grid" provides revenue to owner
World Energy Model for North America - Several institutions in partnership developing model

World Renewable Energy Assembly - Bonn Germany renews a committment to energy
Transmutation Gets Revived - UK book reports on cold fusion work from Northeastern University
Advanced Energy Research Organization - Announces energy invention incentive
Plastic Membrane Passes CO2 Selectively - New polymer membrane blocks methane, not CO2
Plastic That is as Strong as Steel - It also is transparent as well as being strong
Low Swirl Injector (LSI) Combustion - Has near-zero emission of NOx and lowered CO2
Fusion to Save the World - Garage scientist aims to thwart OPEC with his device

Genetically Modified Algae Produce Biofuels - Hydrogen from algae could be very efficient
Virus - Assembled Batteries - Getting nature to help with energy mass production
Tiny Solar Cells - made of nanowires, these are inexpensive photovoltaic cells
Energy Neutral Homes - California leads the way: "houses that produce energy" mandated
Coal-Fired Power Plants Cancelled Everywhere - 16 plants scrapped by public pressure!
CSI Cleantech Summit 2007 - Cleantechnology and Sustainable Industries event Oct. 30-31 in DC

India Plans for its Future in Space - President advocates space-based solar generation
Forecast for Solar Power: Sunny - Promise half price in three years
Cold Fusion Graybeards Keep the Science Going - MIT Seminar attracts attention
Speed of Light Broken - Germans follow many others who have similar results in laboratory
House Energy Concludes During Rare Weekend Session - "watered down renewables"
Leading Scientists and Thinkers on Energy - Thomas F. Valone - Interview posted online
Study Links Sprawl to Climate Change - More compact buildings are recommended
Can Magnets Boost Ethanol Production? - AZ Industries and Magnetizer Group have for years

Chinese Batteries from Thunder Sky - Lithium batteries for electric cars at lowest prices
Energy Globe Offers a €10,000 Prize - Six categories each awarded the international prize
Hydrogen from Aluminum Says Purdue Univ - Alloys let hydrogen free with added water [PESN]
Equivalence Principle NASA Tests - Control and reduce inertia (the "m" in F=ma) when violated
Energy Supply from Light and Water - Supply world energy needs by photosynthesis

Flexible Batteries - Never need to be replaced
Energy for the Next 1000 Years - Foundation for the Future Workshop
Cheaper Solar Cells - Synthetic dyes much like cholorophyll
High Efficiency Solar Cells - StarSolar photonic crystal traps light
Zero Point Energy: The Fuel of the Future - Review copies available
Superconductors Inspire Test for Dark Energy - Acceleration seen in rotating ring

Patently Curious - MAKE magazine #09 features Valone
Superconductivity and Magnetism in Harmony – First time ever
Cheap Nano Solar Cells – Nanotubes use indoor light for electricity
New Look for Solar Cells – Nanotechweb’s view of #3 story
Flexible Solar Panels – Gets the USDOE Secretary’s attention
Expanding Nuclear Recycling - Public critical of more nukes
Hot Advances in Thermoelectrics - Organics can generate electricity

Energy Budget Released - US energy research goes to military mostly
World Energy Demand - McKinsey Report is a valuable resource
"Global Energy Seminar" - Foundation for the Future has Valone as panelist
Planktos on ABC News - Challenges Branson for $25 million CO2 prize

Casimir Force Can be Controlled - Modifying charge carriers on the surface does the trick
World Faces 'Dirty, Insecure' Energy Future - IEA World Energy Outlook 2006 just published
Alternative Energy Fuels Index - The most comprehensive alternative fuels pricing CD database

Vegetable protein creates electricity - New source works for 21 days - Nature.
Zero-Point Energy Measured in the Lab - Direct evidence for the existence of zero-point fluctuations. Agrees with IRI "ZPE Feasibility Study" conclusions.
Doom and Gloom for 2100 - British astronomer calculates a 50-50 chance that civilization will make it.
Scientists Demand New Energy Research - Seventeen scientists looking for carbon-free energy & willing to consider extreme possibilities. - Science.
Climate Study by Pentagon - May have provoked "Day After Tomorrow" movie; benchmark, historical 2003 report on national security implications of abrupt climate change is only 22-pages.
Million Solar Homes Initiative - California EPA announces 55% of homes must have solar by 2010.
Extraordinary Technology Conference - Valone ZPE talk and other emerging energy science presentations.

