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We recommend: - Brother Andrew's review of the field (he also sells a unit at
We recommend: - Brother Andrew's review of the field (he also sells a unit at
See also News:Hydroxy | Directory:Fuel Efficiency Hydrogen Injection
Preface Note 
This page needs a clean-up. Hydroxy is a hot field, with a lot of action and great players. The arrangement of material here doesn't do it justice. -- Sterling D. Allan, Sept. 14, 2010

Directory of technologies and resources relating to hydroxy of HHO gas injection into the air intake of internal combustion engines (whether in vehicles or generators) for improving performance (e.g. mileage). The production of the hydroxy or HHO gas is typically via electrolysis.

Such modifications usually also require compensatory adjustments in the fuel mixture algorithms of the vehicle, which entails modifying the vehicle's ECU.

"The quest is to run the car completely on hydroxy. Stanley Meyers allegedly accomplished that. I don't know of anyone who is presently doing it.
"For the most part, hydroxy appears to catalyze a more efficient burn of the petrol being used. And not all electrolysis is created equal. Some approaches are more efficient than others. Some even tap into environmental energy. The Stanley Meyers version, for example, would have had to have done that.
"There is a misrepresentation in the sale of eBooks claiming to 'run your car on water.] Without the above caveats, I think it is deceptive marketing." -- Sterling D. Allan, March 1, 2010

Two closely-related directories are




  • Events > Fuel Efficiency > HHO >
    4th Annual Hydrogen Fuel Rally Oct. 12-13, 2012 - "Come join us in the HHO rally run in Carlsbad, New Mexico. This is our fourth year, and they get larger each year. There will be seminars on HHO and fuel chemistry. There will be fuel vaporizers and fuel reformers on display. We not only show and sell, we do the actual driving and pay out to the top 3 best mpg improvement [vehicles] using an HHO or HHHN cell." (pecostwister)
  • Events > Fuel Efficiency > Hydroxy >
    The HHO Games and Exposition 2011 - This year's expo, titled: "The New Wave of HHO", will be held at the world-famous Sarasota Classic Car Museum in Florida from November 11-13, 2011; 9AM - 5PM daily; bringing together scientists, inventors, and backyard mechanics; demonstrating the technology of using hydrogen generators to improve the efficiency of vehicles while reducing emissions. Dr. Howard Phillips will be speaking. (
  • Featured / Events: Fuel Efficiency > Hydroxy > HHO Games >
    The HHO Games at EarthFest 2010 - The HHO Games at EarthFest 2010 being held April 22 at State College of Florida is a low-cost opportunity for HHO developers to show and sell their kits to a large audience amid the publicity associated with a Guinness World Record attempt to collect plastic bottles. (PESWiki; Feb. 22, 2010)


Open Source

  • Peter Crunk Demonstrates His HHO + Natural Gas Set-up - Peter Crunk of HHO Gas Technology LLC contacted me on Skype and offered to show me something he was sure I've never seen before. He's got a very impressive collection of Brown's Gas equipment by Epoch. (Free Energy Blog; April 25, 2014)
  • Featured: Fuel Efficiency > Water as Fuel > Hydroxy >
    Self-Looped Anton HHO Cell System - Some researchers in Germany have excited the forums with their announcement of being able to self-run a 1000-watt generator from the HHO gas generated from the Anton electrolysis process. So the electrolysis unit produces HHO gas which runs a genset, and the electricity produced then runs the electrolysis unit. (PESWiki; April 27, 2010) (Comments)

