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John Hutchison stands on the porch of his Vancouver apartment in Global News 6 archive footage.
John Hutchison stands on the porch of his Vancouver apartment in Global News 6 archive footage.
See also News:John Hutchison - chronological

"The Hutchison Effect, discovered in 1979, occurs as the result of radio wave interferences in a zone of spatial volume encompassed by high voltage sources, usually a Van de Graff generator, and two or more Tesla coils." (Mark A. Solis)

"Canadian inventor John Hutchison uses ultra-high electromagnetic frequencies to transform matter in interesting ways. The "Hutchison effect" is a form of levitation by translational movements, where objects become lighter and move around.

"Applications make use of zero point energy to power propulsion-type technologies. For example, a crystal energy converter interfaces with the jittering of zero point energy, powering motors that can scale up to many horsepower. Also, simple batteries that border on the paranormal are shown. Through harnessing electromagnetic frequencies, metals levitate and transmute into unknown metal types.

"This is very much on the outer edge of science, where a type of dimension shift is created at the subatomic level by conventional electrostatic, RF fields and Tesla waves which open up a keyway into time and space.

"Through the activated zero point energy fields and interdimentional gravitational waves, Hutchison shows us stainless steel bars falling apart and transmuting into unknown metals and objects (we see a 70-lb. cannon ball becoming weightless and floating)." (The Spirit of Maat; Feb 2002) "Free Energy — The Race to Zero Point" Video Review

While his technology is phenomenal, the many people who have tried to help wrap a business around the technology over the years have been unsuccessful due to John's "own worst enemy" character traits.


Official Websites

Semi-Official Sites


  • Anti-Gravity > Ken Shoulders / Hutchison > Effect >
    John Hutchison interviews Ken Shoulders, September 2010 - Ken Shoulders, father of MicroElectronics, grants a RARE interview and discusses his current work: EVOs (exotic vacuum objects), the Hutchison Effect, anti-gravity, frontier science and errors in Cold Fusion. [The Hutchison Effect (EVOs) may be able to eliminate the nuclear contamination from Fukushima.] (YouTube ; May 25, 2011)
  • UFOs / Anti-Gravity > Hutchison >
    The Hutchison Effect, Antigravity & Tesla Technology - Experimental nuclear physicist Dr. Bob Koontz, and independent researcher John Hutchison discussed antigravity, Tesla technology, UFOs, free energy, and how the Philadelphia Experiment may have been possible using suppressed techniques. (Coast to Coast AM; August 31, 2010)


Fundraising for Open Source Project

Videos - John's official channel

(9.21 minutes)

  • Cymatics and use of frequencies to manipulate material, some say this is used as a modern weapon discreetly, and for other purposes.(Dec. 5, 2006)

- - - -

(5:11 minutes)

  • John Hutchison on TechTv - Science - "Invent This" program pays a visit to John's apartment. Describes "petro-electrical effect" behind his "crystal cells" that are rocks turned into non-depleting batteries that tap ZP energy. (Google Videos; Feb 1, 2006)

- - - -

  • Hutchison Effect 2006 Remix - Never-before-seen footage in 2006 Remix-Edition. Must-see compilation features the classic levitation, jellification of metals, and transmutation effects in a montage of restored footage. (American AntiGravity; Jan. 2, 2005)

- - - -

- - - -

  • Brief video shows a very basic crystal power cell MADE FROM A ROCK. More later on how you can build your own crystal power cells. (YouTube; Jun 16, 2011)

Hutchison Effect

See PowerPedia:Hutchison_Effect

  • Featured: Conspiracy > 9/11 / Weather Warfare > Hutchison >
    Part II: Magnetometer on 9/11 Shows Exotic Weapons Evidence - On the days prior to September 11, 2001, the earth's magnetic field was quite stable, as Hurricane Erin tracked directly up the -15 line of that field toward New York City as a category 3 storm. Then on 9/11, the magnetic field readings went all over the place in 100% correspondence to WTC 1, 2, and later WTC 7 going largely to dust. (PESN; September 11, 2013)
    • Live interview with John Hutchison today 22-23 GMT about 9/11+ - We plan to talk about what role the Hutchison Effect had on 9/11, with the buildings going to dust; his recent work with radiation mitigation; what he accomplished down in the Gulf following the Deep Horizon spill... (Free Energy Blog; July 17, 2014)

Field Stress Detector

  • Featured: Plasma > Hutchison >
    John Hutchison's Field Stress Detector - This is actually something he dredged up from some work he did several years ago. Reading between the lines, one of the guys he was involved with was able to take this commercial but didn't remember John and his involvement in developing this technology. (PESWiki; July 13, 2014)





