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The information on the following page has been edited from computer translations of Chinese documents, and may have some inacuracies.

Fuelless Renewable Electricity Energy (FREE) project

On Aug. 7, 2008, Phemax Technology of Taiwan announced their patent-pending, Fuelless Renewable Electrical Energy (FREE) Plasmagnetic Alternator, a device that generates electricity via cutting-edge, plasma arc (Microsun) technology.

Plasma arcing is initiated with the use of low voltage, high current, high temperature, thermally conductive, thorium tungsten / graphite electrodes submerged in water. The pyrolytic effect (atomic ionization) results in the formation of synthesis gas (syngas) comprised of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, and other simple atoms. The resulting syngas can be utilized as a fuel source in a cumbustion cycle (external or internal) for power generation or as a means of propulsion. Furthermore, otherwise-escaping thermal energy can be captured via thermoelectrics to increase overall system efficiency for power generation and cooling applications.

The products from the plasma reaction consisting mainly of carbon, water, heat, and electricity present an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels.

Dr. Ruggero Santilli's group says that the syngas process in general doesn't create normal gaseous species, but that what emerges are what he calls "magnecules" or "magnegas" -- atoms bonded magnetically, rather than chemically, due to the intense localized magnetic fields in the plasma arc environment.

On July 7, 2010, Phemax announced that they have a new sustainable transportation system based on their inertial propulsion generation wheel, which involves what they call '3D Coraxial Hybrid Induction' (CHI), in which 'Coraxial' refers to combined radial-axial pick-up. [1]



Official Websites



On September 17, 2010, Chi David wrote:

I will published the latest information on the web after the exhibition(After October 4)

How it Works

Plasma arc generator:
Using the plasma arc and the water electricity fusion principle, separates the water into hydrogen gas fuel forms that may heat thermal power machines (internal combustion engine and external combustion engine). These engines can the turn generators to produce electricity. One prototype output five kilowatts [net?].

The Phemax generator is said to have a "1:5 electric power scale-up effect."


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  • Phemax Technology's Microsun Plasmagnetic Alternator - Phemax Technology of Taiwan has announced a primary power generator device that produces a plasma reaction involving thorium, tungsten, low-voltage, high-current, and high-temperature thermal conductivity. The resulting syngas is used to run a Phemax generator, which is said to have five-fold amplification capability. (YouTube; Aug. 7, 2008)

Photos / Images


Image:David Chi MicroSun Plasma prototype 500.jpg

Plasma Production

Image:Submarine plasma arc fusion MicroSun 500.jpg
Submarine plasma arc fusion response

- - - -

Image:MicroSun prototype plasm closeup 500.jpg
Microsun synthesis gas Support 13 HP OHV engine & 5—7KW AC generator.

- - - -

Image:Plasmagnetic alternator prototype 500.jpg
Plasmagnetic alternator prototype size: L65XW70XD40 CM3 may actuate 13HP,5KW OHV engine


Image:MicroSun Electromagnetic induction device 500.jpg
"3D Electromagnetic induction" device is said to have a "1:5 electric power scale-up effect."

- - - -

Image:Phemax plasmagnetic generator 500.jpg

- - - -

Image:Phemax plasmagnetic generator coils 500.jpg

- - - -

Image:Phemax generator diagrams vertical-horizontal 500.jpg
On Aug. 8, 2008, David Chi wrote: "Because of a contractual relationship, I can not disclose details of the test. Briefly, our principle is that we use horizontal and vertical organizations to generate voltage and current, such as the attached 3D digrams.

"Self-loop (overunity)tests depends on the load and recharging the power switch technology."

Independent Testing





Company: Phemax Technology

Inventor: Tajen (David) Chi

A Taiwanese' wife and children laboratory carries out the FREE (Fuelless Renewable Electricity Energy) project by the advanced plasma arc and the magnetic energy technology. He has developed two generators producing free electric power. One for the house illumination and one for the air conditioning.

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  • Noblefuse Plasma Messiah and his Electromagnetic Fusion - Solomon Azar has built a proof of concept demonstration device involving a Tesla coil and underwater plasma that allegedly gives off gamma radiation, a sign of nuclear combination. He also professes that he is the Messiah.
  • MagneGas Plasma Arc Flow Reactors - MagneGas Technology has been developed to process liquid wastes into a clean burning fuel known as magnegas, plus heat and other usable byproducts, said processing occurring without noise, liquid, gaseous or other pollutions. New discoveries of science involved.
  • Kenarev's Electrolysis - Professor Kanarev holds five patents, has written several books about how water can be the main power carrier of future power engineering. Some processes described resemble those being attributed to the Joe cell. (


Tajen (David) Chi


Media Inquiries
Phemax Technologies ,Inc
Michelle Chen
Manager, Marketing and Business Development
Tel: 886-2-2371-5622


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