Vehicle Mileage Boosting Technologies

  • Ultimate Cell hydroxy story in EuroNews - This is definitely one of the more professional news story about a company that seems to be the furthest along in their rate of sales. HHO is maturing, making it into the mainstream without looking crazy any more. (Free Energy Blog; June 19, 2014)
  • Epoch Energy HHO wins globe energy award - This technology has won the globe energy award 3 times, the hho technology the affordable, practical and available now!! This is the answer to high cost of fuel and pollution. HHO generators are available from ebay!! (Free Energy Blog; November 11, 2013)
  • Feature: Water > as Fuel > Hydroxy > Welton Myers >
    Creative Energy System's Duel Fuel System - Creative Energy Systems, of Utah, is performing test installations of a set of technologies they call the Duel Fuel System. The DFS system, through the use of hydroxy gas and fuel modification, is claimed to allow for improvements in gas mileage of over 50%, and in some cases up to 100%, or higher. (PESN and BeforeItsNews; October 22, 2011)
  • Feature: Water > as Fuel > Hydroxy > WITTS >
    WITTS Water Powered Car Video Posted - WITTS (World Improvement Through the Spirit Ministries) has posted a video of a car they claim is running off pure water -- and nothing else. Unlike some who have claimed to be able to run a car off a mixture of water and gasoline, they claim to be able to run a vehicle off water alone. (PESN; October 23, 2011)
  • Featured: Water as Fuel / Hydroxy >
    Running electric generators on nothing but water - The 16,000+ member Watercar Yahoo! group has recently been discussing a couple of new claims of people running a several-kW generator that usually runs on fossil fuel, but running it on hydroxy and water mist instead, producing several kilowatts of electrical power. (PESN; Dec. 22, 2009)
  • Hydrogen Generation Technologies - This company is located in Dallas TX, was establishished in 2007. It is the maker of the H2-Hydro-Gen an Automotive Hydrogen Generator and Delivery System. With it's Multi-Tube-Electrode design it offers a high Hydrogen production at lower amps than any other device on the market.

