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Image:Steven Mark's toroid generator Video5 spark 300.jpg
Steven Mark arcs two leads from the doughnut-shaped generator on the table, which is a solid-state toroid coil arrangement that allegedly harnesses the electromagnetic field of the earth.

Toroidal Power Unit by Steven Mark

Preface Note: On March 14, 2008, Jack Durban, former associate of Steven Mark, came forward after a decade of silence, and offered to update this page. See his account of his experience with Mark. Click here to see an archive copy of this present page as it appeared prior to Durban's edits. He made original video footage available in April, 2008.

Technology owned by a company called "U.E.C" based outside the United States. (U.E.C. stands for? guess: United Energy Corp?)

Toroidal coil based solid state design appears to put out tremendous energy for its size.

Very convincing videos produced. At least one professional entity says that there is nothing in the videos that couldn't be faked, though numerous engineers and others have reportedly seen the device and agree that it could not be powered by batteries, etc.

One of the videos shows a small (6" diam x 2" high x 1" thick toroid) solid-state prototype powering a 100W bulb directly, and through an inverter: a 3-amp drill, a television, a vacuum. Larger unit that puts out 7 amps; is said to be able to power an electric vehicle.

The power output is said to rise to meet the load.

The technology supposedly harnesses the power of the electromagnetic field of the Earth, via an unconventional toroidal wire configuration, with no moving parts. The device's operation is accompanied by a slight gyroscopic mechanical force, and slight noise.

Technology also known as . . .
The Toroid Generator.
The T.P.U . (Torroidal Power Unit)
"Ring of Power"
Where is it now? Has it been independently replicated? Is it being moved toward production somewhere?
The technology is owned in whole by UEC, a corporation based outside the United States. Possibly in the Phillipines. A replication project is underway at in the "'The Master of Magnetics' Steven Mark" thread. Started by Linday Mannix, who is the only person in contact with the reclusive Mr. Mark. A better question might be: Where is the UEC, who are they, what does UEC stand for, how do we get in contact with them about the device. -- User:Gn0stik



Official Website

  • Is there one? We don't know of one. Is there an old site that is still available through ?
No -- User:Gn0stik


  • Steven Mark's Torroid Unit, 2007, v1.0 (backup) - A 41-page PDF compilation of postings by and correspondence with Steven Mark, assembled by Mannix, Reading it first might might help avoid a lot of redundant communication.

Present Disposition?

The videos below are nearly a decade old.

The inventor seems to have gone out of circulation due to personal shortcomings.

We (PES Network, Inc and New Energy Congress) would like to know if there is anyone who is authorized to continue where Mr. Mark left off. It is a travesty that this technology is dormant.

It's NOT dormant! Mr. Mark via Lindsay Mannix has helped to guide a group of willing experimenters in learning how his technology works. He has not been in contact for some time however. Mr. Mark became reclusive due to being slandered quite severely back in the 90's, and sold the rights to his device and withdrew from public demonstrations etc. -- User:Gn0stik


183VDC_Torroid_1997_80h.jpg 875VDC_Torroid_1997_80h.jpg

Original Footage

U.E.C. History of the T.P.U. (Toroid Power Unit) -- 1997

Though these five videos were posted to Google Video in 2006, they all appear to have been produced in a similar time period. Some show a date: 1997. Video two, listed first, is the best and longest presentation of the technology.

