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by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
May 3, 2013

We've got a page full of gravity motor claims, but none have put as much into a prototype as a Brazilian company, RAR Energy Ltda.

According to Illinois State University's GLT (U.S.A.) publication:

"The Brazilian soybean processor Incobrasa says it has such a technology. And it plans to install a demonstrator model at its processing plant in the Iroquois County town of Gilman this coming fall. Incobrasa ran newspaper ads about a month ago in both central Illinois and Porto Alegre, Brazil, where it says an affiliated company developed the generator.
"Emailing from Brazil, company president Renato Ribeiro gives few details, but says this sort of energy technology has been sought for centuries, so it's natural that people are skeptical. He promises that the technology will surprise a lot of people, and that they've already applied for a patent."

The demonstration model, which is the size of a small house, allegedly will be able to produce 30 kW -- about enough to handle the peak load from two homes.

Their website consists of one page showing the progress in building their demonstration model, along with some promotional advertisements that they have published in various newspapers.

With an interpreter on the line, I called the phone number on their site, but the owner, who would be best to answer any questions, is away for 15 days. The person we spoke with didn't know of any videos that show earlier prototypes that demonstrate a smaller version of the design in operation. He said that they were maybe 2-3 months away from completing the demonstration prototype, and that they are posting updates on their site.

It seems to me that from an engineering point of view that there is an overkill on the amount and strength of steel being used. If this thing works, but only puts out 30 kW, there is no way the capital costs are going to compete with even the more expensive renewable energy modalities like Solar or Wind. But the biggest hurdle for now is mental, and perhaps a mammoth demonstrator like this would do the trick to finally unlocking the mental barriers. Then it can be engineered into smaller iterations, or put on a rotational frame of reference to increase the inertial pull and increase the power output.

I'd be curious to see what a computer simulation would show regarding this design. Perhaps they don't have all the key components installed yet, so if a simulation that this design so far wouldn't work, we'll just have to wait to see the complete design.


Official Websites


RAR Energia Gravity Motor -- Intro by PESN

Profile: RAR Energia Ltda.

The company was founded on March 2, 2006. Its controlling shareholder is Renato Bastos Ribeiro, with other partners: Aluizio Merlin Merlin Ribeiro and Rogerio Ribeiro.

The object of the company is research in the energy sector of gravity.

The branch office is being built where the generator is located.


US 20130256066 A1

US 20130256066 A1: Mechanical motion system for energy generation; Publication type: Application; Application number: US 13/757,488; Publication date: Oct 3, 2013; Inventors: Renato Ribeiro

A mechanical system includes beams, a crankshaft, bars connected to one another through rollers or supported to one another and a weight. Energy is transferred from the force of gravity on the weight support bar and the weight through the positive or neutral bars and the central shaft to the crankshaft arm, generating a torque on its shaft. The choice of the bar on which the weight support bar and the weight itself will be supported is enabled through placement or removal of the locks on the support arc-locks. The value of the force of gravity existing on the weight support bar and the weight itself, when they are supported on the neutral bar, is the same. Therefore, with the weight hanging on the central shaft or on the end of the weight support bar, the value of the force of gravity that drives the central shaft is the same.


Independent Simulation

On May 13, 2013, Denis Morin wrote (slightly edited)

They just updated their website! I tested their first model with my computer (the first 2 Steps), and there was no overunity energy there. Can't wait to see other pictures!!! (I don't think it's a scam!)

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  • Gilman to get gravity generator - A generator powered by gravity may sound like an impossible device akin to a perpetual motion machine, but the Brazilian soybean processor Incobrasa says it has such a technology. And it plans to install a demonstrator model at its processing plant in the Iroquois County town of Gilman this coming fall. (WGLT; February 5, 2013)
  • RAR Energy announces electric generator from the gravitational force (English translation) - In the papers of Porto Alegre today! When I read the phrase "The energy contained in the planet's gravity" found camshot how to refer to power plants, but the text below says that there is nothing like that. This generator will be installed within the same city! And it is, nothing more, nothing less, of a perpetual motion! (eloidemar; January 4, 2013)



Avenida Patria 195, Bairro São Geraldo, Porto Alegre-RS
Phone +55 (51) 3337-0025

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