  • Featured / OS: Joe Cell / Fuel_Efficiency > H Boost >
    The Moe-Joe Spherical Joe Cell - Moshe Daniel, inventor/designer of the Moe-Joe Cell, has placed his project here at PESWiki, sharing some of the special features of the Moe-Joe cell and how it is an improvement over the cylindrical-type cells in the Joe Cell technology world. (PESWiki; April 4, 2009)
  • Independent Report on Water4Gas - Ebook by Ozzy Freedom provides instructions on how to build an on-board electrolizer to provide hydroxy gas to inject into the air intake of a vehicle for improved mileage and performance, as well as reduced emissions. How does it compare to other systems, kits, plans? (PESWiki; March 10, 2008)
  • Water4Gas for Diesel Cars and Trucks - Ozzie Freedom's free online book shows you how to adapt your truck/van or any other diesel engine to run with less fuel via hydroxy technology which uses onboard electrolysis to run the H-H-O gas into the air intake to effect a more complete burn of the diesel. The ebook has lots of pictures, showing step by step here how to install the device at home.
  • Hydrogen Junkie - The booster is called the B3 (Bob Boyce Booster) after the designer of the cell. This cell is extremely efficient.
  • Featured: Fuel Efficiency > Hydrogen Injection >
    Hy-Drive boosts truck mileage - Hy-Drive Technologies, a publicly traded company that for a decade has been developing on-board hydrogen boost technology, has announced accredited third-party validation as well as test results from recent beta testing on 5.9-7.3-litre engine sizes, where they saw improvements in mileage by an average of 20%. (PESWiki; Nov. 1, 2008)
  • Energy Builders
  • Sierra H2O Hybrid - Their fuel cell is constructed of a clear, ultra high heat, high strength Polycarbonate case and is capable of putting out between .5 LPM at 5 Amps to 2.5 LPM at 35 Amps.
  • HAFC: Hydro Assist Fuel Cell kit - The HAFC kit presently for sale combines three fuel saving technologies along with a sophisticated computerized emission system optimizer. It includes 1) an electrolysis unit for on-board hydrogen injection; 2) a vaporizer/ionizer using magnets; and 3) additives that include acetone and xylene.
    • LTD's challenge to HAFC critics - HAFC hydrogen boost dealer, Jeff Otto, lays down the gauntlet regarding the company (UCS of A)'s guarantee of a 50% improvement in mileage, asking for any skeptic to come forward with $5000 cash to matched by him in the same amount. Winner takes all. (PESWiki; March 28, 2008)
  • Oasis Aqua Gen - Limit your carbon footprint to "ZERO" with the complete combustion of your present fuel source using HHO GAS. Increases in MPG from 10% to 40% are possible using HHO GAS with "NO" damage to your engine.
  • Zero Point Unlimited's Hydrogen Booster - ZPU is pursuing research and development of the Stanley Meyer Hydrogen fuel cell, a method of obtaining the release of a gas mixture including hydrogen and oxygen. Units for sale. (PESWiki; June 19, 2008)
  • H2O Hybrid Pro - Internal combustion retrofit hydrogen generator kits for both diesel and gasoline engines. Make any vehicle a hybrid. Focused mainly on Diesel Trucks. Also has developed a hydroxy torch and hydroxy home heater system.
  • Smack Booster hydroxy injector - Another on-board electrolysis system provides hydroxy gas at a rate of 100 liters per hour, to go into the air intake, which is said to improve mileage and decrease emissions. The Smack booster plans are available for free, and it costs very little to build yourself. Also, a kit is available for $200.
  • Get Hydro Power (.com) - Next generation hydrogen boost technology announced, with present performance in range of 15% to 50% improvement in fuel economy. Latest innovation may boost that to between 50% and 100% mileage improvement.
  • Bob Boyce System Replications Reporting 40-60% mpg Increases - Another update by Michael Couch on various developments in the water fuel cell field, in which hydroxy gas from electrolyzed water is added to the air intake of a vehicle. The teamwork resembles the days of pre-Apple computer collaboration. (PESN; Nov. 29, 2007)
  • Mileage Results from Hydroxy Boost Addition - Robert Pritchett reports on experimentation with a Ford E350 Cargo Van dubbed the "Hindenburg II" as he transforms it from an ugly duckling fuel liability to a smooth-gliding fuel-efficient goose. (PESWiki; May 23, 2008)
  • Hydrogen Technology Applications Inc - HyTech (nickname for Hydrogen Technology Applications Inc) claims a process of converting H20 to HHO, producing a gas that combines the atomic power of hydrogen with the chemical stability of water. Tightly related to Brown's Gas technology.
  • HydroStar Electrolysis Conversion Kit - Plans being sold for installing what is essentially a Brown's gas unit on car, to run H/O mixture into air intake, enhancing fuel combustion for mileage enhancement. Questionable dealer site claims and wording, data lacking.
  • Oxy Hydrogen - Add-on unit increases fuel economy by an average of 15 - 28 %.
  • HyZor by Eagle-Research replaces some fuel with water.
  • HyPower Fuel - The design of the HyPower Pak® makes it easily installed on any internal combustion engine, regardless of the fuel source. It is a closed chamber unit that produces hydrogen and oxygen on demand.
  • H2 N-Gen by Innovative Hydrogen Solutions.
  • Hydro-Gen™ users report an average 21% improvement in their gas mileage.
  • Hydrogen Innovations - The HydroGen system provides a cleaner, leaner burn, which gives you a 15% to 40% increase in fuel efficiency.
  • H To Go - MAPSOE electrolysis units produce Hydrogen from water on board a vehicle, enhancing the fuel economy of gasoline, diesel or bio-diesel internal combustion engines and minimizing emission levels. Test data shows up to 73% more mpg with the hydrogen unit. Distributed in New Zealand by Vision Energy. See also Hydro-charger
  • HydroGator - Hydrogen fuel saver add-on supplement provides 12->35% average (highway up to >50%) fuel savings.
  • HydroCharger - A bolt-on hydrogen fuel generator module (size 12x12x12") that can be placed in a car trunk, truck bed, back of SUV or even mounted in engine compartment if desired. Designed to passively utilize your computerized fuel manangement system to increase gas mileage, clean engine.
  • Hydro Assist Fuel Cell - The HAFC is a combination of several technologies. One of these technologies is a unit that extracts a Hydrogen-Oxygen mixture from distilled water. The HAFC adds extra hydrogen to the fuel mixture, which burns easily and powerfully and enriches your fuel mixture, giving you added mileage and power. The added oxygen also increases the octane level of your fuel. A Dennis Lee product.
  • MileageMaker - Our electrolyzing hydrogen and oxygen generator splits the gases in H2O (water) through the input of excess electrical output from your alternator. This excess electrical output is generated by your alternator whether you use it or not. Our MileageMaker generator simply allows you to stop wasting the excess energy and uses the energy to split the electrolyte into combustible gases.
  • Green Future Technology - The GFT Hydrogen Generator® turns any internal combustion engine into a virtual hydrogen-hybrid. It burns tap water only, not distilled water mixed with electrolytes, giving 20% to 40% better mileage.
  • Hydraficient - This multi-electrode array design offers higher Hydrogen production than any other device on the market while requiring no electrolyte, maintaining low power requirements, operating at lower heat production, and maintaining the lowest cost per liter of production available.

