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Moray B. King has written three seminal books regarding zero point energy.

"Moray is one of my top cavitation pupils" - Mark LeClaire of NanoSpire, August 30, 2012



  • ZPE > Water > Hydroxy >
    ZPE presentation by Moray King - Since the 1970’s, Moray King has given presentations on the possibility of tapping the zero-point energy (ZPE) as an energy source. Of course such a notion requires a definitive experiment to prove it can be done. With each presentation he has selected what he consider the best “easy” projects to try for researchers and hobbyists that could... (SmartScarecrow; August 26, 2012)

Open Source Project

  • Closed-Loop Water Fuel Cell - Moray B. King proposes a design that could take advantage of the purported electrolysis overunity systems. His scheme would be a self-running system with a mechanism of extracting the excess energy for practical use.


TeslaTech 2015

Conference on Future Energy, March 2011

ExtraOrdinary Technology Aug 2010

Conference on Future Energy

ExtraOrdinary Technology Aug 2009

ExtraOrdinary Technology July 2008

ExtraOrdinary Technology July 2007

Water Dissociation with Zero-Point Energy (ZPE)




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