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Legal Resources for Clean Energy Technologies



Resources for inventors and teams involved in alternative energy technology research, development, marketing.

FE Attorneys


Political Action Committee

Fraud Protection and Recovery

  • Securities Attorneys - Description: Find securities attorneys or law firms specializing in securities litigation. Cases handled including securities fraud, internet securities fraud, stock fraud, bonds fraud, mutual funds fraud, investment fraud and churning scams.
  • Investor Recovery Center - How an investor who has a problem with a stock broker can file an NASD arbitration complaint to recover losses from stockbroker fraud, misrepresentations, bad advice, unsuitable investment, churning, unauthorized trades, and misconduct, with or without an attorney. By a securities lawyer formerly with the SEC.
  • Arbitration and Investment Fraud Lawyer - Securities Arbitration and litigation. Claims against stockbrokers for securities fraud, churning, breach of fiduciary duty, sale of unsuitable investments. NASD/NYSE Arbitrations. National Practice. Free Consultation. Contingent Fee.
  • SecuritiesSleuth - Articles about securities fraud, stock fraud, broker fraud, pump and dump, scams, class action litigation, arbitration, and e-mail touts.


  • Common Law Contracts - A Primer - A recommended way of doing contracts for alternative energy groups, that brings responsibility back to the people and away from lawyers.


  • Wikipedia Wins Defamation Case - The judge found that 'Web site hosts cannot be liable under civil law because of information stored on them if they do not in fact know of their illicit nature.' (Slashdot; Nov. 2, 2007)

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