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Index of technologies that neutralize or mitigate radioactive waste. With such technologies developed, nuclear power once again becomes attractive, because the spent fuel no longer is a hot issue. U.S. DOE knows of this technology but chooses to not promote it for some reason that they are not disclosing.

Present a prioritized listing of the best resources and most promising up-coming technologies that deal with nuclear remediation. With input from knowledgeable people worldwide, this index can become the most reliable and helpful place to find information about nuclear remediation.


Proven Technologies

John Hutchison

Separate index page:

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    John Hutchison's Work with Radiation Remediation - Since Fukushima, John and Nancy Hutchison have been working on ways to reduce the radiation that Fukushima has been emitting across the globe. Their "Ray Gun" has a range of several hundred miles. More recently, they have been deploying miniature "Johnny Tubes" which reduce radiation locally. (PESWiki; December 2, 2014)

Hoagland 1997 Demonstration on Good Morning America

Copied from Facebook March 26, 2011.


Above is a composite graphic (from the ABC network television program "Good Morning America") -- revealing an "impossible" nuclear remediation technology ... demonstrated LIVE to the entire country on network television-- In 1997!

The graphic shows two views of the SAME radiation meter -- from "before" and "after" the 1-hour, 42 minute run -- unequivocally demonstrating that HALF of the radiation from the constantly fissioning U-235--


The natural half-life of U-235 -- the same fuel that is in the Fukushima reactors -- is: ~700 MILLION years ....

Brown's Gas

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    Brown's Gas and Radioactivity - George Wiseman explains how Brown's Gas can be used to accelerate the nuclear decay process to happen in seconds instead of millennia, by mixing the radioactive material with equal quantities of iron and aluminum, and heating the whole mixture to liquid using a BG flame until it explodes, making thermite -- a process that might be feasible for neutralizing CONCENTRATED nuclear waste, like spent fuel rods. (Eagle Research; April 14, 2011) (video)
  • Brown's Gas - Brown's Gas neutralizes radioactive waste.

Canadian Atomic Commission

Other Remediation Technologies

  • 9th Keshe Public Teaching Workshop - Solutions for Fukushima - "Nuclear warheads are empty toys with what we have released in this workshop." The second part begins at one hour into the Workshop and shows the Keshe Foundation's new 45-minute movie, "Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident clean up". (Free Energy Blog; February 4, 2014)
  • E.Coli Cleans Up Nuclear Waste Cheaply, Efficiently - The research team at Birningham University found that E. Coli bacteria effectively breaks down phytic acid (a phosphate storage material found in seeds) and releases the phosphate molecules, which bind to uranium to create a uranium phosphate precipitate. The precipitate can be harvested to recover uranium, and voila – no more nuclear waste, in a commercially viable process. (Inhabitat; Sept. 22, 3009)
  • LENRs for Nuclear Waste Disposal - Compact LENR ULM neutron generator systems could be developed and deployed for cost-effective on-site treatment of nuclear wastes presently stored in cooling ponds next to reactors that produced them. Spent fuel rod assemblies could be processed into particulates in on-site containment facilities and injected into co-located LENR-based transmutation reactors.(Institute of Science in Society; Nov. 12, 2008)
  • Areva to add uranium recovery operation - Areva and the University of Idaho signed an agreement to work together to use a jointly developed process to remove enriched uranium from ash left from reducing the volume of contaminated debris by incineration. The incinerated debris includes items such as gloves and rags from the production of fuel for commercial nuclear power reactors. (Tri-City Herald; Aug. 22, 2008)
  • Radioactivity gets fast-forward - Scientists in Japan have persuaded a radioactive material to decay significantly faster than normal. (Nature; reported in ZPEnergy; Sept. 23, 2004)


