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Resource Information About Methanol


  • The Methanol Economy - The hydrogen economy -- with its vision of gas-guzzling engines replaced by hydrogen fuel cells that produce water instead of smog and greenhouse gases -- is a big mistake, according to George Olah, winner of the 1994 Nobel Prize in chemistry. (Technology review; March 2, 2006)

Methanol as an Alternative to Hydrogen

Methanol Fuel Cell

  • Methanol: The New Hydrogen - Advances in methanol synthesis, coupled with improved fuel cell technology, could make it a viable alternative to gasoline. (MIT Technology Review; Mar. 27, 2006)

Wikipedia Resources

Methanol Facilities

“…methanol is used in the production of additives for gasoline to reduce emissions.

How Much Corn Has To Be Harvested

“How much fuel can we grow?" …FOR THE PRODUCTION OF ETHANOL.



  • Cannabis Hemp as a Global Warming Solution - Proponents argue that easily grown and robust Cannabis Hemp is one of the best if not the very best plants overall for fuel, building supplies, medicine, fiber, food, paper, and substitute for wood. Some go so far as to argue that it could be the best solution to global warming.

Henry Ford's Use of Methanol and Ethanol

The Alcohols - Ethanol and Methanol

Methanol is Produced in Volcanoes and any hydrothermal sphere


“Alternative Energy Sources -''' Myths and Realities''

Research and Development

  • Gas Technologies LLC (GTL) - Converts methane into methanol in a single step with the GasTechno® process, obtaining higher efficiencies through an integrated recycle and an innovative reactor design. (GasTechno; Sept. 1, 2008)


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