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The following information is posted with the intent of accumulating evidence. Does this system work? No supportive data has yet been found in our brief survey of the net. If you know of documented evidence, please let us know. Thanks. -- Sterling D. Allan (Aug. 22, 2006)
As of Nov. 8, 2006, the company has not responded to a request for documentation of claims. This system seems high on hype and low on science. -- Sterling D. Allan

The HydroStar advertisements are extremely misleading. The websites sell plans and not kits, nor parts, nor provide customer support. No purchase should be made from these websites prior to fully reading the information available on this page! Nseidm1 01:00, 6 Dec 2006 (EST). Upon further investigation, one of their websites is providing overwhelmingly misleading information; they overuse "special" terminology, and the entire text has "fantastic" overtones. The technology is straight forward and not fantastic, and to place such overtones ruins the credibility of the operation.

HydroStar Conversion Kit

HydroStar Conversion Kit by Howard & Associates contains a full set of plans of how to retrofit an existing engine. System creates a Hydrogen/Oxygen mixture through a special electrolysis process. The heart of the system entails a "Hytronics" module, the closely-guarded secret, which entails high-energy pulses of electrical power, of precise frequency and duration for the electrolysis process. From what we can gather, the H/O is injected into the air intake, to catalyze a much more efficient burning of fuel, measurably increasing mileage.

94-page instruction manual teaches you how to build the HydroStar and where to get the parts for it.

Dealer sites claim 50 - 300 mpg capability. No data found yet to support that claim.


Official Website


Dealer Sites

How it Works

For information on how to use the electrolysis process to generate a hydrogen-oxygen gas mixture, and links to companies doing it, see Directory:Brown's Gas.

For information on how to run vehicles on the H/O gas, running the gas into the air intake, to catalyze more effective burning of the gas or diesel, along with links to companies producing products that implement this approach, see Directory:Fuel Efficiency Hydrogen Injection.

How-it-Works Descriptions from Dealer Sites

Diagram of Hydrostar process, excerpt from manual.Source:
Diagram of Hydrostar process, excerpt from manual.

The following description is highly questionable.

"Exceedingly simple. Water is pumped as needed to replentish and maintain the liquid level in the chamber. The electrodes are vibrated with a 0.5-SA electrical pulse which breaks 2(H20) ---> 2H2 + 02. When the pressure reaches say 30-60 psi, you turn the key and go. You step on the pedal, you send more energy to the electrodes, and thus more vapour to the cylinders; i.e. fuel vapour on demand. You set the idle -max flow rate to get the most efficient use of power." [1]

For additional description of the alleged process involved, see



Easy-to-find Parts:

  • Hydrogen Generator - It's case is made of 6" PVC pipe. It's available at all building supply stores and costs next to nothing. And, being only about 10" long, it's compact enough to fit under the hood of almost any vehicle. Location isn't critical; you can even mount it in the trunk.
  • Water Reservoir - Any old large can or jar will do the job, but a 5 to 10 Gallon plastic gas can is perfect.
  • Hytronics - No High cost or exotic electronic parts are used in the HydroStar. You can find everything at a local Radio Shack, Circuits-R-Us, or DigiKey store. Or buy online from dozens of mail order suppliers.


According to

The original concept for the HydroStar™ was conceived by a small group of scientists, engineers and inventors in Canada. They were determined to do something meaningful about their deteriorating environment, but couldn't obtain any real help or funding from government sources. So they decided they themselves would do something about it. The HydroStar™ is one result, but one very important result of their personal funding and efforts.



According to

"You must be ABSOLUTELY SATISFIED or the purchase price will be refunded for up to One Full Year. If not happy with your purchase, just return it for refund."


As found at

  • You purchase these plans and use them at your own risk.
  • We believe these plans to work as stated. We provide these plans for information purposes only as an alternative energy method. As we are Infopreneurs, we are not automotive technicians and do not provide technical support on installation or trouble-shooting of the HydroStar System or its components. We cannot guaranteee your results when constructing the HydroStar system as this depends on your level of knowledge and expertise in implementing the HydoStar System plans.
  • Warning: The production and use of hydrogen has the potential to be risky and potentially dangerous.
  • By purchasing and using the HydroStar System plans you AGREE that you are assuming all liability and hold *** and all of its affiliates and agents harmless in the event of any malfunction or mishap in the implementation of the HydroStr System plans.



  • User:Hydrocar - I made a unit using a 5 gallon plastic pail.put a 3/8 plastic line to feed into the air intake system of my diesel engine.runs around 30 amps didn't put a divider in. Temperature of the water runs around 180 degrees. Increased my fuel milage about 25% (Feb 08 2006)


  • Results - "Sorry But my opinion: This Whole Design is Faulty. I SERIOUSLY Doubt anyone has this Actual Circuit Working." (Chemelec, Oct 8 2004)

Disambiguation (different "HydroStar" from above)

  • HydrostarÆ Motors - The Hydrostar Motor is of a radial piston design that gives a Low Speed High Torque (LSHT) output. This very durable work horse is used in a wide variety of applications from fishing to forestry, mining to marine, recycling to shredders, conveyors and railroad equipment.

In the News


On Aug. 22, 2006, New Energy Congress member, Sterling D. Allan wrote:

The press releases and promotional sites are deceptive. They make it sound like this system enables one to run a vehicle on water -- without any fuel, when what is actually taking place is a hydrogen assist that makes the fossil fuel consumption more efficient. The titles, "Free fuel source for your car", and "How to run your car on water" gives the impression that water is the only fuel, and that it is free. Even if water was the only fuel, it is not free. Further, even if the vehicle were running only on the h/o gas produced by electrolysis, the energy consumed in electrolysis is not free, and is actually quite inefficient.

Furthermore, the dealer sites talk as if this is the only technology capable of accomplishing this feat. However, there are actually a significant number of approaches very much like this one. See Directory:Fuel Efficiency Hydrogen Injection

The sites are high on hype and low on scientific details about how it works and why.


How does this device compare to the H2 Power Core at It seems to me they may be the same device? What would be more practical and cost effective? Build my own HydroStar or just get a ready made H2 Power Core? See Discussion page


Howard & Associates
12418 Roosevelt Blvd.
Perrysburg, OH 43551

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