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This is a topical index of free energy related videos available for viewing online. They represent data and information on alternative, clean, practical, renewable energy solutions. The multimedia presentations may be viewed in person on stage, projected, transmitted, or played locally with a media player.

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    PESNetwork Videos - An index of videos that have been produced primarily by/for PES Network, Inc., along with other free-energy-related video resources. (PESWiki; Dec. 28, 2008)

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  • Open Sourcing Free Energy Technology - Video of Sterling Allan's presentation at the Gnomedex conference in Seattle on Aug. 11, 2007 talking about screening the best technologies, and using the open source model to break the log jam on exotic, disruptive energy technologies.

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    Classic Energy Videos™ - Regarding the five video set, with six bonus videos, Aaron Murakami wrote: "Peter and I just put this up. The Bedini and DePalma films aren't available anywhere else. [Suggesting an interview, pending], Peter can give some * GREAT * history about these films as the first 5 he either starred in, filmed or produced." (Classic Energy Videos; Aug. 15, 2010)
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    Pickens Plan Video Contest - Former oilman, Billionaire T. Boone Pickens, invites you to 1) sign a petition telling Senator Obama and Senator McCain to adopt the Pickens Plan to break our oil addiction, 2) come up with a < 60 sec energy ad to push the candidates to endorse the Plan. Deadline: Oct. 25. (PESWiki; Oct 22, 2008)




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Acoustic Levitation

Acoustic Levitation Chamber - 1min49sec

This is an acoustic levitation chamber I designed and built in 1987 as a micro-gravity experiment for NASA related subject matter.

The 12 inch cubed plexiglas Helmholtz Resonant Cavity has 3 speakers attached to the cube by aluminium acoustic waveguides. By applying a continuous resonant(600Hertz) sound wave, and by adjusting the amplitude and phase relationship amongst the 3 speakers; I was able to control levitation and movement in all 3 (x,y,z) axis of the ambient space. This research was used to show the effects of micro-gravity conditions that exist in the space shuttle environment in orbit, but done here on Earth in a lab.


  • Algae as Fuel Videos - We have complied a list of videos related to Algae oil and hydrogen production.

American Antigravity Films

Jimmy Sabori's Papp Engine Video

A two-cycle engine demonstrates power output up to 500 HP on a dynamometer; and a one-cycle engine with Plexiglas cylinder shows ignition of noble gas in vacuum process, which current physics says is impossible. lots more information at

American Antigravity Films search

Compressed Air Motors

Compressed Air power at work - a compressed air car at work 4min7sec
Air Car from France (1 of 2) - A new type of engine to run on compress air 5min14sec
Air Car from Australia (2 of 2) - A rotary engine runs on compressed air. 3min27sec
Car that runs on compressed air - Uruguayan invention - 1min50sec

Added December 03, 2006 - Based on Boyle´s law "p x v = k", this Based on Boyle´s law "p x v = k", this car uses compressed air to work. It was invented by Armando Regusci, an uruguayan engineer. More information in

Compressed Air Engine animation- A quick 3ds max representation of a compressed air engine similar to those found in the AirHogs brand of toys 8sec


Anti-Gravity Rotor Videos

QTG - Quantum Theory of Gravity. Experimental phase, stages (00-11). Details of the construction, assembly and of the tests of the gravitational motor "GM".
Place of the construction and of the assembly of the gravitational motor "GM" (the experimental proof of QTG), July of 2006. A humble and small walk for the facilities of the place where GM was built in 2006.
Experience accomplished in the end of the year of 2006, which confirmed a reduction of 180 g in the total mass of "GM" (48.560g), after reaching the nominal speed of rotation (840 rpm).
In the outburst a reduction was verified of up to 5000g.
Project: Rolf Guthmann. Execution: Carlos Dietrich.
More details: QTG QTG

GRAVITATIONAL MOTOR - Construction / Assembly - Stages 00-10

Stage 00 1min39sec
Stage 01 10sec
Stage 02 12sec
Stage 03 20sec
Stage 04 12sec
Stage 05 24sec
Stage 06 25sec
Stage 07 26sec
Stage 08 16sec
Stage 09 42sec
Stage 10 26sec
Stage 11 50sec


Tom Bearden

Tom Bearden part 1
Tom Bearden part 2
Tom Bearden part 3
Tom Bearden part 4

John Bedini

New SSG Presentation Video

1 hour 35 minute full video presentation of a model SSG Energizer by Rick Friedrich on google. 84MB compressed version 1.4GB medium quality version A DVD just under $6 will appear with higher quality on the following SSG website for those who do not wish to download.

bedini motor 1min26sec
:trying out over unity courtesy of john bedini. still working out issues with coil. Added October 20, 2006 - From pksh06

Bedini/Cole Motor

Bedini Cole Motor - posted 31.december.2006

Test Bedini/Cole Motor no battery.

Window Motor, Bedini/Cole - posted 31.december.2006

This motor has been on the same batteries for over 15 years.

Mike's 15th february replication of Bedini/Cole Motor - posted 16.february.2007

replication being discussed here and here.

Ben's Bedini/Cole Window Motor 3 min 38 sec - Feb 26, 2007

Video of my Bedini/Cole Window Motor. With a bit of comentary.......

Bedini Window Motor Generator 3 min 42 sec - 28/02/2007

Standard Bedini Window Motor Generator with a twist.

Better and Better Tech

Clean Green Technologies to Slow Global Warming 59sec
How to get 50 to 100 MPG and No Pollution ! - Patented Technology retrofits any Car or Truck and you receive 2 to 4 times mileage, more power and no pollution 1min

Gregg Braden

Awakening to Zero Point - by Gregg Braden (1996) (This title is available as a book and in VHS form from local bookstores and/or

Thomas Townsend Brown

Dr. Tom Valone Interview: The Biefeld-Brown Effect

Dr. Valone joins us at STAIF 2006 to talk about his stunning presentation on the remarkable 40-year history of the Biefeld-Brown Effect, and how he believes this technology might have been used to enhance the performance of the B-2 Bomber. Valone also unveils a new mathematical theorem called the "Jefimenko Equation" that he believes will allow Biefeld-Brown Experimenters to fine-tune their devices to produce even greater overall thrust output!

Byron New Energy

BNE Meeting and discussion of future open source energy strategies with locals 57min20sec

BNE Meeting and discussion of future open source energy strategies with locals. Thursday October 5 2006. We ran out of battery about an hour into filming, but caught the important stuff! The camera power supply has since been modified. Nice scenery in this one!

High quality version of the Cosmic Water Cell (Joe cell) from Byron New Energy 8min

"Watch the Byron New Energy introduction video now to get an impression what our cosmic water cell is all about. The cosmic water cell will provide for free energy that will render petrol useless. Can you imagine your car running on our free energy? Could this really be done? Be your own judge and watch this video."

Byron New Energy Website


Cars of the Future

Cold Fusion

Phenomenon Archives: Heavy Watergate, The War Against Cold Fusion 46min

In 'Phenomenon Archives: Heavy Watergate, the War Against Cold Fusion,' viewers investigate the idea of cold fusion. If viable, cold fusion offers the possibility of limitless cheap energy. Some have suggested that the quashing of cold fusion projects in the late '80s was due to certain agencies not wishing to undermine the position of U.S. energy corporations. from

Excerpts from Cold Fusion: Fire from Water 38min

This documentary was produced by Eugene Mallove and the New Energy Foundation ( in 1999. Mallove was a visionary who foresaw the truth of this scientific phenomenon. This brilliant film captures the heart of this new field of condensed matter nuclear science. Research efforts continue to demonstrate stronger evidence, year after year, and with it, hope for a better alternative to the world's energy and environmental issues.
Edited by Steven B. Krivit and released from New Energy Institute with permission from New Energy Foundation (

Cold Fusion nuclear power and the Bible Code 9min48sec

The King James version English Bible Code looks at the possibility of nuclear power from the Deuterium in sea water, by low temperature fusion reactions. The Bible Code gives us clues on how to make it work. Unlimited atomic energy may one day result.

New Energy Institute

U.S. Navy Cold Fusion Research Lab 5min30sec

This video is background material for "Extraordinary Evidence," published here on Nov. 10. This is a non-technical documentary on SPAWAR Systems Center San Diego Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (cold fusion) research. Produced by New Energy Times, a project of New Energy Institute. Hosted by Steven B. Krivit. Science papers online at
U.S. Navy SPAWAR San Diego Cold Fusion Research Lab - 6min

This video is background material for "Extraordinary Evidence," published at on Nov. 10, 2006. This is a non-technical documentary on SPAWAR Systems Center San Diego Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (cold fusion) research. Produced by New Energy Times, a project of New Energy Institute. Hosted by Steven B. Krivit.

