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Francois Kneider's Wave Energy Propeller Engine

External fin system taps the energy of waves to provide thrust energy for the craft. Benefits the craft by stabilizing the ride. Toy-size proof of concept prototype built. Possible open source project (for experimental purposes only; commercial applications will need to be authorized under contract).


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In the News

  • Kneider's Sea Wave Energy Propulsion Technology - Francois Kneider has build numerous proofs of concept of wave energy propulsion systems, and believes it could be a feasible system commercially for water craft. Offers intriguing directions for home experimenters. (PESN; Sept. 21, 2005)

Related Technologies

  • Wave Propulsion: Brief History and Remedy - French and Russian proponents of harnessing sea wave energy provide a short history, identifying why the approach has been abandoned by major entities, and suggesting how to revive this yet-to-be-fully-actualized approach. (PESN; Sept. 21, 2005)
  • The Clean Queen Of The Sea - Orcelle to be the first cargo ship in modern times to be run completely by sun, wind, and waves. Unveiling of first 820-foot long vessel, with cruise speed of 15 knots, expected next month. (Rense / The Telegraph, UK; March 13, 2005)


About Francois Kneider


Francois Kneider
Kneider Innovations, 13 Allee Nicolo Paganini, F.13880 Velaux, France
Phone: (33) 442 464 464


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