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Index of resources relating to Hubbert's Peak model which says that once the maximum amount of oil extraction is reached, the back side of the curve wills spell much higher prices as extraction becomes more and more difficult.

Some say that peak has already been reached. Others say it won't hit for another 25+ years.

Either way, continuing our trend of increasing oil dependence is not a sustainable path.


Peak Oil Coverage


  • Oil, Smoke and Mirrors (50 mins) - Online documentary by Ronan Doyle addresses the pending scarcity in energy due to peak oil, and postulates the intentional spawning of 9/11 as a reason to establish a more controlling presence in the middle east. (; Oct. 12, 2006) [Contains no alt. energy vision.] 


  • Featured: Oil >
    Saudi Oil Kingdom Resisting Renewables - A review of a recent documentary by 60 Minutes about the Saudi Oil industry, showing their world-preeminent infrastructure, new projects, and projections; but, more significantly, their denial of and resistance to any clean alternatives. (PESN; Dec. 21, 2008)
  • Shell Oil Film: Eureka - "Where ideas come from the most unlikely places." Surprisingly candid movie short on Shell website addresses dwindling oil supply and need for renewables, while noting the existing need to continue the oil supply whilst alternatives are developed, such as the ability to reach more pockets with the same wells through horizontal drilling. (Shell; ~July 2007)
  • Oil >
    300 Years of Fossil-Fueled Addiction in Five Minutes - Fossil fuels have powered human growth and ingenuity for centuries. Now that we're reaching the end of cheap and abundant oil and coal supplies, we're in for an exciting ride. While there's a real risk that we'll fall off a cliff, there's still time to control our transition to a post-carbon future. (YouTube / PostCarbonInstitute; Nov. 8, 2010)


  • New Limits to Growth Revive Malthusian Fears - Steady increases in the prices for oil, wheat, copper and other commodities -- some of which have set record highs this month -- are signs of a lasting shift in demand as yet unmatched by rising supply. (Wall Street Journal; Mar. 24, 2008)
  • There is no Plan "B" - "With 12 refineries and 21 gas processing plants still out of commission, 90% of our Gulf oil production shut in, 72% of our natural gas production offline, 503 oil platforms destroyed, heavily damaged, or abandoned, energy imports soaring, and a rapid decline in non-OPEC oil production...". (FinancialSense; Oct. 14, 2005) (Thanks Bill Alek)

[Let's hear it for Plan "C" -- clean energy]

  • The Inevitable Peaking of World Oil Production (10-page PDF) - Robert L. Hirsch gives and introduction to peak oil for a general, educated audience. Discussed end of plentiful, low-cost petroleum; and opportunity for those who act decisively. (Atlantic Council (US); Oct. 2005) (Thanks ZPEnergy''; Oct. 16, 2005)
  • The End of Oil? - Oil industry manifestations are confirming Hubbert's Peak. Will alternatives be able to come online fast enough to pick up the slack? (MIT Technology Review; Feb. 02, 2005)

  • Fear and Irrationality in the Oilpatch - Profit-taking and stock prices rise and fall, but fears seem to be unfounded. Is the oil shortage real? Facts are hard to come by, and philosophical arguments rage. (PESN; July 11, 2005)
  • Life After the Oil Crash - Matt Savinar says "Peak Oil" point of no return has arrived, that the peak happened long ago and that the inevitable economic crash will render consumers unable to invest in, develop, or purchase alt energy devices. (Feet to the Fire interview; Sept. 26, 2004)

[Comment: bottom line is that it is up to people, do we have the will to see a different world?]


  • Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery - Allows the recovery of a significant percentage of the 67% of oil trapped in oil fields. The added cost to recover trapped oil is very low and affordable.

In the News

  • Gasoline’s Cheap Again, But Peak Oil Still Looms Large - Given the news from the past few months, it borders on the foolhardy to preach about the looming dangers of peak oil. Doing so seems a bit like warning about the possibility of drought while standing without an umbrella in the midst of a torrential downpour. (Energy Tribune; Nov. 26, 2008)

Peak Oil Skeptics

  • The Peak Oil Deception: Squeezing Energy for Profit - There is no actual physical shortage of hydrocarbons. There is indeed a drop in oil extraction, but it seems that this is more a forced reduction of output, rather than a consequence of having exhausted liquid hydrocarbons as a resource. (by Sepp Hasslberger (Hasslberger Blog; Feb 12, 2008)
  • Abiotic Oil - Addressing the theory in circulation that oil is not solely of organic origin, but that there may be another mode of origin as well from deeper in the crust, involving magma. (
  • 'Oil Shock' Looming - What are the Alternatives? - "My conclusion is that there is much about oil (and natural gas) that we have not been told, including how much of the stuff is available, and how it continually develops, even to this day." At the end of the article is a list of sites and articles on peak oil, but the interesting part is a second list of the contrary view -- could oil reserves be virtually unlimited? (by Sepp Hasslberger, NEC; 2004.)

CERA Report 2006

On Nov. 15, 2006, the Cambridge Energy Research Associates released a report saying that world oil production will continue to increase for the next 24 years, and then level into an undulating plateau, followed by a gradual decline.

  • Peak Oil Theory – “World Running Out of Oil Soon – Is Faulty; Could Distort Policy & Energy Debate - In contrast to a widely discussed theory that world oil production will soon reach a peak and go into sharp decline, a new analysis of the subject by Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) finds that the remaining global oil resource base is actually 3.74 trillion barrels -- three times as large as the 1.2 trillion barrels estimated by the theory’s proponents -- and that the “peak oil" argument is based on faulty analysis which could, if accepted, distort critical policy and investment decisions and cloud the debate over the energy future. (CERA; November 14, 2006)

Image:CERA 2040 undulating peak.gif

CERA Report Discussion


See Discussion page


See also

  • Oil - Resources pertaining to oil energy and its consequences of impact on the earth, both environmental as well as geopolitical; and why we need to seek alternative energy sources.
  • Peak Oil Chat - Real time discussion on peak oil, resource depletion, food shortages, and much more.








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