What Really Happened with Cold Fusion, and Why Is It Coming Back? - 15min

This talk was presented on Nov. 1, 2005 in San Francisco, Calif. at the International Congress on Nanotechnology by New Energy Times editor and New Energy Institute executive director, Steven B. Krivit. The first part of this talk summarizes the political history of mainstream science’s failure to recognize cold fusion both as a legitimate science and as a possible new source of energy. It explains how, in 1989, mainstream science threw out the baby (the excess heat) with the bath water (the botched Fleischmann and Pons theory and neutron claims). The second part of the talk briefly reviews three experimental studies in cold fusion. More information:

U.S. Navy Cold Fusion Research Lab - 6min

This video is background material for "Extraordinary Evidence," published at on Nov. 10, 2006. This is a non-technical documentary on SPAWAR Systems Center San Diego Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (cold fusion) research. Produced by New Energy Times, a project of New Energy Institute. Hosted by Steven B. Krivit.

Cold Fusion Presidential Briefing (1989) - 3min

The Department of Energy's 1989 review of cold fusion was doomed from the start. Glenn T. Seaborg, Nobel prize winner in chemistry and chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission for a decade, was called to the White House to brief the president of the United States on the cold fusion discovery. This video contains two excerpts from a lecture by Seaborg at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on October 28, 1995 in which it is apparent that he rejected the possibility of cold fusion on theoretical grounds and saw himself as protecting the public from bad science.

Crop Circle Anti-Gravity Ship Videos


Part 1 - Blueprints in the Crop Circles

Part 1 covers the experiment by Chris Hardeman, the large tetrahedron, and basic structure. PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2006. 19min47sec

Part 2 - The Watersphere

Examines the based structure of the watersphere. You can also dowload this file directly to your computer by right clicking here and saving target file. (large file is 241 MB) PUBLISHED DECEMBER 2006. 24min21sec


Cymatics part 1 Bringing matter to life with sound - Cymatics - Bringing matter to life with sound - part 1. (28mins) Features an introduction by Sir, Dr. Peter Guy Manners. Then extraordinary film clips of Hans Jenny experiments from the 1960's and early 70's
Cymatics part 2 The healing nature of sound - Cymatics - The healing nature of sound - part 2 (28mins) Features an interview with Peter Guy Manners. Interviewd by world renowned sound expert, author & healer, Jonathan Goldman. Manners, also runs through some stills and explains what they mean.
Cymatics part 3 Application of Cymatic Therapy - Cymatics - Application of Cymatic Therapy - part 3 (23mins) Continuing from part 2 of this set. Jonathan Goldman, interviews Peter Guy Manners on the application of Cymatic Therapy. A demonstration of a healing device called the Cymatic Applicator is given.
Cymatics - Soundscapes - Experiments in animation with sound & vibration - part 4 (28mins) Shows further animation of liquids & matter.

Chops from the 4 Cymatics videos:
Dr. Hans Jenny in his study of Cymatics - study of matters pertaining to waves -part1 2min
Dr. Hans Jenny in his study of Cymatics - study of matters pertaining to waves -part2 2min
Dr. Hans Jenny in his study of Cymatics - study of matters pertaining to waves -part3 2min
Dr. Hans Jenny in his study of Cymatics - study of matters pertaining to waves -part4 2min

Jahroen posted yesterday some Cymatics images.
animating substances with audible sound animating substances with audible sound
animating inert substances with audible sound the substance i used here is koffie creamer



Van De Graaf Generators (VDG)

Leyden Jar & Van de Graaff - A homemade Leyden jar (original capacitor) discharges when it is charged to the maximum capacitance near a Van de Graaff. 15sec
Van de Graaff Generator - Demonstrations using a Van de Graaff Generator. 1min13sec
Van de Graaff - Heres another one of my high voltage projects. Good ol' VDG generator! Made from 3" PVC tubing, bed frame wheel, 1Hp motor(i know its over kill on power; all I had) and a blue rubber band I got froma yoga kit of some sort. 37sec


  • Testatika Machine Video - The Methernitha commune claims to have invented a machine that produces three to four kilowatts of DC continuously from the static electricity in the air, depending on its dryness. Sepp Hasslberger provides an English transcription for their video.

Methernitha Testatika free energy machine parts 1 to 5

part 1 2min33sec
part 2 1min53sec
part 3 2min5sec
part 4 1min39sec
part 5 3min14sec

invented by Paul Baumann from Linden Switzerland this unique free energy machine generates about 3 KWatts of free power. It extracts it probably from light radioactive mountain crytstals in it via electrostatic radiation excitation and excited raised Beta decay.
Recordings 1-8 of Testatika

Part 1 2min32sec
Part 2 2min45sec
Part 3 2min33sec
Part 4 2min42sec
Part 5 1min59sec
Part 6 2min33sec
Part 7 1min47sec
Part 8 1min49sec

Energy By Motion

EBM (Energy By Motion) machine 6min30sec

This uniquely configured rotating machine generates additional torque on the shaft when rotated through the magnetic field. Combined electrical/heat output exceeds input energy by over 40 percent.

Energy from the Vacuum

  • Featured: Videos >
    Energy from the Vacuum series - Parts 1-9, now available, feature Tom Bearden as well as John Bedini, Walter Rosenthal, Deborah Chung, Howard Johnson, Peter Lindemann, Daniel Sheehan, Sparky Sweet, and T Henry Moray. "Even a tiny efficiency of tapping [space energy] could and will extract all the energy anyone could wish." (PESWiki; March 15, 2009)

Electric Car

Who killed the electric car trailer

It was among the fastest, most efficient production cars ever built. It ran on electricity, produced no emissions and catapulted American technology to the forefront of the automotive industry. The lucky few who drove it never wanted to give it up. So why did General Motors crush its fleet of EV1 electric vehicles in the Arizona desert?
WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? chronicles the life and mysterious death of the GM EV1, examining its cultural and economic ripple effects and how they reverberated through the halls of government and big business.



Free Energy

  • Store / Videos > Peter Lindemann >
    Classic Energy Videos™ - Regarding the five video set, with six bonus videos, Aaron Murakami wrote: "Peter and I just put this up. The Bedini and DePalma films aren't available anywhere else. [Suggesting an interview, pending], Peter can give some * GREAT * history about these films as the first 5 he either starred in, filmed or produced." (Classic Energy Videos; Aug. 15, 2010)

Buckminster Fuller

A one hour conversations with renowned "Comprehensivist" Polymath Buckminter Fuller at his "World Game" offices in Philadelphia. Much time is given to asserting his "synergetic" major premise that in terms of mankinds collective technological augmented advancement through time we had reached a point - in terms of our collective capability to provide "life suport" to the people of "Spaceship Earth" - within a correct assumption there were more "haves" than "have nots" for the first time in human history and that by utilizing "Anticapatory Design Science" we could beginning serious modeling on the premise we had transcended material scarcity and we had reached that "Critical Point" in the year 1970.


GE Ecomagination

GE Showcases - narrated by Kevin Kline

The first stage of the world's largest wind farm opened in June 2004. Driven by the advanced 3.6MW turbine developed by GE Energy, the facility's seven turbines deliver an impressive 25MW
Algeria is 95 percent arid land. Fresh water is a luxury most people enjoy only two to three hours a day in the capital city of Algiers. GE is working toward making this ancient history.
The GE90-115B holds the world record as the most powerful jet engine, while producing the lowest noise pollution in its class. Japan Airlines was one of the first to receive the GE90-115B engine, but they're keeping it quiet.
GE's EvolutionTM Series Locomotive plant in Erie, Pennsylvania built its 1,000th locomotive in 2006. This advanced locomotive is flying off the assembly line.
We're proud to have Shafer Vineyards as a customer of GE's photovoltaic technology. See how the sun is growing a business.

Global Warming

EV Gray

Contains an insight too demonstrations & information of Gray Technology.
Poor quality video, Sound cuts out.

James Griggs

Excellent overview of how water hammer can be used to hydraulically compress water (the Schaeffer Effect) to produce hot water or steam. An electric motor runs at 3,000rpm to drive a custom designed tightly fitted rotor with many precise holes that turbolate the water at high pressures to produce up to 70% more energy out than in. The rotor holes can be selected to heat water or produce steam as desired. Steam from rotation, how can you beat that? (Courtesy of KeelyNET)


Dr. Len Horowitz

Dr. Len Horowitz - DNA: Pirates Of The Sacred Spiral 3h38min - 2005

Based on the latest science, this monumental program considers both uses and abuses of DNA. Stunning evidence compiled herein probes DNA as nature's bioacoustic and electromagnetic (that is, spiritual) energy receiver, signal transformer, and quantum sound and light transmitter. In other words, the bioenergetics of genetics precipitates life. These scientific revelations bring expanded spiritual meaning to life, physical embodiment, and even evolution. Yet leading genetic industrialists prefer to keep these uplifting and freeing truths secret. The infamous, untrustworthy Human Genome Pirates operate covertly, controlling genetic patents, spin-off technologies, and public information dissemination. With the world's most powerful banking and pharmaceutical cartel behind them, they now control civilization's destiny. Features revolutionary new views of emerging genetic research consistent with largely secret science and sacred spiritual knowledge. Includes the latest unpublicized research on electrogenetics, quantum physics, bioholography, and human consciousness.