  • Steven Mark solid state -- video two (38:28 mins) - Well narrated by Steve Mark, shows three devices. Small (6" diam x 2" high x 1" thick toroid) solid-state prototype is shown powering a 100W bulb directly, and through an inverter: a 3-amp drill, a television, a vacuum. Harnesses power of electromagnetic field. Larger unit puts out 7 amps; could power an electric vehicle. (not dated; posted at Google Video on July 2, 2006)
  • Steven Marks solid state -- video three (4:10 mins) - Shows one of the first devices built. 61 volts, 25 W. Vibrates slightly in hands, generates a little heat. Doesn't produce up-side-down. (not dated; posted at Google Video on July 2, 2006)
  • Steven Marks solid state -- video one (57:5 mins)- Not well presented in terms of dialogue. Video overlaps the other four videos, with some new content. Shows cutting through the larger toroid to show its "insides". (not dated; posted at Google Video on July 2, 2006)
  • Steven Marks solid state -- video four (5:46 mins) - Well-narrated by Steve Mark. Shows small unit. Actived when two small magnets are put in place. 91 Volts, lights two 60W bulbs. Inhernet vibration 6000 Hz. This video doesn't do as good of job of showing device isolated from any possible induction, as earlier videos do. (not dated; posted at Google Video on July 2, 2006)
    • Note: The above videos purposely avoid any face shots of Steve. You can see his profile in this video at time stamp 2:55.
  • Steven Marks solid state -- video five (9:46 mins) - Presentation made to a small group of men in suits. Not well narrated. Same set up as the last part of video 2, different location. Larger unit: 875 Volts. Cautions against wearing a ring on finger when holding device, to avoid serious burn. (Video dated March 13, 1997; posted at Google Video on July 2, 2006)
    • Same video as mentioned below (ZPEnergy).
    • 1997 Demo Video Shows Solid State Energy Coils - 10-minute video shows demonstration of two toroid coils. 183 Volts DC and 875 Volts DC; shown powering various appliances, light bulbs through inverter. Also exhibits anti-moving gyro effect. (ZPEnergy; Oct. 19, 2004)


awarded, planning on filing 100 more. [1]

Related Patent Application

None: Previously posted here were patents related to the molina-martinez device(US20020125774), which has absolutely NOTHING to do with SM's TPU. Just because it's solid state, and toroidal in shape means nothing. -- User:Gn0stik

Note: Over at there is a reference to a patent at , which can still be found at . It is, of course, also published at esp@cenet: This one has publication number US2006163971 -- User:Lamare

About Steve Mark

Resides in California.

2004 statement: "Has a police record for lewd behavior (documents on file). Is a near impossible inventor to work with."

Challenge: If documents are on file, where are they? Doing a title search via the State of California's records show several results for home/property owners with the name Steven Mark. He could be any one of them. Which one was arrested for lewd behavior? There are also several different people with the name Steven Marks (which is not his name), chances are this is the name that was used for the search, since this name is commonly mistaken for his real name, which is Steven Mark, no "s" at the end. -- User:Gn0stik


See Discussion page

  • magnetic tornado(supposition) - If the magnetic rotational frequency of Steve Marks TPU is resonant with Earth's magnetic tornado(supposition) which is gravitational field, it will happen absorption of the energy from Earth? Oregon Vortex phenomenon and form indicates there is an interaction among gravity and vortex and light and material(and space and time?).

Bulletin Boards

Email Forum

  • Steve Marks' Torroidal Power Unit forum - To discuss the decade-old technogy which is a solid-state toroid coil arrangement that allegedly harnesses the electromagnetic field of the earth. To either identify the source of fraud, if it is a deception (not likely); or help advance the technology to market, finding out where it is held up, and helping it through its obstacles. (Created Oct. 13, 2006)

In the News

  • (The hyperlink is missing because this points to the present page)
    [Directory:Steve_Marks_Toroid_Generator|Present Disposition of Steve Mark's Toroid Generator] - Technology turned over to his attorney, Paul Stemm, who is pursuing its entry to the market, after resolving a few difficulties with the design. (PESWiki; Oct. 30, 2004)

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  • Jack Durban's experience with Steve Mark's Toroid Generator - Former key associate in a non-mechanical technology that allegedly extracted copious free energy from the environment, is ready to tell all, after more than a decade of silence. He says that the technology worked, but that Mark was less than honest in his business dealings. (PESWiki; March 16, 2008)
  • THE STEVEN MARK DEVICE - KNOWN DATA FROM AU (EMAIL) - Over Unity, solid state electrical output for lighting, no apparent input, appears toroidal in geometry or similar to a Hendershot Generator, will not demonstrate device running motors. Video tape shows three devices of different sizes. (INE; 28 Apr 2002)
    • Rebuttal: Above link is the most ridiculous example of slander about Mr. Mark. He has never lived at the addresses mentioned, this has been proven, in fact the one in California doesn't exist. The writer of those messages has been asked to verify his accusations and does not return emails, or answer any challenges to his information, and does not bear burden of proof, by providing documentation, or source materials for his slanderous remarks. -- User:Gn0stik


Jack Durban, was a former associate of Mark's, and came forward on March 14, 2008 to tell his story.

Lindsay Mannix, who participates on the discussion forum on this subject claims to be in direct contact with Mr. Mark. You might contact Steven Mark through him.

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