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Directory of Energy personality profile pages.

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  • Directory:Alex Ramon - Alex Ramon has founded several key clean energy news and directory sites. He is a good friend and associate of PES Network, Inc.
  • Directory:Peter Lindemann - Peter Lindemann is one of the world's foremost experts on explaining how radiant energy works. He is a foremost spokesman for Tesla's radiant energy, as well as the follow-up work by EV Gray and Moray. See User:Peter Lindemann
  • Directory:Steven M. Greer - Dr. Steven M. Greer has been a world leader for years in the fields of extraterrestrial disclosure and the quest for plausible free energy technologies.
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    Welton Myers: A Grandfather of the Free Energy Movement (interview) - Welton has been involved in several amazing projects, including an electromagnet motor that levitated, patterned after John Searl's work; overunity electromagnetic systems of major output; as well as tire and vaporization devices. He's also had significant brushes with GEET, Brown's gas, and Stanley Meyers technology. (PESWiki; June 11, 2009) (Comment at

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