  • Featured: Hutchison >
    John Hutchison and Nancy Lazaryan ELOPE - After nearly a year together helping clear the polluted waters in the Gulf, using Hutchison apparatus and Lazaryan frequencies, the happy pair decided to elope. A brief mention of suspicious circumstances of Brian O'Leary's passing, which transpired the same day, possibly from murderous frequencies. (PESN and BeforeItsNews; August 4, 2011)

Fukushima Radiation Remediation

Separate index page:

  • Featured: Nuclear Remediation >
    John Hutchison's Work with Radiation Remediation - Since Fukushima, John and Nancy Hutchison have been working on ways to reduce the radiation that Fukushima has been emitting across the globe. Their "Ray Gun" has a range of several hundred miles. More recently, they have been deploying miniature "Johnny Tubes" which reduce radiation locally. (PESWiki; December 2, 2014)

Gulf Recovery Frequency Device

  • Featured: Anti-Gravity > John Hutchison >
    A chat with John Hutchison -- on anti-gravity and more - Walter has posted a dialogue he had with John while driving a couple of hours to their next Gulf waters pollution clearing work in Grand Isle. John reminisces about his experiences with anti-gravity and transmutation experimentation and reactions by neighbors, media, and government. (PESN; December 2, 2010)

Apartment Woes

  • Inventors > John Hutchison >
    John Hutchison lab equipment for sale on Ebay - The eccentric inventor of anti-gravity, transmutation, and other strange effects is posting a wide array of his military electronics equipment for sale, ranging from "Antenna Matching Unit--MINI-TESLA LAB!!!" (10 hours left on auction; pictured here), to a wide array of tubes (6 days left). (Ebay; October, 2011)
  • Inventors > John Hutchison > Apartment Woes >
    Archive: Global News Reports on Hutchison/Lazaryan Leaving Vancouver - Last year, Vancouver newsman, Mike McCardell prepared a brief splash about John Hutchison leaving his eccentric apartment that had been filled with submarine equipment that John had engineered to produce antigravity and other unique effects. Nancy Lazaryan is also shown mentioning John's crystal battery. Aired again recently. (YouTube / JohnKHutchson1; May 6, 2011)
  • Feature: Anti-Gravity > John Hutchison >
    Hutchison Effect Lab Sold - On the 11th we reported that John Hutchison was putting all the components needed to produce anti-gravity up for sale on eBay. Though that bid period ended without a sale, John says a couple of German groups have subsequently come forward to salvage what is left, even though it isn't likely to result in anti-gravity. "I'm not an inventor", John says. (PESN; July 28, 2010)
  • Feature: Anti-Gravity > John Hutchison >
    John Hutchison is selling his anti-gravity lab on eBay - Starting at a minimum bid of $50,000 USD, "this lab includes ALL OF THE COMPONENTS that I have used to produce anti-gravity, including many pieces of equipment that I built with my own hands. If you want me to come and set up the lab and show you how to operate the anti-gravity, there is an additional fee of $10,000". (PESN; July 11, 2010)
  • Officials Want to Close John Hutchison's Lab Again - Eccentric inventor, who has levitated all kinds of things, along with extracting voltage from rocks, is running into trouble with city officials again, just as a Fox news feature is about to film a feature there. He faced a similar dilemma back in Nov. 2003. (RumorMillNews; March 24, 2008)
  • Update - "The John Kenneth Hutchison's web site has been heavily updated recently. We invite you to explore the site. Thank-you to everyone who has had a part to play. (Thanks Adrien; Sept. 19, 2007)
  • Hutchison to be Interviewed on Feet2Fire - Live this Sunday evening, Feb. 12, 2006, three hours: 5-9 pm Pacific, available worldwide. "Many talk about Anti-Gravity... He is one who has done it, and has the film, and the Government Intervention to prove it!"
  • Hutchison Materials-Effects Photos - Tim Ventura took a road-trip to John's house in Vancouver to capture him on film and provide a more in-depth perspective of this controversial inventor. (American Antigravity; Sept. 2005)
  • GMF and the Hutchison Effect Explained - William Alek theorizes how complex magnetic fields associated with Gravitational Mass Fluctuations (GMF) will induce cold eddy currents in metals, causing them to melt at room temperature -- an effect demonstrated repeatedly by John Hutchison, who also demonstrates anti-gravity phenomenon with the effect.. (FreeEnergyNews; July 15, 2005)

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John Hutchison
{this is a very old address and phone; update pending permission, Nov. 2014}
727 5th Avenue #305
New Westminster, BC
Canada V3M 1X8
Phone/Fax: (604)524-4875


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