After the Oil Runs Out - Electrified cars/trucks & synthetic fuel recommended in Washington Post.
Chasing an Impossible Oil Dream - DOE/EIA says government incentives cannot help energy future.
Energy from Glucose - Tiny fuel cell for inside the body and other applications possibly.
154 Nations Pledge to Increase Renewable Usage - But why does President Bush decline US support?
Molecular Nanodiode is a First - Can it rectify thermal or nonthermal fluctuations to provide energy?
New Measurement of Dark Energy - Confirms it is a constant as Einstein predicted and so probably ZPE. SpaceShipOne - Demonstrates that private enterprise can fund space travel for the first time.
Energy Conversion Conference - IECEC to be held in August but with only conventional energy ideas.

Administration Secrecy on Energy Task Force - Legal defense resembles the detention of enemy combatants, according to New York Times.
Thermal Battery - For the first time, a battery that recharges from body temperature heat.
Superconductivity - Shiny metal tape is now churned out by Superpower company.
Artificial Photosynthesis - Cheap electrons from water with organic metals
US Losing Dominance in Science - In the areas of US patents, Physical Review articles, and Nobel Prizes, US decline is dramatic in the past decade
Distributed Electricity is the Future - They rely on the utility for standby power only.
Heat from Smokestacks to Electricity - Propane vapor drives an electricity generator.
Infinite Energy Editor's Life is Lost - Noted advocate of free energy and cold fusion is murdered. Supported IRI's 1999 Conference on Future Energy as its largest sponsor.
Energy Expo on Capitol Hill - Energy efficiency debate and exhibits open to the public

The Politics of Electric Power - insightful book on the privatization of electricity
China's Oil Demand - oil demand growth continues to surpass expectations
Ocean Energy - Tidal Power - Marine Current Turbines - UK-based company
Solid Electrolyte Fuel Cell - just add salt water - conductive plastic is the electrolyte - good tutorial included below by GreenVOLT
Battery Charging in 30 Seconds - organic radical battery by NEC - same level of power as that stored in nickel-hydrogen cells
Green Tech is Attractive - Socially responsible investment funds can redirect growth - imbedded links provided in article below

China's Voracious Energy Needs - How and where will China get the energy to maintain its economic growth?
Zero Point Energy Pursued by Two Aerospace Companies and DOD Agency - Aviation Week & Space Tech reviews the latest research efforts in ZPE
Wind Farms vs. British Air Force - Wind may lose out
Global Warming clarification - Study authors dispute NY Times viewpoint
Electric Vehicles get the Plug Pulled - Clean energy transportation no more
Cold Fusion gets a Second Look by the USDOE - It took 15 years before they now consider it legitimate science
Minato's Magnetic Motor - Uses magnetism innovatively and 20% of the electricity normally required. Article uses the words "over unity" and is published on

1000 Wind Turbines - NY Times - British plan $12 billion project off coast - may inspire other countries.
EnergyNet Update - U of Concerned Scientists - Year end review of state level clean energy campaigns.
Solar 10% Prediction - Refocus Weekly - Photovoltaics can provide 10% of energy by 2025 says study.
Earth's Magnetic Pole Shift - NASA - Will affect weather, aurora borealis, navigation, birds, people and ionosphere.
Arlington Institute conference - free admission - "Breakthrough technologies for the world's greatest problems" USAF perspective.
DOE EIA Annual Energy Outlook - free seminar - A mix of good energy facts and trends with usual political sidestepping. first LiveCast - conference - IRI supports disclosure of back-engineered energy and propulsion technology and an end to secrecy.