Water Pump

Home Heating Technologies

  • Featured: Hydroxy / LENR >
    Justin Church's H-Cat - In January, Justin launched an open source design he instigated that involves venting hydroxy or HHO gas -- un-ignited -- through a catalytic converter (the kind used in automobiles) -- in ambient conditions -- and generating significant heat in the process, which is probably LENR, given its platinum/palladium in the presence of energetic H (Brown's Gas). (PESWiki; March 9, 2014)

Supplemental to Hydroxy Boosting


Affiliate Programs

  • Financial Resources > Hydroxy >
    George Wiseman Launches Affiliate Program - The biggest advantage of having our own Affiliate program is that we can give our Affiliates a commission on everything, all our books, resources and products. As you sign up (it’s FREE) and start to use the program, please help us make it better by pointing out issues and contributing your suggestions. (PureEnergyBlog; February 25, 2013)


  • - "We commercialize HHO kit and generators made in Europe and we ship worldwide." (Aug. 2014)
  • Hydrogen Booster Kit HHO Store (Direct Retailer) is one of the only retailers of on board vehicle hybrid fuel systems which carries more than one brand of kits. Above Technology coined the term electrolytic injection to describe the products in order to give some consistency to the terms used by the industry. Above Technology carries pre-built kits and supplies from reputable manufacturers.
  • Fuel Efficiency > HHO > Store - Stefan Hartmann has posted an integrated Amazon Store on his forum site. "There you can get great HHO kits for your car to use less fuel." (; December 21, 2011)
  • [Yahoo HHO Store]-HHO Store offers the technology to convert your car or truck into a Hydrogen/Gas or Hydrogen/Diesel Hybrid. We sell one of the best Hydrogen Generator on the market today the H2-Hydro-Gen and some of the harder to find ancillary equipment if you were looking to build your own HHO System.


  • Fuel Efficiency > Scooters / H Injection >
    Hydroxy Moped Project at University of Wisconsin-Madison - Some egineering students with faculty supervision undertook some testing of some already-efficient, 90 mpg Vespa scooters, adding an on-board electrolysis system, ducting the hydrogen into the air intake; and documented an additional 10% improvement in mileage, attributing it to catalyzing a "more complete combustion". (Perspective, UW-M; Spring 2009)


"Not HHO"

  • HH2 hydrogen technology purports to turn any gas-guzzler into a hybrid - California-based HydroLectricPower claims its HH2 system ("not HHO") can turn just about any fossil-fuel-powered vehicle into an eco-friendly hybrid with the installation of a book-sized device that uses energy from the vehicle's 12-Volt battery to extract hydrogen and oxygen (separately) from distilled water, which are then blended with the existing fuel source to enhance fuel combustion inside the engine combustion chambers. (GizMag; Dec. 2, 2009)

Peer Reviewed

  • Featured: Water > Fuel Efficiency > Hydroxy >
    Hydroxy Becomes Hard Science - HHO Masters Thesis Approved - Ali Can Yilmaz, a graduate student at Cukurova University in Turkey, has had his Masters Thesis on the design and application of Hydroxy systems approved, and published in a peer-reviewed journal. This is a step forward in the fight to show that improving fuel efficiency via the use of hydroxy gas is hard science. (PESN; March 3, 2011)


  • Closed-Loop Water Fuel Cell - Moray B. King proposes a design that could take advantage of the purported electrolysis overunity systems. His scheme would be a self-running system with a mechanism of extracting the excess energy for practical use.


  • Humor > Electrolysis > Hydroxy >
    BoredShortsTV does Kid Snippet on Hydroxy - Yahoo! I get to introduce you to one of my favorite entertainment / down-time YouTube channels by a group here in Utah, BoredShortsTV, who have been cranking out some hilarious videos in which kids voices tell a story line, and the adults act out the story line, lip-syncing with the kids’ audio. In this one, they run an electrolysis system. (PureEnergyBlog; April 28, 2013)


Buyer Beware

  • Featured: Buyer Beware / Suppression > Hydroxy > Boyce >
    Action: Bringing Robert Potchen to Justice - Bob Boyce calls on the dealers and dissatisfied customers of renegade associate Bob Potchen to report their problems to their state attorney generals to bring Potchen to justice, as he has been discrediting the industry with his product that has been shown to actually decrease mileage rather than increase it. (PESWiki; Dec. 14, 2009)


