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A directory of technologies and resources as it pertains to free energy as it manifests in nature.


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Nature's Revenge

  • Nature > Earth Changes >
    New Term "Atmospheric Rivers" Tells of Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents - A recent article published January 15th by NOAA speaks of a super-storm threat to California. Scientists say a plausible super-storm that could devastate California would be fed by an "atmospheric river" moving water at the same rate as 50 Mississippi rivers. It is driven by a large coronal hole on the Sun that has opened up releasing large amounts of charged particles. (EarthChangesMedia; January 16, 2011)
  • Nature / Global Warming >
    It has begun.. Arctic Apocalypse - Whatever the cause, world climates are going nuts, with 1000-year storms back to back across the planet. While some areas have record lows, the arctic has been unusually warm, spelling disaster as the ice caps thin. Ice cubes left outside in the Arctic on January 4, 2011 melted. Collection of info says we are now at the tipping point. (BeforeItsNews; January 8, 2011)
  • Weather Control / Nature >
    Atmosphere Under Assault; The Plot Against Hurricanes - Joel Carlinsky makes a case for the rights of hurricanes in the natural flow of cosmic energy, performing an ecological function. He considers any attempts to mitigate or deflect the paths of hurricanes to be sinister plots against nature and survival on the planet. Though extreme, he does make some interesting points. (Changing Power; July 27, 2010)

Space Weather

Balance in Nature

  • Nature >
    Pest Project: Where Every Pest has a Place - Orkin has created an amazing website where they showcase pests and make a case for their natural habitat, to understand that the things that eat our home have a place in the natural cycle of life. I found this clicking on their ad at Pandora, and enjoyed browsing their material. (Orkin)

Renewable Energy in Nature

  • Nature / Solar >
    Solar Panel Croc Skin - Crocadiles have a thick armor plate on their backs. But that could be a disadvantage due to the insulation it would provide from the heat it needs. Blood vessels though the armored plate provide the conveyance of the solar gain. (National Geographic)

Not Related to Energy

  • Nature >
    The Orangutan and the Hound - This is off topic from energy, but an amazing story of friendship between two wild species. (National Geographic)

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