John Hutchison

Hutchison Effect 2006 Remix - 4min

The Hutchison-Effect is back, with never-before-seen footage in our exclusive 2006 Remix-Edition. This must-see compilation features the classic levitation, jellification of metals, and transmutation effects in a montage of restored footage that you've seen on TV, and lost footage that you simply have to see to believe!
John Hutchison's work has been documented since the early 1980's on several mediums, which George Hathaway compiled in 1991 into a single 6-hour video featuring everything that he could find on the effect. Our remix strips it down to the bare-minimum: 4-minutes of intense footage showing you the Hutchison-Effect like you've never seen it before!

Hutchison 2006 Full Experimental-Footage - 40min

For the first time in over a decade, Canadian inventor John Hutchison has reproduced the "Hutchison-Effect" in his homebuilt lab-environment. In our exclusive video footage, taken March 4th by researcher Harold Berndt, over 1,500 pounds of test-equipment is seen to spontaneously jump after what Berndt describes as an audible change in equipment noise that occurred while Hutchison was calibrating his test apparatus.
This is the full 40-minute clip for the Hutchison-Effect in 2006, detailing Hutchison's experimental procedures & equipment setup. One notable event from this clip has been reported.

note: these two are googlevideo, and youtube versions of the same thing:

John Hutchison on Tech TV's Invent This 5min11sec
Step into John Hutchison's "Wierd and wonderfull world of stuff" which includes Tesla Coils, Van Der Graff Generators, Various Army

and Navy electronic surplus amongst other High Voltage RF equipment.

John Hutchison on TechTV (Ancient Egyptian ZP Energy ) 5min11sec
Invent This program pays a visit to John's apartment. Describes "petro-electrical effect" behind his "crystal cells" that are basically rocks turned into non-depleting batteries that tap ZP energy.

Hutchison Effect Japan Seminar - Presentation Part 5 - Thomas Bearden 2may1985 - 3min28sec




IPCtec Joecell 1min37sec

Soorry for the bad´s filmed with my cellphone.... check out 4 more Info´s about the Joecell, overunity and Stanley Meyer

IPCtec - low voltage elecrolysis 1min21sec



Joe.  June 2006.
Joe. June 2006.

Peter Stevens

Joes Cell Question One 1h2min Nov 28, 2006<

Joe openly reponds to questions about the frequency of Joe cells

Joes Cell Question Two 58min Nov 28, 2006<

Joe Continues to discuss the frequency comments on Joe Cells

Joe cell Visit at Peter Stevens and Joe (water on fire) 33 min 31 sec Nov 20, 2006

These people visited Peter Stevens in Feb 2006 on how to get a cell working. They also had a visit with Joe. Joe demonstrates some experiments under a car bonnet including the hydrogen in the battery experiment that is talked about on forums. He also demonstrates how he can light water on fire with a silver spoon. Joe claims he used negative charged water and posative charged water.

peter_stevens_2nd_visit___charging_process 20 min 45 sec - May 22, 2006

a video of peter stevens explaining the process of charging a joe cell. videoed by Damien.

Joe Cell talk with BNE Group - Part 1

Joe talks about what the energy is combusting inside the engine. Also the video chops to a different segment of Joe giving some tips on a installation of a booster cell, The video also chops to a stop on the side of the road with how Joe points out some ignition problems under a commadore. The video chops and changes alittle but best to be shared for all to view.

Joe Cell talk with BNE Group - Part 2

Joe continues to talk about whats combusting in the engine with a cell on board. He is talking to the BNE group.

potatonet (jan2007 update, all 3 videos removed):
stage 3 fine bubbles no residue

this blew my Fing mind when I first noticed this, in the video Im still giddy. um yeah its recharging itself.... that doesnt happen....

Joe Cell affecting compass

Joecell Poland

Joe Cell from Poland 001 42sec

Joe Cell from Poland !!!

Older Joecell

Joe Cell Phenomena - 5min

A Joe Cell is similar to an electrolysis cell built with concentric stainless steel pipes. In one configuration, the pipes have diameters of 1, 2, 3, and 4 inches. Sometimes a five-inch pipe is also included. Different theories hold that the cylinders should be between 4" and 10" long. There are many theories of how the cell works. Among those who believe in Orgone energy, the Joe Cell is believed to be an Orgone Accumulator.
An operating cell progresses through a series of stages, the first of which is simple electrolysis, the second is referred to as the seeding stage, in which the cell builds up a charge in the water, which eventually reaches a point where the cell will run an engine.'

Joecell Early Experiments 2h17min

2 hours of joe cell video, from the expirementation years.
Chops of Joecell Early Experiments
Joe Cell Vapour from Plates 34sec

Engine Running on Water Part 1 - 2min2sec - 1993
Engine Running on Water Part 2 - 2min5sec
Charging Water 48sec
Joe cell MagnetElectrolysis in a joe cell 22sec
Joe Cell Free Energy Running on V 8 F-250 Truck - 20march 2006 - 1min10sec
Joe Cell 3 Cylinders 49 sec
Joe Cell 4 Cylinders 1 min 15 sec
Joe Cell 5 Cylinders 50sec
Joe Cell 6 Cylinders 2min

bubbler number 2 but this time i connected it from the outside for safety reasons 11sec
thee spoon test 12v 180ma 9sec
electrolise test with solar cells, 4.2 volts@50mA the water is from the lake you see on the background 11sec
a test with small ss tubes in a plastic tube. connected to a 9 volt battery. (sideview)

Vapor rising from the neutral plates 35sec
Joe Cell Gas Implosion Tests1:34min
Joe Cell Figure 8 pattern in the left side of the Center Tube, 12 volts DC, Water is below Tops of tubes 28sec
finaly i got some stainless 316L tube,s but its the wrong size but seem to get some good bubble action
Joe Cell Deflecting a Compass Needle 02:50

Joe Cell Deflecting a Compass Needle. Experiment done with a 'charged' AKA 'Stage 3' cell. Experiment was repeated many times with the same results.

My Joe Cell Firsts Xperiments 40sec

This is another clip i made at the same day as the last one. Since i have not enought money to keep buying the tubes, there is no new material.
I dont know why some bubbles still in the water after long time before turned off

Joe Cell

fazendo o primeiro teste simples de eletrolise com Joe Cell 12v 1A... fonte de video game... dessas q tem 6 saidas diferentes

Aproposito, a primeira "cena" e na verdade a ultima



KeelyNET have made available previews of three of their DVD's.

John Keely / Sympathetic Vibratory Physics

Dale Pond - The Basic Principles of SVP 1/2 - John Worrell Keely Sympathetic Vibratory Physics = SVP
Dale Pond - The Basic Principles of SVP 2/2 - John Worrell Keely Sympathetic Vibratory Physics = SVP


Kanarev Low-current electrolysis of water -- Video-002 - 30sec - 13.may.2004

The duration of Video is 30 sec. Please, watch indications of hours.
9-57 «Two light wires go from the power supply to a cell. Now they will be switched - off, and process of an output of gases will proceed».
10-03 «Approximately, 5 minutes after switching-off of the power supply».
10-18 «Has passed 20 minutes from the moment of switching-off of the power supply, but the output of gases proceeds».
10-29 «Has passed half an hour after switching-off of the power supply».
10-31 «The power supply is included»


Peter Lindemann

12 Pole Monopole running - demonstration by Peter Lindemann. (posted 31.12.2006)


Note: all 3 have been "removed by user".
The Lutec 1000 1
The Lutec 1000 2
The Lutec 1000 3

Lutec tests by non-Lutec people

Lutec Overunity Motor 362% - Lutec concept motor video, claiming 362 % overunity. their web page has a few more videos and details 1min39sec



PT 1: Maglev toy: diamagnetic pyrolytic carbon lifts magnet 2min7sec

A supermagnet cube hovers between graphite disks. The cube is lifted by the ceramic disk magnet a few inches above, while the two carbon disks repel the cube, keeping it stable. This is the small physics toy sold by Dr. Martin Simon a few years ago (no longer avail.)

