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Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
March 5, 2014

On March 4, I send the following message to

I've had a lot of people over the years inquire about the Hendershot Generator plans, asking if they are real.
From the lack of people successfully reporting on being able to replicate the design, I've presumed that it is a hoax, though we would all wish for it to be for real.
I've prepared a page at PESWiki about it, which featured exotic free energy technologies. We also expose hoaxes. I will be putting two questions to my audience as to whether or not any of them have 1) tried building it, and 2) whether or not it worked.
It would help if you could put me in touch with two or three (more would be better, of course) people who have independently replicated this and are producing power, and who can provide evidence to that effect, such as A) witness statements, B) videos of it running stuff, C) photos of it installed and powering stuff.
On your facebook page, you say "Thousands are Doing it Already". I've not been able to find any videos of an independent replication anywhere, powering anything.
There are a lot of replication attempts.
A lack of adequate response will be seen as probable admittance of guilt.

Validated Replications
zero, but waiting, as of March 4, 2014

Note to our readers. While this Hendershot fuelless generator is probably a bust (wish it were real), I'm working on a feature page about a solid state technology that has been replicated, is open source, and looks very promising, that in some ways resembles this Hendershot system. So many awesome things happening right now. Hard to keep on top of it all.


Official Websites


Time-Laps by

  • (YouTube; December 13, 2012) [Note that the words "Tech" and "Hoax" are jumbled in the YouTube randomly assigned digits]

Full-length Instruction Video

Skeptical Observations

AC Power?

Some might point that that the power is delivered through a standard receptical and powers a television, which you would think would require clean AC power to properly operate.

Just a minute prior to this, they show the power to the lights going up and down, as the coils on the slider are adjusted.

To then immediately go to the step of powering a TV is a huge leap, without first checking that the power output is at the required voltage and frequency.

Bear in mind, though, that most modern electronics actually run on DC power, and the tranformer converts a wide range of AC power to DC. For this reason, I can use the same transformer for my Dell laptop in the US, Brazil, Europe, with their differing power outputs. I don't know if this would be true of that brand of TV they show allegedly running off the Hendershot generator.

Elaborate Hoax

Stefan Hartman notes:

The schematics is just the old Herdershot schematics with no additional input or scope shots or anything new and there is probably another guy in the room, who controls a variac when the main guy pushes the 2 coil assembly back and forward...
But at minute 2:25:20 they made an error, just look at it, how suddenly for a part of a second the light comes fully on, although the 2 coils unit is still far away from the back plate magnet.... So I think this is a most elaborate hoax to suck money out of gullible persons....

Replication Attempts

YouTube shows quite a few videos of attempts. None that I checked resulted in a working system.

  • [may be the video that inspired the plans above] - Here is my attempt at building Hendershot's fuelless generator coil. The experience of trying to build this instilled in me the feeling that Hendershot had carefully designed this. There are "secrets" to his design, lost to time. (morpher44; July 9, 2009)
    • a lot of hendershot videos on his channel during this time.
  • - [Good looking replication] We have built this reproduction of the Hendershot Fuelless Generator and it is ready to start producing energy. At present we are not sure how to start the resonance circuit off originally. Is this done by just moving the two coils on the slider closer to the magnet, as shown in the 52-page eBook? Or is it necessary to bring in a high-frequency starter coil, perhaps generated from a neon light power supply that is used in some of the Tesla-type experiments? (Lindisfarne122112; May 12, 2013)

In the News

  • (The hyperlink is missing because this points to the present page)
    Featured: Electromagnetic >
    Hendershot Fuelless Generator Guide -- Do You Know of any Successful Replications? - I doubt any of you have not seen advertisements for this system that allegedly powers a bank of lights then a flat screen TV. While it is likely a scam, we're asking for evidence for successful replications. (PESWiki; March 5, 2014)

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