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This is the directory of sorganol biofuel which is ethanol made from sorghum.



  • Sorganol® is ethanol made from sweet sorghum. Sweet Sorghum may be the best alternative fuel crop to grow in the continental United States for the production of ethanol. It converts sunlight directly into sugars, eliminating the costly starch to sugar process. These sugars are converted into ethanol at nearly zero fossil fuel inputs. Ethanol can be extracted by a mobile distillation unit brought to the farm. Although sugarcane outproduces sweet sorghum, it cannot be grown in the midwest.
  • Sorghum is called “the camel of crops". It has earned this name because of its ability to grow in arid soils and withstand prolonged droughts. Globally it is the fifth largest cereal crop after wheat, rice, maize and barley. Although the largest bulk producer today is the USA, about 90% of the area planted to sorghum lies in developing countries.

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  • Ethanol from Sweet Sorghum - Stalks of sweet sorghum contain fermentable sugars in the sap equal to 400-600 gallons of ethanol per acre, or about twice that from corn grain. (Iowa Energy Center)
  • Sorghum 101 - A developing major industrial use for the crop relates to ethanol production. Currently 10-20% of U.S. sorghum production is utilized for ethanol which is increasing rapidly (over eight billion liter/year). (National Sorghum Producers)
  • Tectane - has extensive expertise with, and proprietary knowledge of, the growing and processing of Sweet Sorghum as a source for fuel ethanol and other valuable by-products such as grain, fiber and alternative wood chips.
  • "''" This is a place where the small land owner, gardener, or family can purchase seeds, tubers, and other plant material quickly and easily, for the production of ethanol making plants.

In the News

  • High Biomass Sorghum for Celulosic Ethanol - Ceres and the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station (TAES) have entered into a joint research and commercialization agreement for high biomass sorghum. Sorghum plants tend to be water-efficient, drought- and heat-tolerant, and grow in warmer climates. (Green Car Congress; Oct. 1, 2007)
  • ICRISAT harnesses ethanol from drought tolerant sweet sorghum - The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), presented its first batch of ethanol made from sweet sorghum as an alternative source of biofuel. The plant's main advantage is the efficiency with which it uses water, its capacity to survive in saline soils and its stalks are very rich in sugar. (Biopact; January 25, 2007)
  • Grain Sorghum Makes Headway in Biofuels Industry - Ethanol is made from starch and the most common source of that starch is corn. But in Kansas, the state's growing ethanol industry relies on grain sorghum, too. In Kansas, sorghum's availability and attractive pricing make it the grain of choice for ethanol production. (Seed World; November 2003)
  • Sweet Sorghum Ideal for Biofuel - Ethanol from sweet-stem sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) appears to be a viable alternative to fossil fuels, especially for petroleum products as a cooking, lighting and automotive fuel. Sweet-stem sorghum is a multi-purpose crop, yielding food in the form of grain, fuel in the form of ethanol from its stem juice, and fodder from its leaves and bagasse. (Seed World; November 2003)


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