  • Lord Rutherford reported on April 28, 1932 at a meeting of the Royal Society, that J.D. Crockcroft and E T.S. Watson in the Cavendish Laboratory had successfully demonstrated the accelerated release of radioactive energy from lithium elements and other light elements. (Geer)
  • Segre and Wiegart established decay rate mutability in 1949. (Geer)
  • Cecil Baumgartner, in 1964, demonstrated that decay rates could be increased in a positive voltage field at critical temperatures to where all radioactive emissions were complete in nanoseconds. (Benedict)
  • Transmutation of nuclear waste - Recycling used nuclear fuel and Transmutation of nuclear waste is presented by nuclear research scientist, Denis E. Beller in this article about nuclear energy.
  • A cool solution to waste disposal - A group of physicists in Germany claims to have discovered a way of significantly speeding up radioactive decay of alpha-emitters by embedding them in a metal and cooling the metal to a few degrees Kelvin. (Physics Web; July 31, 2006)

  • Cold Fusion (now called Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, LENR or Chemical Assisted Nuclear Reactions, CANR) experimental reports ... confirm deactivation when radioactive isotopes are used in the solutions." (Larry Geer)
  • Flame-free Incineration - Scientists at the Institute of Catalysis, led by Professor Zemfir, have developed a device that neutralizes radioactive waste through flame-free incineration in a catalyzer. Capable of incinerating 50 metric tons of waste annually, the device was installed at the Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrate Plant. According to A. Kostin, the factory's deputy technical director, "the device is based on a catalytic converter that provides low temperatures for the oxidation process," thus reducing the amount of nitrous oxides produced. Experiments have confirmed the method's efficiency and environmental safety.

("Vesti" newscast, Russian Television Network, 31 March 1998; in "Russian Factory Finds New Method To Destroy Nuclear Waste," FBIS-SOV-98-090, 31 March 1998)

  • Geomelting - Process of Geomelting can encase nuclear waste in glass that is harder than concrete and lasts 200,000 years. (Sovereignty Journal, UK; Sept. 26, 2004)

Research & Development

  • Nuclear > Remediation >
    New Nuclear Reactors May Almost Completely Destroy Atomic Waste - A group of French scientists aim to allay the issue of atomic waste by developing a new type of nuclear reactor that burns up nuclear waste, reducing the need for geological repository sites like Yucca Mountain. While the tech wouldn’t completely eliminate waste, it would greatly reduce it. (Inhabitat; March 22, 2010)


  • Featured: Nuclear > Meltdown > Fukushima > Remediation >
    A Neutron Bomb would NOT Neutralize Fukushima - Proposed: By detonating a 25-km radius neutron bomb at the Fukushima plant, it would turn off the nuclear reactions taking place, while also neutralizing the radiation emitting from radioactive particles that have been emitted within that radius. NASA nuclear physicist says "not". (PESN; September 26, 2013)

"DOE should pursue accelerated radioactive waste decay." Glen E. Benedict, Nampa, ID, retired nuclear engineer. (Idaho Press Tribune; Aug. 19, 2003; page 8A)

When Politics Gets in the Way of Progress

  • Testimony of BonnieE Bonneau - "There is a possibility that cold fusion might neutralize radioactive waste in a short period of time, but the DOE has blocked experiments exploring this possibility." (March, 5, 1999)

The head of the U.S. Department of Energy recently testified before Congress saying that the only solution to nuclear waste was to bury it in Yucca mountain. The DOE is aware of many of the technologies mentioned on this page. Why they do not promote the development of these solutions is up for speculation. There is huge money in burying nuclear waste. Neutralizing the waste is must more cost effective -- and good for the planet. (Thanks SDA) (reference: Larry Geer) Aug. 28, 2004)


If you know of a resource or technology or team that is not included in the above directory, feel free to post it here. (Click on the "edit" link.)

In the News

  • Keshe Foundation's Fukushima contamination test report - After live tests in Fukushima Daichi and evaluation of data of the contaminated materials and waters by Keshe Foundation using the newly discovered state of matter (Gans) earlier this year, the report how to stop the damage to environment and cleanup technology for this accident is resealed by the Keshe Foundation today. (Free Energy Blog; May 28, 2014)


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