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Directory of information relating to the sun cycle influence on raising and lowering global temperatures. Some argue that this is the primary driver for global warming and cooling, much more than man's indluence through CO2 and other emissions.


  • American Voters Losing Faith in Theory of Global Warming - An examination of almost 400 years of climate fluctuations shows “an almost exact correlation” between climate changes and solar radiation, not human activity, Donald J. Easterbrook, a geology professor at Western Washington University, told’s Kevin Mooney in September 2008. (CNSNews; Jan. 19, 2009)
  • Sun's Direct Role in Global Warming May be Underestimated - At least 10 to 30 percent of global warming measured during the past two decades may be due to increased solar output rather than factors such as increased heat-absorbing carbon dioxide gas released by various human activities, two Duke University physicists report. (PhysOrg; Sept. 30, 2005)
  • - Mitch Battros has been talking for years about the correlation between sun cycles and weather conditions on earth.
  • Small fluctuations in solar activity, large influence on the climate - Subtle connections between the 11-year solar cycle, the stratosphere, and the tropical Pacific Ocean work in sync to generate periodic weather patterns that affect much of the globe, according to research appearing this week in the journal Science. "Chemicals in the stratosphere and sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean respond during solar maximum in a way that amplifies the Sun's influence..." (PhysOrg; Aug. 27, 2009)


  • Sun's in the clear over global warming, says study - A new government-funded report says that the rise in global temperatures that has been detected over the past two decades cannot be blamed on the Sun, a theory espoused by climate-change skeptics, who point out a number of significant flaws in the study. See comments section. (PhysOrg; July 11, 2007)

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