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Screen grab of ad by Future Horizons Sept. 6, 2004. Ad says, "Overunity free-energy: Build free-energy machines from simple plans; be energy independent"
Screen grab of ad by Future Horizons Sept. 6, 2004. Ad says, "Overunity free-energy: Build free-energy machines from simple plans; be energy independent"

This page has been created to address Future Horizons, who for at least the past two years has been the leading Google Ads advertiser for the key words "free energy." They claim to have kits and plans for working technologies to prove various over-unity and free energy concepts on a practical level toward energy independence. Some people have said their plans and kits are inadequate and do not perform as claimed.


Official Websites


Nov. 2002 Google Ad read:


Begining in March, 2005, began featuring a product that they said will enable one to "enter the mind of any person on this planet to compel them to do your will to help you to produce success, love, money, and peace of mind ... at the flip of a switch." They unblushingly promote this as a good thing, showing no regard for free will.
The purpose of this index is to provide a chronicle of customer satisfaction as well as to compile any data that has been collected from the numerous devices that are purported to be 'over unity' or 'free energy.' Other devices being sold by Future Horizons that relate to energy and anti-gravity may also be reported here.
The entries should specify which device is being described, the url of the device on the future horizon's website, and the necessary details to provide a scientifically meaningful report of performance.
Witness Reports Requested 
If you have experience with any of these devices, a report is requested on behalf of other potential customers.
Please keep reports to a recitation of facts, not bias or conjecture. Refrain from personal attacks and name-calling. Unsupported kudos are inappropriate as well.
Key Reference Pages - Official website
Future Horizons - feature page at

If Future Horizons does indeed have what they say they have, then this coverage should help boost their product sales as well as give credence to the technologies purported.


A feature page was created about Future Horizons' products at in Nov. 2002. At that time, Future Horizons said they would be creating and announcing an affiliate program. The company has not responded to several requests to provide tracking for the referrals the feature page has generated (13,700+ visits). Nor have they responded to questions about lists of testimonials or data from performance.

Neither have they responded to inquiries about a customer report of non-delivery of ordered plans.

The only time they responded was in regard to a classified ad to help sell an early prototype personal flight device.

Opening at a starting bid of $50.00 USD, after ten bids, the JetPack was sold for $510.00 USD.

Oct. 5, 2004 Note: Rick Todish was notified of this page on Sept. 7 but has not yet responded to the questions it poses.

A Word from Owner's Brother

"Future Horizons is a money extorting fraud of a company. I should know because my brother owns it."
— Brian Todish, 2004-03-15 23:59 (reference)

Customer Satisfaction Reports

post here by clicking on the "edit" button next to this section heading.

Device Performance

I never got a chance to try out my radionics machine. Although I ordered the book on how to build a simple radionics machine there was only a lot of fluff information and a few pages of a description of the machine without the pertient diapgrams! One could not assemble just from the verbal description. I've waited over a month for email response, over a week for phone response. I will not be ordering from Future Horizones again.


post here

After ordering three Psionics e books I finally discover after printing out one that the diagrams for the machine aren't there! Although there is some verbage of the alleged machine there is no cutout diagram and no wiring diagram ...absolutely useless. Basically whats offered is a lot of new age informations that is not psionic with a few pages about the so called radionic machine. I've waited over a month for email response and more than a week for phone response. Quick to take money apparently but poor customer service.

List of Products

Not comprehensive. See their site or their catalogue for a complete listing. Each of the pertinent products below should be subdivided into a section of its own, with reports for each device as available.

Free Energy

  • Free-Energy - Mueller Motor info; Free Energy Experiments plans; Ambient Power Module (plans or assembled); G-Strain Amplifier; Temperature Wheel; Scalar Wave Generator plans; Cold Fussion Cell plans

Other Products by Future Horizons

Alphabetical Categories

  • Alternative Fuels - fuel from water; fuel saver
  • Anti-gravity - magnetically levitated model train; ion propulsion motor; Hamel generator plans, book, video; Carr flying saucer booklet; space warp experiment; projects; Ionocraft plans; anti-gravity patents; magnetic levitator.
  • Bionics - Pittman; Exoskeleton Springwalker; Armored Battlesuit Video
  • Flying Saucers - Geobat Flying Saucer plans, video, manual.
  • High-Voltage - plans for Van de Graff Generator (medium and large); High-voltage power supply; EMF detector; Tesla Coil; Wimhurst Machine; High Voltage D.C. Generator; Tesla's Lost Inventions (booklet); Tesla Radio (booklet)
  • Hoverboards - plans or fully assembled, design notes; hovercraft plans
  • Jetpacks - Hiller Flying Platform info; Flying Jetpack plans, fully assembled pending
  • [1] - laser pistol plans or fully assembled
  • Lightsabers - plasma tubes.
  • New-Age Medicine - Rife Machine plans or fully assembled; Rife frequency chart; Bio-Stimulator (acupuncture w/o needles) plans or fully assembled.
  • Psionics - ELF Goggles (Tune your mind beyond time and space into altered states of awareness) plans or assembled; Neurophone booklet or unit; brainwave receiver; lucid dream goggles; astral projection kit; wishing machine; electric mind control; and more.
  • Pyrotechnics - Nitrogen Triiodide; fireworks; smoke bombs; skyrockets; gunpowder; incendiaries; stink bomb; Roman candles
  • Strange Science - air speaker system plans; EMP(electromagnetic pulse) info about shielding; Clark coil plans; Reich cloudbuster
  • Surveillance - radar speed jammer; wrist radio; HBO Descrambler; voice stress analyzer; olive mic; pocket pager; traffic light buster plans or fully assembled]
  • Time Travel - Hyper Dimensional Resonator induces out of body travel (unit fully assembled); Philadelphia Experiment reconstruction; Time Travel Machine plans; Zero Vector flux capacitor plans; more
  • UFOs - UFO Detector plans
  • Ultrasonics - Sonic Devastator, fully assembled, riot control; Ultrasonic Hearing plans; Ultrasonic Radar plans

Related Coverage

list any other sites that might pertain to future horizons


Future Horizons Inc.
24 hr order line 888-449-5197; fax (906) 249-1525
To order a catalogue for $3.00 usd
P.O. Box 125
Marquette MI 49855 USA

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