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The Resonant Nuclear Reactor uses U-238. Not "free" energy since it uses U-238 as the power source. It radiates, but simple lead shielding stops it just fine. Associate of the late Paul Brown, David Farnsworth, phoned on March 12, 2006 and said that this image is clearly a hoax, and that it could not work.


Photos of Prototype

Another view.

Left half of image.
Left half of image.

Right half of image.
Right half of image.

Back side.
Back side.

Coil close-up.
Coil close-up.
Image is tilted 90-degrees to fit on screen.
Image is tilted 90-degrees to fit on screen.

Capacitor specs
Capacitor specs


Transcribed from, shown above.

Resonant Nuclear Reactor - Stimulates U-238 by the use of a resonant electrical circuit. The secondary circuit has a very hight "Q" factor and is used only for sitmulating the nuclear reaction. The primary circuit is used to tap useful power from the system.

In this case (far from optimal), there is 12.5g of fuel present, and the output power is about 11.2 watts. The scondary circuit is somewhat mis-tuned to prevent a runaway reaction.

Related Documentation

Paul Brown's Resonant Nuclear Battery

Page Excerpts:

A radioisotope electric power system developed by inventor Paul Brown is a scientific breakthrough in nuclear power. The battery utilizes the energy given off by decaying radioactive material, converting it directly into a continuous AC electrical current. Unlike conventional nuclear generating devices, the power cell does not rely on a nuclear reaction or chemical process and does not produce radioactive waste products.

Nucell, Inc., a subsidiary of Peripheral Systems, Inc., is developing alternative energy technologies for generating electrical power by employing radioisotopes as the prime power source. A phenomenon known as the "Beta Voltaic Effect" is used to directly convert radioactive decay energy into electricity without going through a thermal cycle. The great attraction of isotopic power supplies is that radioactive decay energy is several orders of magnitude greater than chemical energy.


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