PT 2: neodymium supermagnet beads: amoebas 2min4sec

Small supermagnet spheres are COOL, especially if you have over fifty of 'em.

PT 3: Bar magnet and compass: supermagnet arrays 2min27sec

No field around a blob of small magnets... unless you align them. Color CRTs get distorted! Make rotating compasses from rings of beads. (And sell them at weekend flea markets!)


  • MagneGas Overview Video - High quality production introduces technology that is able to produce domestic gas from waste input streams. (YouTube; Sept. 14, 2006)

Magnegas - This alternative fuel is a synthetic natural gas substitute made from recycled liquid waste. 2min35sec

MagLev Train

MagLev Train shows 'pinning' Effect 4min33sec

Incredible superconducting model train that runs for a very long time with just a slight push. Gives everyone a chance to see the 'pinning' effect which allows the train to run sideways on a building or UPSIDE DOWN. Meissner forces for repulsion and pinning effect to clamp it so that it floats over the track captive in the field. Image:Maglevtrain80.jpg

Steven Mark

Steven Mark solid state generator video 1 57min5sec
Steven Mark solid state generator video 2 38min
Steven Mark solid state generator video 3 4min10sec
Steven Mark solid state generator video 4 5min46sec
Steven Mark solid state generator video 5 9min46sec

Amazing video footage of Steven Mark's solid state free energy generator. This is video 3 out of 5. Really amazing technology a definite must see. Also see for more information on this device
see:,712.0.html for more info on this Steven Mark TPU device.

Steven Mark Coil

Coil UEC Group Demo 38min28sec

Here is a working device that extracts power from the earths magnetic field. This is the Full 38 min UEC group demo of several devices running as well as the large demo coil which is nearly 1 kilowatt. I will be loading several more as well as the rare full 1 hour video as soon as it is converted. For more information watch the video or do a google search for "Steven Mark Coil".

Coil Group Demo

This is the Full 10 min group demo of several devices running as well as the large demo coil which is nearly 1 kilowatt.

Coil Demo Clip 1 4min10sec
Coil Demo Clip 2 1min54sec
Coil Demo Clip 3 57sec

Stanley Meyer

Stanley Meyer - Safe Free Energy Conference 1989

Stanley Meyer - House Meeting in New Zealand 1989

Stanley Meyer - Xogen - System Explained 10min35sec

Peter Lindemann - The World of Free Energy - KeelyNet Conference 2001. - Added March 07, 2007 From srawofni

Stanley Meyer - Stainless Steel 304 10min58sec

Stanley A. Meyer - Water Fuel Cell - House Meeting In New Zealand 1989 - Added March 06, 2007 From srawofni

Stanley Meyer - Not Perpetual Motion 10min57sec

Stanley A. Meyer - Water Fuel Cell - House Meeting In New Zealand 1989 - Added March 06, 2007 From srawofni

Water Fuel Cell, WFC, Electrolysis 1min14sec.

Efficient water electrolysis for hydrogen production.

Stanley Meyer other Lectures

Stanley Meyer - Water Fuel Injector 10min54sec

Stanley A. Meyer - Water Fuel Cell - Lecture - Water Powered Car 1991 - Added March 06, 2007 From srawofni

Water Fuel Cell, WFC, Stan Meyer, Meyers, Electrolysis, fuel cell, hydrogen, water car - 1min14sec

One of my experiments with efficent electrolysis, this one is using a 2 inch outer tube and 1 1/2 inner.

IPCtec Water Fuel Cell, @ - 1min07sec

MYT - Massive Yet Tiny

The MYTEngine - The MYT™ (Massive Yet Tiny) Engine, is a breakthrough of immense proportions that will spawn the next industrial revolution and will rocket the internal combustion engine into the next millennium. Please spread the word. Go to for the full information.9min40sec


Jean-Louis Naudin

Coanda Saucer

Naudin's Coanda Saucer 2min7sec

"note the similarities to Schauberger's UFO designs yet this one uses one big fan for lift." (

NO2 coanda effect - Premier vol d'essai d'un engin d'collant verticalement gr'ce' l'effet coanda, des oeuvres de Jean-Louis Naudin - 1min41sec

UAV MAV Machine

The QuadRotor Observer UAV / MAV demo. - The QuadRotor Observer v1.0(QRO) UAV demo by Jean-Louis Naudin with four Brushless outrunner motors - 1min49sec

Electrostatic Lifter

Lifter build your own - 28sec
Le lifter de Jean-Louis Naudin - Le lifter de Jean-Louis Naudin au JT de France 3 - Edition du 19/20 du 13 novembre 2006 - 2min37sec
Biefield Brown effect lifter by JeanLouis Naudin Labs 41sec
Naudin Lifter - Home built Naudin Lifter. This was done by a co-worker of mine - 15sec
Electrostatic Lifter - 20sec

Joseph Newman

Practicality of Joseph Newman's Energy Machine 3 min 5 sec - Nov 6, 2006 - Now see the energy of the future that does away with pollution and energy costs. It is running a classic '71 MG Convertible with no gas.




  • Panacea-BOCAF Hydroxy Presentation 31min37sec, posted 2nd April 2008
  • Panacea-BOCAF GEET Replication 1min9sec, posted 16th March 2008.
    • Proof that 70% water and 30% fuel can be run through a GEET reactor. This is open sourced engineers Damians replication
  • Panacea Water Fuel Cell Presentation 10min53sec, posted 11 August 2007
  • Energy suppression media script. 1h31min, posted 13th June 2007
    • This is's media script on energy suppression and the solutions to addressing the political and economic conditions present.
  • Panacea Bedini replication 5min15sec, posted 23rd December 2007
    • Panacea's Bedini motor replication. Built and tested 23-12-2007. The batteries condition / desulphate after several discharges / recharges and the anomalous effects begin to appear.
  • Magnet Anomalies 1min6sec, posted 23rd December 2007
    • Magnet ring on shaft spinning in the center of the magnetic fields. Very tricky! See for yourself! Not actually useful for free energy but simply shows anomolies with magnetic field interactions
  • RotoVerter frequency drive demonstration 3min42sec, posted 6th July 2007
This is a RotoVerter energy saving frequency adjust demonstration.
  • RotoVerter demo 9min8sec, posted 16th June 2007
    • This is a demonstration of Panacea's Roto Verter device (motor / generator coupling version) in an apartment in Brisbane, Australia. By clipping the peaks of the wave form using neon switching or diode plug techniques, it may be possible to extract the resonant / excess power shown on the alternator such as replicated by an open source engineer in France. The neon switch circuits are near completion for this setup.
  • Rotoverter Energy saving method 16min54sec, posted 19th May 2007
    • This production was done by and is a duplicate of the script that will be seen on australian TV. Other shows are planned, including various science shows on the ABC. For further information into this method, please contact the non profit Org. If you have ANY ideas for TV shows which would be interested in featuring the RV energy saving mehtod, please contact the web site listed. Thanks to EVGRAY yahoo energy Groups for all their hard work.

Robert A. Patterson / Ram Implosion Wing

footage of Robert Patterson's Ram-Implosion Wing - 1min9sec

Inventor Robert A. Patterson started getting big-time PR in the newsgroups last year when he announced the development of a curved wing that mounts onto a vehicle and supposedly improves your gas mileage! Is this an aerodynamic effect? We got a sneak-peak at this technology during the TeslaTech 2005 Conference, and put online for anyone interested in this catchy new aerodynamic idea!

Plasma Electrolysis Cell

Plasma electrolysis cell test 2min44sec

By taking periodic measurements of the voltage and current applied to the cell, averaging and then multiplying them to obtain average power, then multiplying that value by the total run time, the energy input to the cell was calculated. The before and after mass of the water was measured to find the amount lost by evaporation, and therefore the evaporation energy and that value was added to the energy due to the temperature change of the water to find the approximate output energy (this calculation did not include energy lost by the production of hydrogen and oxygen, which would have made the output somewhat larger). The output energy was divided by the input to find the coefficient of performance (COP). The COP obtained in this trial was 0.88, which means the measured output was less than the input, meaning the cell did not produce measurable energy.
The experiment was done in an attempt to verify reports of anomalous energy production during the process. Several scientific papers have been published suggesting that the excess energy might be nuclear in origin. Some examples here:

Hydrogen plasma in a plasma electrolysis cell 27sec

A closeup video of the hydrogen plasma surrounding the tungsten cathode in a plasma electrolysis cell. Basically it's the surface of the sun in a beaker.