  • Fuel Efficiency > Hydroxy or HHO >
    Savings or scam? Some say contraption lowers gas use - Ozzie Freedom, real name Eyal Siman-Tov, who sells the Water4Gas ebook about hydroxy technology, has been charged with violating Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act with his alleged 'bogus' info. Others vouch for the technology. (Sierra Vista Herald, Arizona; Jun 22, 2009) [Comment: Scientists should stop looking at the hydroxy systems in terms of adding more fuel, and instead consider it as an exotic catalyst.]


In the News

See News:Hydroxy - separate page


  • - Blog on the developments in hydrogen production and hydrogen (hho) fuel cells. How long has fuel cell research been going on? Almost a century.



  • Water > as Fuel > Hydrogen > Hydroxy >
    God give Hydrogen Convertes to all of mankind - On a TV program, It's Supernatural, a Christion visionary, Jason Westerfield, says: "Just as we had an industrial age, right now this generation will be known as the energy age... I saw some converters, that because of these [hydrogen] converters, every nation will be able to utilize and be self-sufficient in their own energy, and because of that, the world will not be dependent on oil, and we will see literally a global shift in power begin to take place." (Captain Willy; Oct. 31, 2008)


Shortcut url:

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
February 3, 2016

The future is here, it arrived at 11:30 a.m. PST in California today.

Zupancic's invention of the HH2 Hydrogen Farm = breaking water into fresh, powerful Hydrogen in any quantity needed using minimal power from the Sun, DC or vehicle Batteries permitting storage of the Hydrogen (using compression) in any quantity for uses at a later time.

HH2 Hydrogen storage banks may make it possible to create pure Hydrogen & Oxygen from water anywhere in the world. HH2 Pure Hydrogen can be made anywhere and at low energy using Zupancic's inventions. The HH2 systems are scale-able.

DEREK ZUPANCIC'S - HH2 ELEXON TM Electrodes are super-efficient in splitting the water bond instantly with minimal energy needed to extract pure Hydrogen from water anywhere in the world. The Electrode composition and design was given to Dr. Zupancic from somewhere above among the Stars and Planets.

Imagine a bank of HH2 ELEXON TM equipped modules, with matched pairs, 12, 24 or 64 daisy chained together in a HH2 Hydrogen Farm, portable or fixed that can supply unlimited pure Hydrogen for storage and later released to create electricity, heat and energy for any purpose. HH2 created Oxygen can be treated with UV to create a super powerful 03 to clean water of bacteria etc.

Remote locations can now have energy for lighting, cooking or heating using a HH2 cell (s) to supply just the right amount of stored Hydrogen that can be produced as needed. Suitable storage vessels exist that can be used for this purpose.

Solar roofed Trailers can be built with on board HH2 units for use in areas damaged by storms or other calamities. Self-contained vehicles with solar panels or wind for energy to generate pure Hydrogen created on the spot for instant use or even stored in various amounts for later uses.

HH2 Energy farms can be located anywhere, remote locations or even on platforms on barges or even Cruise or Container ships that can provide their own Hydrogen on board as needed.

There are a multitude of uses for this technology, Dr. Zupancic is prepared to create several entities for various modes of the HH2 embodiment with funding provided by the selected partners that meet his criteria for investment in these super energy producing systems. The HH2 Universe is here now.

Imagine tall buildings with their own Hydrogen Station located on their roof or areas that collect the sun, supplying energy for building operations.

The revolutionary technology needs to be refined, tested and approved for worldwide usage. A development entity would be needed to perfect the various configurations that may be possible using the Zupancic technology. This concept may eventually replace fixed Multi-million dollar Hydrogen Dispensing Systems.

Copyright 2015-2016 Derek Zupancic, HH2 Energy all rights reserved.

[See video below.]

Dr. Derek

Official Websites


Derek Zupancic's HH2 Elexon™ Electrolizes Water to Pure Oxygen and Hydrogen with 9-volt Battery

YouTube : bad video ID !



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Derek Zupancic
Phone: +1 818-340-4470
Email: [ %20Water%20Electrolizer]

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