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A directory of technologies and resources pertaining to Honda's work with free energy and breakthrough renewable energy technologies.



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    What Ever Happened to These Honda Energy Breakthroughs? - "The turbine generator was small enough to hold in one hand but powerful enough to power a large office building or a residential city block. ...Honda/Japan was also very interested in 'flight weight' anutronic nuclear fusion reactors and mining asteroids. My group had all the books of John Searl and Victor Shauberger in our office space." (PESN; April 30, 2012)

Concept Videos

  • Fuel Efficiency / Alt Fuels / Trends >
    Honda: Racing Against Time - In their Dream the Impossible promotional video series (advertised on our site), Honda talks about the "racing spirit" and how it brings out the best in people to accomplish phenomenal things. The ultimate race, they point out, is to find an alternative to oil for propelling our transportation -- long before we run out of oil. (Honda; July, 2010)

Natural Gas Fill-up at Home

  • Fill Up Civic GX at Home - Honda Civic GX, awarded "America's Greenest Car", runs on clean, domestic natural gas. The Phill home refueling unit hooks into the home natural gas supply, and pressurizes it for fuelling the vehicle, taking 16 hours when empty, giving a 220-250 mile range. (Honda)

Home Hydrogen Generator

Solar Hydrogen

See Directory:Solar_Hydrogen#Honda

  • Honda FCX Fuel Cell Car Powered by the Sun - Hydrogen produced from a 700 square foot solar array at a custom filling station is capable of supporting 200 miles per week -- the national average. Range 170 miles. Prototypes: $2 mil each. (LA Times; Aug. 29, 2004) [free subscription required to access]

Acetone Fuel Additive Tests for Mileage Improvement

  • Directory:Acetone:Honda:Del Sol:Robert - Jun 12, 2009 – Certainly one factor in my baby's longevity is that it's a Honda. But clearly indicated is that acetone usage, after 220000 miles, is not damaging ...
  • Directory:Acetone:2004 Honda Pilot - Aug 10, 2005 – 2004 Honda Pilot AWD 3.5 v-6. Preliminary report from just miles since adding acetone; reports mileage going from 20 to 25 mpg with mixture ...
  • Directory:Acetone:Honda Accord Wagon - Jul 30, 2008 – Report of Acetone' Effect on Mileage and Performance in Honda ... Honda Accord Wagon 2.2L I4 1996; ratio(s) of acetone used (3.5oz / 10 gal) ...
  • Directory:Acetone:Honda Accord Sedan - Oct 7, 2005 – Report by ___ of Acetone' Effect on Mileage and Performance in Honda Accord Sedan. "Waiting for the first tank to post results." (Sept. 30, 2005) ...
  • Directory:Acetone:Honda del Sol - Sep 9, 2005 – Directory:Acetone:Honda del Sol ... 1994 Honda del Sol. Started the Acetone addative in June of 2005. I am currently on my 18th tank.
  • Directory:Acetone:Don SCL - Jul 12, 2005 – I have a 1991 honda civic hatchback with 162000 miles on it. I purchased this car for 800 bucks and then put a timing belt, alternator, plugs, ...
  • Directory:Acetone:please3mta3 - Sep 9, 2005 – My wife drives a 2003 Honda Element Realtime. It does about 375 km before filling up, meaning when the empty light goes on she fills the tank, ...
  • Directory:Acetone:Pascal - Aug 15, 2005 – I'm driving a Honda Odyssey 2000 with 170000KM on it. Noticed engine is running smoother and slight increase in performance when using ...

Fuel Cells

Exhaust Heat Exchanger

  • Honda has received a patent on an exhaust heat exchanger that harnesses the heat energy from the exhaust through a thermal exchange, which can then be converted into electrical energy through a thermal electric process or to drive a turbine/generator.

Electric Vehicle Recharging Stations

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