Perendev and Bedini Motor Replications

"I don't like the term perpetual-motion", says Sterling D. Allan, founder of Pure Energy Systems.... whatever you might call it, the Perendev & Bedini Motors that Sterling brought to TeslaTech 2005 certainly caused a stir. Check out our conference video for close-up footage & descriptions of both motors in operation! In Sterling's words: "The Perendev motor replication was built by Douglas K. Furr, a Ph.D. Mechanical Engineer, for PerenTech(.com), of which I was founder. In Furr's expert design, each of the rotors can be infinitely adjusted in relation to the other in the off-set of drilled holes, and the holes and pins enable one to insert and take out magnets with relative ease. I suppose if someone with more patience than myself were to tinker around with the device, they might achieve eureka in which the thing begins to accelerate."

Perendev magnetic motor 1min29sec, (YouTube); and Perendev Motor (

The Perendev magnetic motor brings a new form of energy to the World, No fossil fuel is used in the running of the motor, the motor runs on Magnetic/electric energy produced by the repulsion of the magnetic fields.
MUNICH GERMANY -- Mike Brady's claim to a working magnet motor, capable of putting out enough torque to run a 30kW generator continuously, has been a topic of interest for several years. -
  • PESNetwork Videos - These are videos that have been produced for Pure Energy Systems Network.



Rotoverter replica output to 2x 60watt 120V bulbs serial - Bellerian replication. (dec2006) 1000 watt light load test with RotoVerter by Hector - 1:58min

RotoVerter Load Test using 1000 Watt Light Bulb, Clip Dated 04/10/2002
116VAC x 4.0 Amps = 464 Watts (Input)
1000 Watt Light Bulb (Load)

virtual circulating current with RotoVerter by Hector - 4:08min

1999 Rotoverter 2nd Prototype Test, Clip dated: 04/10/2002
Input Amps 1.6A
Input Volts 117.32VAC 60Hz
Circulating Output Current 7.7Amps
Circulating Output Voltage 208VAC
1.6A x 109.5VAC = 175.2 Watts [Power Input]

Royal Raymond Rife

The Royal Rife Story - this video removed by someone or other

Rife won 14 government awards for scientific discoveries, and received an honorary medical degree from the University of Heidelberg for his work in bacteriology. He is most famous for building the world's most powerful optical microscopes which overcame the limits of standard research microscopes and became the first person ever to see a living virus.
Dr. Rife's technique was first embraced by the medical community, used by many doctors and then later rejected because antibiotics showed greater financial promise but didn't deliver any real medical results. Now over 50 years later, there has been a renewed interest in the incredible method he used. This video reveals the dedication and commitment of Dr. Rife, and the many medical doctors who worked with him.
This historical documentary is a must see for anyone interested in Dr. Rife and his amazing discoveries as he already successfully cured cancer by 1934 with his expertise in optics and innovation with a specially designed microscope and frequency generator. You have probably never heard of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife before, but in this unique documentary you will learn all about the life of this overlooked medical genius and his great scientific accomplishments which can benefit everybody if only we could learn to use them.

Wilhelm Reich / Orgone

Wilhelm Reich: Viva Little Man

Wilhelm Reich was a physician and scientist whose investigation of energy functions in human emotions led to the discovery of an unknown ... all » energy which exists in all living matter and in the cosmos. He called this energy "orgone." Born in 1897 in the Austrian province of Galicia, Wilhelm Reich, A student of Sigmund Freud, became one of the great psychoanalytic pioneers before his clinical studies led him into the laboratory and to investigations of the energy processes in nature. In 1954, the Federal Food and Drug Administration obtained an Injunction which ordered Reich's literature to be banned and destroyed, constituting one of the most heinous acts of censorship in U.S. history.

Peter Robbins - Orgone Energy, Wilhelm Reich and UFOs

Peter Robbins Presents 'Orgone Energy, Wilhelm Reich and UFOs' (from the 15th Annual International UFO Congress Convention & Film Festival) Peter Robbins has been involved in UFO studies for more than 25 years, as a researcher, investigator, writer, lecturer, activist and author. He is a board member of Budd Hopkins' Intruders Foundation and is co-author of Left at East Gate: A First-Hand Account of the Bentwaters-Woodbridge UFO Incident, Its Cover-Up and Investigation.
Robbins has lectured extensively both in the States and abroad. His topics have included the U.K.’s RAF Bentwaters-Woodbridge UFO incident; the suppression of UFO information by the American and British Governments; James Vincent Forrestal, first Secretary of Defense and early casualty of UFO secrecy; Dr. Wilhelm Reich and UFOs; the UFO abduction phenomenon; crop circles, and the media and UFOs.

Cloudbuster 09:48

A brief film re-enacting a true story about revolutionary scientist and humanitarian Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Nice bit of storytelling. Too bad the credits are nearly as long as the film!

Effect of Orgone? - 36sec

I shot this from my loft in order to show the area of blue sky over my house that i believe may be as a result of having a lump of orgone buried in my garden. The area of blue sky seems to remain almost constant whilst you can see a thick blanket of cloud everywhere else

Orgone Accumulator (Reichstar Edit) - 10:05

This is my 4th edit of this video

Orgone Accumulator (Scientists Are Sexy Edit)

This video is my tribute to one of my personal heroes, Dr. Wilhelm Reich. I won't presume the capacity to educate anyone on this great man's work. If he is new to you, maybe this video will arouse your curiosity, and inspire you to investigate further on your own. The song is "Orgone Accumulator" by Hawkwind, from their album "Space Ritual." I suppose you all know by now that I used to serve beer to Lemmy ;-D
I am always interested in footage of Dr. Reich. Please contact me if you have anything that doesn't appear to be in this video.
For more info on Reich, visit Also, look for the (dry and boring but factual) documentary "Viva Little Man."
Lots of LOVE! xoxo

Cloudbusting - Kate Bush musicvideo

Orgone.CH 15sec

This is a short video of a set of 5 cylinder of 255mm height in operation whit 60v and 1 amp. There is a strange pulsation of the water.

Reptilian Brain (Alex Jones and David Icke)

Resonance, Vibration, Frequency, Acoustics

How resonance affects salt (googlevideo)
How Resonance Affects Salt (GoogleVideo) | How Resonance Affects salt (youtube)

When a two dimensional object is vibrated, patterns of waves can be seen. The sand on the plate collects in the nodes, or areas of no motion, of the waves. see Chladni Plates

Resonance Effect
What Sound Looks Like Fingers and Holes in a Shaken Cornstarch Solution - Robert D. Deegan / Florian S. Merkt / Harry L. Swinney - Center for Nonlinear Dynamics - University of Texas at Austin

Ring-orgone Joe cell videos

Ringorgone 01 - Assembly 12min
Ringorgone 02 - Installation 8min
Ringorgone 03 - Testing Magnetism of Stainless 3min
Ringorgone 04 - Magnetism of Pressfit Cone 3min
Ringorgone 05 - Press Fit Cone Outlet 6min
Ringorgone 06 - Press Fit Cone Outlet 2 2min
Ringorgone 07 - First Charge Rainwater 9min
Ringorgone 08 - Blind Plug Location 2min
Ringorgone 09 - Install Blind Plug 4min
Ringorgone 10 - Conduit Template 5min
Ringorgone 11 - The Push 1min
Ringorgone 12 - In situ 26sec
Ringorgone 13 - Orgone Accumulator Jacket 3min
Ringorgone 14 - Orgone Accumulator Jacket 2min
Ringorgone 15 - Orgone Accumulator Jacket 47sec
Ringorgone 16 - Figure Eight 4min
Ringorgone 17 - Sea Salt Scum 5min
Ringorgone 18 - Strong figure 8 3min
Ringorgone 19 - BANG 37sec
Ringorgone 20 - Alkaline Charged Water 12min

Walter Russell

Walter Russell 20sec
Walter Russell, Transmutation, Toby Grotz 47sec
free energy - race to zero point - walter russell and viktor schauberger 2min
Walter Russell - Secrets of the Universe 1min
Conical Motion - from USP archives - 5min Walter and Lao Russell - life and legacy 11min
The Inspiring Lives of Walter and Lao Russell 10min
The Russell years at Swannanoa 38min
German person reading from Message of Divine Iliad 20min


Scuderi Air Hybrid Engine

How the Scuderi Air Hybrid Engine works - The Scuderi Air Hybrid Engine promises to dramatically increase fuel efficiency while cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent. - 4min33sec
Steven Scuderi television interview - Steven Scuderi speaks about the Scuderi Air-Hybrid Engine on The Water Cooler, broadcast on WGBY in Springfield, Mass. 6min3sec

John Searl

24th February 2007 discussion and verification by independent team.