• COAL: US keeps promoting it while Canada and Europe are growing up and moving beyond it. • MAGLEV TRAIN: Sets new speed record in Japan - 361 mph. • ENERGY RELIABILITY: Energy grid legislation reviewed by Alliance to Save Energy • ENERGY DEPLETION: Oil and gas situation evaluated by geologist, Dale Allen Pfeiffer • GLOBAL WARMING: Now connected to 150,000 deaths says the United Nations WHO • ENERGY FUTURES: Conference in NJ - Feb, 2004 - presented by the Energy Management Institution • ENERGY MOVEMENT: New organization formed by astronaut and author, Dr. Brian O'Leary

Global Warming affects energy choices • Energy Bill is useless says Union of Concerned Scientists • LED Therapy • Handling Innovation with Patience • Report on the Tesla Conference

Electricity Squeezed out of Water • The Air Car Goes on Display- First Demonstration • Electric Vehicle Abandoned: The Death of GM's EV-1 • OPEC Story Accompanied with World Energy Timeline Poster • Focus Fusion Advances • Twenty Myths of Hydrogen Challenged

Cold Fusion Isn't Dead • FirstEnergy 550 MW Generator was East Coast Blackout Culprit • Republicans Want to Control New Energy Bill • Reduce the Need for 1300 Power Plants to only 170 • Pulsed Electricity: Opportunities for Wirelss Transmission and Bioelectrotherapy

Tungsten Crystals Violate Planck's Law • Heat the Floor, Not the Air • Solar Cells Attracts $6.5 M • Canada is Losing Ability to Supply Natural Gas • Transforming a Dream to a Marketable Product • Miscellaneous Energy Links

Unions Back Research Plan for Energy • Our Energy Future, Creating a Low Carbon Economy • NRC Seeks Public Comment on Nuclear•Wolfowitz: ‘Iraq War Was About Oil’• EPA Leaves Out Data on Climate Change • Energy Independence...A Realistic Goal for the 21st Century

Biofuel cell uses enzymes and electrode to produce electricity • Republicans Plan a Hydrogen Economy-at Your Expense: It's Nuclear • Keeping it Clean: Renewably Derived Hydrogen • Total World Oil Production Decreases • US Natural Gas Production Headed for Energy Crisis • Dr. Ilya Prigogine (1917- 2003)

A Billion Degrees on Earth • Solar Home Competition • Hydrogen Developments • Gravity Modification Test Proves Inconclusive • President's Message • NAVY • Research Lab Makes Cold Fusion History • Bioelectromagnetics and Energy Medicine Research • Wireless Transmission of Electrical Energy • Acknowledgements • IRI Publications Catalog 2003

Technology > A quantum Carnot "photon steam engine" extracts work and energy from a single heat bath (like the zero point energy vacuum for example). Hot atoms flow from a heat bath at temperature Tφ to an entropy sink at a lower temperature T1. The atoms exchange energy with photons in an optical cavity, which drive a piston. (Physics in Action: April 2003) Technology > Extracting Work from a Single Heat Bath via Vanishing Quantum Coherence (Science, Vol. 299, Issue 5608, 862-864, February 7, 2003)

  • Technology > The quantum afterburner (4 February 2002 Physics Web)

Mainstream Media > Report Generates Negative Energy by offering the "wrong" answers for Energy Technologies for 2050. Another scandal of "shooting the messenger" by the DOE Fossil Energy Program through the Rand Corporation. (The Washington Post, March 18, 2003; Page A27) Mainstream Media > Energy R&D Needs More Investment say the UK who have the laudable goal of a 60% reduction in CO2 by 2050. (3 April 2003 Physics World)

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