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Krystal Planet

Krystal Planet is the first (and currently, only) renewable energy company in the world that is using referral-based marketing to promote wind energy and energy-efficient products and services. Their flagship product is green tags, which are renewable energy certificates guaranteeing that a set amount of wind energy will go into the grid to replace dirty energy. Homes and businesses who buy green tags can legitimately claim that their house or business is run on 100% certified wind power.

Krystal Planet sells a monthly 1,000 kWh green tag subscription for $30/month, which is enough to power an average American household for a month. (Statistics here.) Roughly half of the $30 per month goes towards marketing -- paying the individuals who are promoting green tags. Roughly $5 goes to the company's overhead costs. The rest (roughly $10) goes toward the Green Tags program wherein they purchase, for example, new wind turbines from G.E. and have them installed for energy production into the grid to replace coal and other fossil fuel generation.

For an additional $20/month, a person can become a Krystal Planet distributor, getting an instantaneous website where they can sell green tags and other Krystal Planet products, which include: compact fluorescent lightbulbs, a fuel catalyst which guarantees a 10% increase in car mileage, high-efficiency home appliances, solar panels, a home energy audit, and a clean energy hydrogen system that can power your entire home.

Krystal Planet was founded by Troy Helming, who is its CEO, and who is also a founding member of New Energy Congress.


Official Websites

Choices for Signing Up

  • Krystal is the most widely-marketed internet team of Krystal-Planet, with direct connection to Troy Helming (CEO).
  • Click here for more information about purchasing Green Tags or joining as an Energy Consultant to benefit from our marketing efforts. For a toll-free recorded overview of the product and opportunity, please call 866-530-WIND (9463).

...Earn free elec. for life
...Eradicate pollution
...Create new jobs
...End rising energy costs
...Earn override on other people who choose Krystal Planet

In the News


  • Skeptics Page - As most MLMs, Krystal Planet has had its detractors and its challenges (e.g. Nov. 28, 2005 cease and desist order by Missouri Commissioner of Securities). This page is to give voice for their concerns, and allow Krystal Planet to respond if they wish.


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