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Gray Water Recycling at Home

EnviroSink diagram
EnviroSink diagram
Homes and even towns should be fitted with two drainage systems in the plumbing: one for the sewer, and one for gray water. The gray water, such as from showers and washing machines, could then be collected and treated if necessary, then used for use in gardening or lawns and other landscape watering needs.

There are various health and environmental risks if you do not use gray water safely. Choose phosphate-free or low-phosphate household cleaners and detergents.

Another plumbing modification that would require a simple holding tank, would be to use safe gray water to flush toilets, rather than culinary water.

In homes already built without such a system, alternate means, though not as efficient, can be employed to collect the gray water for these uses.



Featured Site

  • Wikipedia:Greywater
  • Recycling Gray Water Onto Home Gardens - Addresses: what percentage of watering should be from gray water? which gray water is best? detergents? disease? how to apply water? how to transport? (University of Massachusetts)
  • Water Storage Tips from the Dollar Stretcher - Ideas include: collecting water from drain spout, collecting bath and shower water while water is warming, reducing garden's water needs, collecting water from dehumidifier, collecting water from rinse cycle on washing machine, using gray water to flush toilets.
  • Green Trust's Greywater site - Greywater systems set-up, describing diy systems using reefbeds, and some commercial greywater systems


  • Grey is Green - The collection and reuse of greywater will not cost you or the environment any more than the initial use. This results in a significant water savings for your home, a reduction of your carbon footprint, and a cost savings to you, as well. (Grey is Green; Nov. 14, 2008)


Toilet-Sink Combos

  • Grey water recycling by Brac Systems - Collects water from shower drains, bathtubs and laundry, then filters and pumps it through a dedicated supply line to the toilet tanks for flushing, reducing average household water consumption by a third. It is designed into the plumbing of new construction and existing residential homes.
  • Aqua2use Greywater System - Collects shower, bath and laundry water, filters it for use on gardens and yards. Unique multi stage Matala filtering system proven for effectiveness in over 40 countries. Easy to install ans simple to use.
  • Sink-to-Toilet Combo - A simple way to optimize water usage without setting up a costly gray water system. The sink uses the inflow of water headed to refill the toilet bowl. You can therefore use the water twice by washing your hands in it before it fills the bowl. One-size-fits-all retrofit available.
  • Nubian Water Systems - Recycle up to 60% of your household water with an OASIS GT600 Greywater treatment system. The system can be installed beside your house, requiring no excavation or disruption to your garden. It is as easy to install as a hot water system or other household appliance. Recycling options include: toilet flushing, above ground irrigation and car washing.

Composing Toilets

  • Sun Mar Composting Toilets- "Requires no sewer, water, chemicals and ideal for home or vacation usage."
  • Envirolet Composting Toilets - "Does not burn, use chemicals or require a septic tank. Ideal for your cottage, cabin, home, business and more." Waterless & low water models.

Rainwater Harvesting

  • Water Works UK GROW - Green Roof Water Recycling System (GROW), composed of a roof-module with (beautiful and indiginous) waterpurifying plants, the required piping, water tanks (1 green and 1 grey water tank) and implementations onto the water circuit and machines, so that it becomes (near) closed circuit.

Gray Water Filtration

  • DEKA's Project Slingshot Water Purifier invented by Dean Kamen; works by slinging the water around to filter it and then condense it. A stirling electricity generator that works on cow dung alongside (seperate) of the water purifier is invented aswell to power the water purifier.

Water diversion systems and wetparks

Magazine Articles

  • Tap into Water Savings - Article about using household gray water. Lists lists safety issues, rules and regulations, and a resource list. (Mother Earth News; August/September 2004)

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