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Directory of information and resources related to oil production and the vast untapped reserves in the North American Continent.

There are a number of major oil fields in the North American Continent, including the North Slope, the Alberta and other Canadian provinces, the upper Mid-Central US, Pacific coast, Rockies and the offshore fields and Gulf of Mexico.

While our coverage here at PESWiki is usually on alternatives to oil, the purpose of this page is to illustrate that there is no non-greed-based reason why the price of oil should be reaching as high as it is in North America, when the continent is awash in petroleum. Supply is far out in front of demand in this region, which could be exporting, instead of importing oil.

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North American Oil Fields


  • Peak Oil is not a matter of supply, but a matter of greed.


Alaska is the 50th and largest state and is approximately one fifth of the total land area of the continental US. To put that into prespective, Alaska is more than twice the size of Texas, and stretches farther north to south and east to west than the continental United States.

  • Site:LRP:The Energy Non-Crisis - Review of book by Lindsay Williams which gives an eye-witness account of the deliberate curtailment of the flow of oil from Alaska to the United States and down to the lower forty-eight states. Lindsay Williams gives a firsthand account of his experiences while a chaplain of the Alyeska Pipeline Company, which is what the Alaskan pipeline builder was called.


Arctic National Wildlife Refuge


Alaskan Coasts

North Slope


Williston Basin

Bakken Formation

  • Bakken Shale Blog - News and videos related to the Bakken Shale in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Wyoming, Montana and North and South Dakotas.

"Just for the sake of curiosity. This huge oil field find was made in the early 1970s by the Canadian, Alex Pezzaro, one of our earlier members, first with a radionics device, and then confirmed with our Vancouver member's, John Hutchision, Q Cell system technology, which is extremely sensitive to geomagnetics.

The find was reported to our founding Senator, the late Hon. Chesley W. Carter, as head of the Canadian Senate Science Committee, who started up Petro-Canada on behalf of the late Rt. Hon. Pierre E. Trudeau, then prime minister of Canada, and who enabled further development of the Trans-Canada pipeline that fuels the US midwest, including Chicagoland.

Of course, the oil companies were first reluctant to accept such advanced technology as monitors for underground resources.. so it took some time.'

Dr. Andrew Michrowski The Planetary Association for Clean Energy Ottawa

"The boom has been so big the pipeline carrying Montana and North Dakota crude to Midwestern markets is at capacity and the largest company drilling in Elm Coulee has temporarily closed some wells because they have no way to sell it." - The Montana Standard; Dec 2, 2007)

And because this is light, sweet oil, those billions of barrels will cost Americans just $16 per barrel for the next 41 years.

It was Dick Findley's idea to drill a well sideways - a technique called "horizontal directional drilling," in which wildcatters drill down to the oil and then kick out their well thousands of feet to the left or right.


Note: Why is Leigh C. Price, "a highly regarded geochemist who worked for the Denver office of the United States Geological Survey" now being blacklisted in death by the USGS?


"The OCS Oil and Gas Leasing Program for 2007-2012, schedules 21 lease sales in eight planning areas. The Minerals Management Service estimates that the program could produce 10 billion barrels of oil and 45 trillion cubic feet of natural gas over 40 years, generating almost $170 billion, in today's dollars, in net benefits for the nation. Twelve sales are slated for the Gulf of Mexico, eight off the coast of Alaska and, at the request of the Commonwealth of Virginia, one in the Mid-Atlantic Planning Area, which would be at least 50 miles off the coast of Virginia." Offshore Energy Development- Federal Outer Continental Shelf

Atlantic Seaboard

  • Canadian East Coast - According to the Canada-Newfoundland Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NOPB), discovered reserves in the Grand Banks total 2.1 billion barrels and 5.1 Tcf of natural gas, with 413 million barrels of associated liquids.

Gulf of Mexico

Pacific Coast

Rocky Mountains

  • The US Govts' Secret Colorado Oil Discovery - 25-page PDF Of the 2 trillion barrels of proven oil in the Green River Formation — between 800 billion and 1.2 trillion barrels are recoverable at $10 per barrel. (Stansberry & Associates; May 1, 2006)
  • The Green River Formation of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming - “Holds the equivalent of 800 billion barrels of recoverable oil—as much as the U.S. would use in 110 years, at current consumption levels, and three times the proven oil reserves of Saudi Arabia", according to a Nov. 13, 2006 press release from the Bureau of Land Management. (NuInvestor; May 1, 2007)


Extraction Processes

  • Wikipedia:Directional_drilling - The technology is called Horizontal Directional Drilling or H.D.D., and only a few companies have mastered the process. The exact science behind getting the Bakken oil is still somewhat of a secret. Getting oil out of the Bakken is not a matter of poking a hole in the ground until you hit a soft spot full of oil - which is the old vertical drilling technique. The Bakken is woven with rocks, and that rock-layer is wide but very thin. Thin enough that vertical drilling is horribly unsuccessful.Findley had to work with Haliburton engineers to figure out a way to both drill sideways and fracture the rock to release the oil. These combined technologies made drilling the Bakken Basin possible and extremely profitable.

Government, Politics and Finance

  • CRUDE How Wall Street Is Screwing America - While it is clear that our economy is in deep trouble, there's one part of the puzzle that still lies in a place as murky as the water surrounding the refineries in the Gulf of Mexico: the Wall Street-Oil connection. (Long Island Press; Sept. 24, 2008)
  • Palin on CNBC: Energy, Public Service and Role of VP - Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said; “Alaska should be the head, not the tail in Energy Policy. It is time to ramp up American supply of energy up in the arctic in Alaska. We have trillions of cubic feet of natural gas and billions of barrels of oil still sitting underground." (CNBC; Aug 29, 2008)


In the News

  • Oil War: The Media Crusade - There’s an oil war going on, but it isn’t raging in the Middle East. It’s an ongoing assault on the oil industry by the media for everything from profits to offshore drilling to global warming. CNN has even accused oil companies twice of manipulating prices to influence elections. (Business and Media Institute; August 6, 2008)



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