Filmed in 1994 at the IFNE Conference in Denver, this hour-long presentation by John Searl describes the inner-workings of the infamous Searl-Effect Generator and IGV Propulsion System with photos, schematics, construction details, and a concise summary of 1960's testing that you simply can't afford to miss!
John Searl is one of the most controversial figures in Antigravity research, but since beginning his work in the 1940's, he's arguably become "the father of modern Antigravity". His claim is simple: that after a childhood dream showing a rotating set of rollers on a metallic ring, he constructed a device called the Searl Effect Generator (SEG) that seems to produce massive Antigravitational thrust.
Searl is one of the cultural icons in the Antigravity.

Solar Videos


Steorn Lecture at University College of Dublin

PRevious Steorn videos

News story about the Irish company Steorn and its new magnetic free energy device.
Steorn will launch a revolutionary free, clean, energy technology. Fox News interview, August 28, 2006. see for more up2date news
Irish engineers say they have built a device that creates free and clean energy. Until now most scientists have dismissed their claims, saying that they break the most basic laws of physics. So the inventors have come up with a unique challenge.
This is a longer interview video of the first SkyNews clip.
An Irish company is raising eyebrows with its claim that it has developed a machine that can create free and totally clean energy. (Sept. 12)
Added January 20, 2007, From emlrcks

Steorn test replications, ideas

  • Device v2 - A basic attempt to create an input/output permanent magnet motor based on Steorn's technology. 49sec (posted nov25th 2006)
  • Steorn Low energy Actuator - A replication of the steorn low energy actuator, although not part of the overunity motor they are developing, it could be used for a motor. The actuator enables a field to be switched on and off 3min38sec (posted dec21th 2006)
  • Steorn Toy or 90 Degree Magnetic Rule - Steorn toy where magnets approach each other at 90 degrees.The theory is, that at repulsion there is a spike of energy not currently explained by mainstream physics. The steorn toy uses a array of magnets, so arranged that there is more force in one direction than another. 1min36sec
  • Steorn Magnetic Toy Replication - Toys similar to this were demonstrated b Toys similar to this were demonstrated by Steorn. The energy input to the system appears to be output to the system. I cannot say if this is demonstrating the steorn affect , but it is a very curious effect i have created here. (Added January 15th, 2007, by Eltimple)
  • Craigy's Steorn Toy Tester 1min9sec - 2nd video on this subject , now due to popular demand, i have had to think of a way to test this thing. So, i have added a crank, that will accept wieghts, hopefully we can see if the machine will return enough energy to raise the lever back to the starting position. I am amazed its got this far LOL... (Added January 18, 2007, From Eltimple)
  • part3 - Video number3 on the steorn toy thingy, now i have 30 grams on one side and 60 on the other. Dropping the 30 gram wieght raises the 60 gram wieght. Is this the steorn effect? Or is it mechanical advantage? Or is it just the power of magnets....I don't have a clue, so will have to go to maths to find out what is happening here..It is worrying in a way, i think it is just magetic repulsion that is pushing the wieght up, but if you were not an honest person you might be able to con (someone into thinking its overunity. I just don't know..Craigy (Added January 21, 2007, From Eltimple)


Harvesting the Sun: Part 1 - 4min45sec
Harvesting the Sun: Part 2 - 2min54sec
Harvesting the Sun: Part 3 - 4min16sec

Video producer Ken Schreiner continues to follow the installation of his unique solar power system

Simplest motor

Homopolar motor - one screw, one battery, one magnet, one copper-wire. 10,000rpm, but watch it - magnet or screw can spin off.
same but with square magnet - this time with square magnet.
Instructions on how to build this:
Simple DC Motor DIY much like the Larry Spring one
Simple DC Motor DIY - different angle


Alex Schiffer

Three stages of Joe Cell with Alex Schiffer 24min
Joe Cell - Alex Schiffer/NUTECH design cell with pressed in center bolt

Joe Cell Stage 3 3:48min This video has been removed by the user.
Joe Cell Stage 3 Bubbles 51sec

Peter Stevens

Joe & Peter 1h33min

The video begins with Peter showing the test engine to which he will be adding a cell soon. Joe and Phil play with a Suzuki without positive on the coil. A discussion on the cell from Joe's perspective. (Video by Peter Stevens; June, 2006)

Peter Stevens 2nd Visit - Charging Process 20min45sec

a video of peter stevens explaining the process of charging a joe cell. videoed by Damien.

Joe cell Visit at Peter Stevens and Joe (water on fire) 33min31sec

These people visited Peter Stevens in Feb 2006 on how to get a cell working. They also had a visit with Joe. Joe demonstrates some experiments under a car bonnet including the hydrogen in the battery experiment that is talked about on forums. He also demonstrates how he can light water on fire with a silver spoon. Joe claims he used negative charged water and posative charged water.


Tesla Coils

best, most instructive:

Overview of my Large tesla Coil 9min11sec
:This is a brief disciption and demonstration of my largest Tesla coil. I will folow this up later with more video reports to give more detail on the different components and therory of operation Small DC Tesla Coil 1 9min27sec
:This small DC Tesla coil has very high BPS makeing it sound like someone scratching there finger nails on a chalk board.
More instructive Tesla Coil videos from Roger In Ohio


Overdriven Tesla Coil 6sec

My little table top coil being powered off of 2 neon sign transformers at 15kV and 30mA each in parallel, for 60mA.

Table-Top Tesla Coil 1min6sec
My old tesla coil arcing to my hands through a glass. 14sec

Tesla Coil Aetheric Galvanometer 31sec Mysterious free energy power apparatus discovered in $3@&[error]...

TeslaTech 2006

Harnessing Geothermal Energy with Tesla Turbines - Teslatech 2006 -

Former Rockwell Engineer Jeff Hayes discusses Tesla Turbines and how this technology can be used to tap geothermal energy from underground salt-brine in locations all over the world. The DOE unsuccessfully tested this idea in the 1980's, but refinements in the Tesla Turbine technology by oil companies has given this approach to harnessing underground heat-energy a new hope to fill our energy solutions. Currently, the Salton Sea in California contains enough geothermal energy locked in salt-brine to meet the entire electrical needs of the United States 20 times over, if only it could be harnessed electrically. That requires spinning a turbine, and only the Tesla Turbine is durable enough to undertake this challenge. Hayes focus is on the engineering challenges involved with making Tesla Turbines a practical tool, as well as the unique characteristics of this technology that allow it to outperform conventional bladed turbines.

Kiril Chukanov Ball-Lightning ZPE Interview - TeslaTech 2006 -

For over a year now, Dr. Kiril Chukanov has been working in a secret laboratory to perfect the dream of Zero-Point Energy from contained Ball-Lightning energy. He joins us to discuss his work, and the remarkable progress he's made, at the TeslaTech 2006 Conference in this remarkable half-hour interview.

Gabriella Draney on New Energy Investments - TeslaTech 2006 -

We join financial specialist Gabriella Draney at TeslaTech 2006 on the topic of investing in emerging energy technologies - from Hydrogen to Zero-Point Energy - and what some of the important criterion are that investors look for when they consider putting money into an emerging energy venture. Draney works for Mutual Capital Alliance, a venture-capital firm located in Dallas, Texas, and she offers her insights into how emerging energy companies can best present their ideas in a post dot-com technology market.

Ralph Suddath on Extreme Water Environmentalism - TeslaTech 2006 -

Ralph Suddath begins, "I'm an extreme water environmentalist, so you know, I'm like radical, and I mean radical. Now I'm leaving the country, and I want to leave what I know behind - and my leaving has a lot to do with our water. We're now creating water that's loaded with supertoxins - and everybody knows abut it, but nobody's taking steps to solve the problem. It's apathy, and it's dangerous."
Our interview with Suddath discusses the energy aspects of water, and how treating water with resonant frequencies can remove toxins and promote health. Suddath also talks about modern water treatment techniques and how today's methods of adding chlorine to water not only don't kill germs, but actually breed supergerms that may threaten our future.
  • Tidal Turbines (9 min) - Video of Verdant Energy install (New York Times; Jan. 2, 2006)

Nikola Tesla

Tesla Longitudinal Electricity video from Borderland Research Science Foundation, with Eric Dollard, Tom Brown and Peter Lindemann

Tesla longitudinal electricity a lab demonstration with Eric Dollard, Tom Brown and Peter Lindemann. On Tesla's longitudinal electricity and wireless transitions of dc power. Great practical demonstration on forgotten Tesla technologies.

Tesla transverse and longitudinal electric waves - Eric Dollard, Tom Brown, Peter Lindemann, Borderland Research Science Foundation

Tesla transverse and longitudinal electric waves another a lab demonstration with Eric Dollard, Tom Brown and Peter Lindemann. Specially focusing on Tesla's longitudinal electricity. This is a great practical demonstration on forgotten Tesla longitudinal electricity technologies.

