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  • Alter-NRG Newsletter - Filled with breaking news, the latest technological advances, changes to our site and special offers as they become available.
  • EV World - re: electric vehicles & related, since Jan, 2002.
  • Greener Design News - "This one focuses on green product innovation and design -- how companies are rethinking how they design, manufacture, and market products for both consumer and business markets."
  • Newsletters >
    New Energy Times - New Energy Times(tm) is the premier journal covering Cold Fusion research. It is a project of New Energy Institute, an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation which provides information and educational services to help bring about the clean-energy revolution.
  • Newsletters >
    Panacea Newsletter 11 (pdf) - Ashtweth Palise has posted his most recent 31-page newsletter, addressing a wide range of issues, including what he considers to be three presently-available free energy devices, and his recent test results from e-Orbo, and his results from testing the Gadgetman Groove. He also comments regarding political threats to freedom. (Panacea-Bocaf; December 3, 2010)
  • Energy Updates by MIT Technology Review (Mondays) - "From solar technology and biofuels to more efficient ways of burning fossil fuels and building nuclear power plants, we bring you the most promising energy technologies--many of them ready now."
  • World of Renewables - The World Renewable Energy Association (WREA) promotes the use and viability of Renewable energy Worldwide.

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