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The New Energy Movement promotes the rapid widespread deployment of advanced, clean, and sustainable energy sources. The New Energy Movement's major priority is to educate the public, policymakers, and investors about the need to support research, developmen of these sources.


Official Website

2004 New Energy Movement Conference

  • New Energy Movement Conference 2004 Report - An index of reports by PESN Personnel, Susan M. Carter and T. Cullen who attended the New Energy Movement Conference September 25-26, 2004 in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Other Coverage

  • Featured: Organizations > Vetting > NEM >
    New Energy Movement launching vetting initiative - Joel Garbon has posted an update including an announcement of a new initiative to set up a breakthrough energy technology vetting service, beginning with establishing standards of testing for the various modalities, followed by populating a team that could serve as vetting agents based on those standards. (PESN; January 20, 2013)
  • New Energy Movement >
    I Choose Love -- New DVD (video) - We enjoy listening to music by my friend, Shawn Gallaway, who composed the theme song for the New Energy Movement. He's uploaded a new music video mix as part of his new "I Choose Love" DVD. (YouTube; Aug. 24, 2010)

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