Nikola Tesla - Master of Lightning

Nikola Tesla invented or developed many of the electrical technologies which form the basis of modern life, including: alternating-current (AC) power transmission and electric motors; high-frequency (HF) communications, the basis for radio and television; neon lighting; remote radio-control; and X-rays. But his visionary genius and technical skill was countered by his lack of business acumen and eccentric personality. After dying penniless in 1943, his "missing papers" regarding the construction of a 'death ray' became the focus of international intrigue. His research on particle beam weapons led to several American and Soviet military research programs, including the Strategic Defense Initiative, known as SDI or "Star Wars".

Nikola Tesla - The Genius Who Lit the World - 42min alternative link

Nikola Tesla is considered the father of our modern technological age. This program reveals the discoveries of a forgotten genius, many of which went unnoticed for nearly a century. How did this obscure visionary from what is now Yugoslavia lay the foundation for modern communication and which of his inventions were considered a little too revolutionary by government agencies and the power brokers of the time. Among his discoveries are: fluorescent light, the laser beam, wireless communications, wireless transmission of electrical energy, remote control, robotics, Tesla?s turbines and vertical take off aircraft. Tesla is the father of the radio and the modern electrical transmission system. Tesla registered over 700 patents worldwide. His vision included power from the sea, exploration of solar energy, the discovery of cosmic radio waves, and the use of the ionosphere for scientific purposes. He foresaw interplanetary communications and satellites.

Tesla Inventions - possibly BBC? 31min
History Channel: Tesla - The Lost Wizard 14min16sec
Phenomenon: the missing secrets of Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla: The Life and Times of a Forgotten Genius part 1
Nikola Tesla: The Life and Times of a Forgotten Genius part 2 removed by someone
Tom Bearden on Nikola Tesla 1h24min

A magnificent exposition of Tesla's transmission of hidden energy without loss, its peaceful uses, its weaponization potential, and implications for today. Recorded in the 1990s, the information in this video is still fresh and relevant, valuable to both the serious researcher and the Tesla afficionado, and represents Tom Bearden's current thinking on these topics.

Nikola Tesla exhibit, Vancouver (stills & videos) 2min35sec

The small travelling exhibit from the Beograd Tesla Museum made a stop in downtown Vancouver BC, at the BC Hydro corporate offices. During the opening we performed the dry-ice-high-voltage demonstration of the particle streams behind his "Death Ray" claims. Video footage also includes "egg of columbus" and other devices.

Nikola Tesla.. The man who gave us the modern day.. - Many people have long forgotten him.. However his achievements gave most of what we take for granted too us today.. 4min2sec
UFOTV: SECRET of Nikola Tesla Excerpt, with Orson Welles as J.P. Morgan - 9min34sec
Tesla, Nikola Epic Biopic THE LOST WIZARD - Demo - 14min16sec

Demo for An Epic Biopic on Inventor Nikola Tesla 1856-1943

Marc J. Seifer: Tesla: Mad Scientist of the Gilded Age. - 9min53sec

a documentary by Marc J. Seifer, is narrated by Broadway stage and screen actor J.T. Walsh, with an original score by Lincoln Center performing artist Marshall Coid. This is a 9-minute short which introduces the viewer to the fantastical life of Nikola Tesla.

(1984) Nikola Tesla: Vibration and Resonance - 25 min 20 sec - Dec 18, 2006

Created in the beginning of the year 1991 in Belgrade ( Yugoslavia/Serbia ) and broadcast several times during the harsh years of war, this video document shows us one of the very first AV presentations about the famous US-Serbian scientist whose inventions built the structure for the foundation of our civilisation of light and electricity. Vibration & Resonance ( video / vhs / dvix ) Produced and directed by Slobodan Nor Trbojevic Archangel records © 1990

in croatian

Nikola Tesla Biography Part1/7 - 5min
Nikola Tesla Biography Part2/7 - 5min
Nikola Tesla Biography Part3/7 - 6min
Nikola Tesla Biography Part4/7 - 5min

Tesla Motors Inc.

Tesla Motors Inc. - Netscape & Autoblog Green at Tesla Event and Autoblog Green attended yesterday's Tesla Event, unveiling the hottest new electric car on the market. Check out our exclusive video of the event.

Tesla Motor - Fast Electric Car Video

Last year, I noted the beauty of the Volta and the emerging need for downloadable Engine Ring Tones for otherwise silent electric cars. ;-)
Well, a lot has happened in a year. I just posted a video of my ride in this electric supercar on Revver. With the wind noise, it’s hard to hear my discussion with Ian Wright, the founder and builder of the car. Here are some interesting tidbits about the movie:
• 0-60 in 3 seconds (faster than a supercar (shown in this race)). • 1/3 the energy consumption of a hybrid (170 Miles Per Gallon equivalent). • Everything you see is in first gear. • The fast stops are regenerative braking (returning energy to the batteries).
Hopefully cars like this from Wrightspeed and Tesla will add a bit of consumer cachet to the electric car category… and accelerate the industry to the future.

Tesla Roadster - Tesla Motors unveiled their uber-chic Roadster, a powerful electric vehicle that looks, feels and drives like many other high-end sports cars Wednesday night. The main difference is the noise. Powered by a 3-phase, 4-pole AC induction motor, the Roadster can go 130 mph and does 0-60 in about 4 seconds, all completely silent. Awesome! 3min1sec
The unveiling of the Tesla Motors Electric Car - The unveiling of the tesla motors electric sports car. Welcome to 3min1sec
Tesla Roadster - high performance all electric vehicle with gasoline engine performance. 0-60mph in 4 seconds. 250 miles per charge 1min31sec This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by The Associated Press
Tesla Roadster - SF Auto Show - Tesla Roadster on a spinning platform at the San Francisco Auto Show, with a finger-finale. 0-60 4 seconds - 130 mph top speed - 250 miles per 4 hour charge - Length: 33sec
Tesla Roadster - Electric Dream - A preview of the cute, curvy, convertible and all-electric Tesla Roadster in Palo Alto 1min40sec
2 Minutes With Tesla Motors - Plenty interviews Martin Eberhard, CEO of Tesla Motors. 1min57sec
Lotus Tesla Electric Car - BBC News report on the 18th Dec of the new Lotus Tesla Electric Car 2min24sec
Interview With Elon Musk Tesla Motors - Here's a short interview done by Wired Science. Elon Musk talks about future models of the Tesla Sports Car. Model 2 will be a 4 door sedan with a price tag around $49,000.00 Model 3 will have a price tag around $30,000.00 He also talks about another company he's involved in, 6min38sec


Torbay Hybrid seesaw - Here i am trying a different approach to replicating the torbay magnetic motor. The concept is that i only have to lift 2 stators instead of 8, well i don;t know if it will work or not , still i am giving it a go here.. 48sec
Torbay Hybrid Motor , SeeSaw? - Here we started to replicate the Torbay Motor but the problem with this design is lowering the stators to continue the cycle. Here we are playing with the idea of using a SeeSaw to move just 2 stators instead of all 8. This way appears easier as the stators are lowered easily since they are not pushing against the rotor. The other 6 fixed stators still contribute to the rotation as the rotor still prefers gaps in the field. Thus when rotating towards a gap there are 3 stators pushing the rotor towards that gap. Will attempt to construct a seesaw mech that will alternate the ups and downs on either side of circle, who knows , it might even work... 22sec
Magnetic Shield on Torbay Hybrid - Here i am using a small amount of magnetic shielding from a hard disk to make the rotor move. Instead of raising or lowering stators i am just placing the shield between the two to get movement.. Is this the solution to Overunity? Free licence to all non-profit making individuals on the condition that this source is credited. 2min11sec
Torbay Replication Multiple magnet rotor - First test of my effort to replicate the torbay motor, here we are testing that the rotor moves freely to the gaps in the magnetic field , or when we raise a stator 27sec
torbay Ramp Problems - Here i ramble on about ways to get my Torbay motor to work, the hardest part is getting the magnets to drop down 1min54sec


Viktor Schauberger, Water, Vortex, Implosion

Extraordinary Nature of Water, narrated by Callum Coats.

