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Directory of technologies and resources relating to solar paint.


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    Researchers develop paint-on solar cells - A team of researchers at the University of Notre Dame have developed an inexpensive solar paint that uses semiconducting nanoparticles to produce energy. "By incorporating power-producing nanoparticles, called quantum dots, into a spreadable compound, we've made a one-coat solar paint that can be applied to any conductive surface without special equipment." (PhysOrg; December 21, 2011)
  • EVs / Solar > Paint >
    Renault Solar Paint Car - An environmentally friendly design car of the Renault combines electric power and renewable energy from solar energy through nano solar paint on car. Renault 2010 Sand Jumper uses next-gen renewable energy technology and recycled, recyclable ecological materials. (Alt Energy News; Apr. 27, 2010)
  • Plan to turn rooftops, walls and windows into cheap solar cells - Cheaper solar cells – roughly one-tenth the cost of current day prices – could be available within three to five years thanks to a manufacturing procedure that uses nanoparticle ‘inks’ to print them like newspaper or to spray-paint them onto the sides of buildings or rooftops. Even windows could become solar cells thanks to the semi-transparent inks. (GizMag; August 25, 2009)
  • Colourful idea sparks renewable electricity from paint -If steel cladding weretreated with the photovoltaic material, and assuming a conservative 5% energy conversion rate, then we could be looking at generating 4,500 gigawatts of electricity through the solar cells annually. That’s the equivalent output of roughly 50 wind farms. (Inhabitat''; March 24, 2008)
  • Directory:Paintable plastic solar cells using quantum dots - Paintable plastic solar cells that can harness the sun's invisible, infrared rays, and could deliver up to five times the power of the most advanced photovoltaic cells today. Combines specially-designed minute particles called quantum dots, three to four nanometers across, with a polymer to make a plastic that can detect energy in the infrared.
  • Silicon Nanocrystals for Superefficient Solar Cells - Silicon nanocrystals, also called quantum dots, could lead to a new type of solar cell that is cheap and twice as efficient, by producing 2 or 3 electrons per photon of high-energy sunlight. They could theoretically be 40% efficient in flat panels or over 60% efficient with concentrated sunlight. (MIT Technology Review; Aug. 15, 2007)
  • Cyrium Technologies - Developing a photovoltaic solar cell technology using semiconductor quantum dot NanoTechnology to increase photovoltaic solar cell efficiency by 40% above the state-of-the-art products.
  • Quantum Dot Recipe May Lead To Cheaper Solar Panels - Scientists at Rice University have developed a new method for cost-effectively producing four-armed (tetrapod) quantum dots that have previously been shown to be particularly effective at converting sunlight into electrical energy. Their method achieves 90% tetrapods, whereas the best previous method only got as high as 30%. (Science Daily; May 4, 2007) (See Slashdot discussion)

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