Sacred Living Geometry - Enlightened Environmental Theories of Viktor Schauberger - 2h51min

The research of Callum Coats takes us on a journey through the life and inventions of Austrian ecologist Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958). Now, for the first time, you can view the evidence in this detailed, three-hour illustrated lecture presentation on this two video set.
Viktor Schauberger was a genius whose ideas were far ahead of his time. He worked as a "forest-master" in the Austrian Alps when they were still a true wilderness. This experience was to influence his entire life's work.
Schauberger prophesied the environmental crises we are seeing today, predicting that unless we start to cherish rather than exploit our world, we would surely destroy ourselves. He demonstrated how deforestation would deplete the world of water, causing deserts and climatic chaos. Asked about our technology, "How else should it be done?" His answer was "exactly in the opposite way that it is done today!" His maxim: "Comprehend and Copy Nature!"
From his precise observations of the processes of Nature, Schauberger pioneered a completely new understanding of the nature of water as the most important life-giving and energy-empowered substance on the planet. This led him to develop a radical new science which flew in the face of conventional scientific thinking but which, today, is being increasingly recognized for its highly-relevant implications for civilization.
Viktor Schauberger might have made a career as a brilliant inventor. Forced, for a time, to develop radical new forms of propulsion for the Third Reich , he went on to work on devices utilizing the principles of implosion -- hundreds of times more powerful than conventional power sources. Even in the weeks just before his death, US government and commercial interests were exerting pressure on him to reveal his secrets.
Schauberger's deep insights in the special properties of water and nature hold immense implications for future technology and ecology.

Nature Was My Teacher, narrated by Tom Brown of Borderland Research Science Foundation - 45min

Among the magnificent Austrian forest he grew up, wanting to become a forest warden like his father, grandfather, great grandfather and his father, before him. But life was to take Viktor far from the peace & solitude of the great mountains and forests. Instead he was to lead the struggle to preserve the Earth, the forests and rivers; attacking the exploitation of nature, as early as the 1920s. Nature was his teacher - Through an understanding of nature's principles, seen in the flowing motion of water, he gave the world a vision of how technology could be transformed to render free, non-polluting energy for our use. He warned of the consequences, facing humanity, if the present death-oriented technology continued! He died, betrayed by the same powers who promised to make his dreams a reality - commercial gangsters, who TAKE ALL and give NOTHING in return!

Water energization utilizing a vortex

Les Maitres de L'eau, originally Die Wassermeister.

Cymatics clip from Les Maitres de L'eau/Die Wassermeister - EXCELLENT. This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.
Sound waves are used to reveal patterns in water.

Visit to PKS - showing Rising Egg Experiment, interviewing Jörg Schauberger, Ingeborg Schauberger, showing a vortex-generating device, a repulsine.. etc 10min9sec
Visit to PKS (from Wasser DVD) 05:06min.

Showing Viktor Schauberger Heimkraftwerk, Hans Kutil Lord Kelvin Water-Thread-Experiment, movie of Schauberger log-flumes, and other imagery from PKS. Image:Schauberger1.jpg

Ihr bewegt falsch! - schauberger, ufo's and some sketches 9 minute german documentary(?) about Schauberger's work.
Freie energie und Levitation.

Walter Russell, Wilhelm Reich, Royal Raymond Rife, Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, etc. a true gem for the PESWiki-affected.

Interview with Klaus Rauber about the Repulsine.
Interview mit Andreas Epp und Walter Schauberger..Levitation/antigravity etc. also showing PKS

German short 4 minute visit to the PKS school in Bad Ischl, Austria.

Vortex Wind Generator 6min49sec

Tom Valone

Zero-Point Energy Extraction from the Quantum Vacuum

This is Tom Valone's amazing video lecture Zero-Point Energy Extraction from the Quantum Vacuum (2004) where he gives a great overview of the various methods to extract free energy directly from the quantum vacuum to power our homes and machines.
Today we face a destabilizing dependency on irreplaceable fossil fuels which are also rapidly dwindling. A real need exists for a portable source of power that can compete with fossil fuel and its energy density. A further need exists for a fuelless source of power which, by definition, does not require re-fueling. One possible source could be zero-point energy (ZPE).
A major feasibility study by Valone's Integrity Research Institute placed its emphasis on the practical potential for ZPE energy conversion, especially in view of recent advances in nanotechnology, than in the theory. With primary reference to the works of Casimir, Pinto, Mead and Milonni, key principles for the proposed extraction of energy for useful work are identified and analyzed. These principles fall into the thermodynamic, fluidic, mechanical, and electromagnetic areas of primary, forcelike quantities that apply to all energy systems. A search of ZPE literature reveals that these principles also apply to the quantum level.

Thomas Valone interviewed in 2005 on the Extraordinary Technology Conference 29min27sec

Thomas Valone, founding member of New Energy Congress, is an engineering physicist with 25 years of experience in emerging energy sciences. He is a Consulting Fellow of the World Innovation Foundation and has several books and 100 articles in print. He received a PhD in General Engineering from Kennedy-Western University and a Masters in Physics from the State University of NY at Buffalo.


Wankel Motor

The Magnetic Wankel Engine concept - Here is proof of concept of the Magnetic Wankel engine, This simple setup shows how rotor shoots around until we run out of magnets, that sticky spot is normally solved by putting an electro magnet there, or perhaps someone can use a magnetic gate? (Takahashi Motor) 6sec
Wankel Engine - history channel - Modern Marvels segment on the Wankel Rotary Engine 2min54sec
Wankel Prinzip - old school video explaining the wankel(rotary) engine 6min15sec
Glider - Wankel Rotary Engine - 4min36sec

  • Waste to Energy > Video: Waste to Energy -- an Overview (3:01 minutes) - A brief video by PES Network introduces the concept of cost-effectively turning garbage and sewage into energy, either as electricity or as fuel. Addresses methane harvesting, plasma, solar, and catalytic pressureless depolymerization. (PESWiki; Jan. 16, 2008)
  • Oil > Video: Who killed JFK Jr.? (George W. Bush did) - The brave soul who produced "Loose Change" brings an equally disturbing documentary showing that JFK, Jr.'s death was not an airplane accident, but an assassination, and that George W. Bush was the key perpetrator, securing his seat in a global conspiracy that keeps Big Oil in power.


  • Suppression > Zeitgeist - The Movie: Federal Reserve - The rise of the control over modern civilization. An important perspective to bear in mind when asking why revolutionary energy technologies haven't been able to make it into the marketplace.


Control the Energy to Control the People 7min:

Webisode 38 of Memoirs of a Madman - Free Energy Documentary featuring Bruce DePalma, Stan Deyo, Thomas Brown, Dr. Paramahansa Tewari and Stan Meyer. Shows how oil brings in far more money than drugs, alcohol and smoking combined. Discusses why it is in the government and big business interest to threaten and suppress any working claims of free energy or super efficient devices. (courtesy of posting)


Free Energy: Race to Zero Point
Equinox - it runs on water (free energy)

On Sunday, 17 December 1995, viewers in U.K. saw an hour-long T V. program which, at long last, puts across the clear message that "free energy" is on the way.
In the opening stages Arthur C. Clarke explained how there were four stages in the way scientists react to the development of anything of a revolutionary nature. "Free energy" was now working its way through these four stages of reaction, which were:
a: "It's nonsense," b: "It is not important," c: "I always said it was a good idea," and d: "I thought of it first."
The scene moved to Rome, Georgia where Jim Griggs of Hydrodynamics, Inc. demonstrated the assembly and operation of a "hydrosonic water pump" which operated over-unity by producing hot water or steam with energy in excess of the electrical energy input to the pump motor. "Over-unity" was confirmed by satisfied customers, including the Albany Fire Station, where engineers from the "local university" and the "local power company" had been called in to verify the over-100% efficiency.


living energy machine - This is an interesting technical device, which converts centrifugal force into a rotation. 2min59sec
Self-Running Spindle4min21sec

This video runs for about 4.5 minutes and the thing spins the entire time. It looks like the base is custom though I know you can buy these spinners. They don't claim to run without stopping like this one appears to do. / The black and white version is the off the shelf 'Floating Spindle' that sells for about $15.00US and is advertised as 'One permanent magnet floats on top of another magnet, with a pin point touch on one end of the spindle.' It is not advertised to spin, simply suspend from opposing fields. Buy a Magnetic Field Spindle for $9.99 HERE.

Pulse Motor Demo 4min11sec

Anyone wanting to know how to build one of these units for your own experimentation, I have a website with a lot of info about building this.

energy out of rods part1
energy out of rods part2 energy via utilizing rods, very vague.

ABC News, man beats the energy system

Man beats the Energy System - A completely self-sufficient power system powers home and car for one man.

Free Energy Musicvideo - a type of a tribute. stirling engine, pantone/geet, joe cell, a lot of others. uplifting. enjoy.

VLC Player - a free open source video player that will open any type of video file.


Static Electricity House - This family has a shocking plan to save on their energy bills! 1min7sec
Petrolius: The Oil Habit - We wanted to know what a commerical about oil addiction would look like. So after unsuccessfully looking for one, we made our own. Here it 'tis. 47sec

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