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The Viktor Schauberger Jet Turbine
The Viktor Schauberger Jet Turbine

A vortex is a often turbulent, flow (or any spiral whirling motion) with closed streamlines. The shape of media or mass rotating rapidly around a center forms a vortex. It is a flow involving rotation about an axis (not always oriented vertically though; sometimes possessing a horizontal axis).

The awesome imploding power


Vortex Technologies


  • Vortex >
    Fist Fights With Physicists - The Caduceus Coil - Jason Verbelli presents an array of vortex concepts and manifestations in nature, including natural law of cubes, Dan Winter's imploder nozzle, Keely's secret, helical gear, and Ed Leedskalnin's Coral Castle. (Scribd; Before December 14, 2010)


  • Water / Vortex / Health >
    Dan Winter announces Super-Imploder - Researcher, Dan Winter has announced the launch of a new product for water conditioning for agricultural applications on 3/4-inch piping, which uses a combination of vortex and magnet (phase conjugate) pre-treatment of the water, which has been proven to result in stronger and healthier crops. Coming May 1. (Fractal Field; April, 2011)
  • Design To Improve Turbulence In Combustion Chambers by Creating a Vortex - Somender Singh says a radical design change in the face of combustion chambers, by forming grooves, channels or passages through the squish areas, will further enhance in-cylinder turbulence followed by multi flame front combustion, as contained in his US Patent 6237579. Do-it-yourselfers might consider cutting some grooves to approach the effect. (PESN; Oct. 13, 2005)
  • PAX Scientific mimics nature's design for fans - Company designs fans, impellers, propellers, mixers based on the geometries of a whirlpool. The result is an approximate 33% improvement in efficiency, reduced noise, size and cost.
  • Featured / Best Exotic FE: Superconductors / Hydro > Nanotech > Vortex Technologies >
    Company "V" claims megawatt free energy generators for sale - A Florida company alleges to have two different types (superconducting and vortex) of MW-level free energy devices for sale (under beta testing terms) at a price that they say competes with the cheapest utility power – without subsidies – while having the added advantage of being green: consuming no fossil fuels and emitting no pollutants or waste. Smaller prototypes can be viewed by qualified parties under NDA. (PESN; January 7, 2011)

Research and Development

  • Viktor Schauberger - v1 Viktor Schauberger 1885 - 1958. The father and founder of implosion. His keen innate understandings into the workings of nature will teach us the how to live in harmony with the environment around us. v2 hyperbolic rotating cones as turbines, copper eggshapes in order to create vortices for water-purification, suction-vacuum-caused-vortices for air-purification, energy-creation using air/wind/water, using inwinding centripetal implosion and vortices.
  • Vortex Technologies / Fuel Efficiency > Engines >
    New Jet Engine Design Offers 25% Fuel Efficiency Increase - A new engine developed by R-Jet is called an orbiting combustor-nozzle (OCN) jet. OCN jets rotate the airflow through the engine in a vortex, rather than passing the air straight through as conventional jet engines do. Swirling the incoming air into a vortex allows for a more complete mixing of fuel and air, leading to more efficient and complete combustion of the fuel. (EcoGeek; Oct. 7, 2010)
Viktor Schauberger Klimator PESWiki OpenSource Air-conditioning device
Viktor Schauberger Klimator PESWiki OpenSource Air-conditioning device
  • OS:Klimator:Main_Page - Viktor Schauberger Klimator OpenSource Project, using a spinning vortex to produce heat, or cool air, i.e. a naturalesque air-conditioning device. Any input welcome!
  • Zotloterer Gravitational Vortex Power Plant - Mini-power plant is simple to construct, has a turbine efficiency of 80% but is safe for fish due to low turbine speed. The gravitational vortex hydro technology can be applied with water drop as little as 0.7 meters. The cost for installation of the prototype was close to $1/watt capacity.
  • Messias Machine - the Vortex Synergy Model - Model has particular interest inasmuch as it contains some explanation for unusual energy flow (thermal into kinetic), providing justification for Schauberger' s hypothesis of energy from swirling water.
  • Richard Clem - Richard H. Clem developed the "Clem Motor". 2006 researchers would call it "The Vegetable Oil Vortex Motor". It is based on the u.s. patent 3,697,190.
  • Vortex Stove - Austrian oven manufacturer, who designs wood burning stoves, where the fire creates a vortex (in German language; with [movie]). [Bad Goisern is close to Bad Ischl where the [Pythagoras Kepler System] school, started by Viktor Schauberger's son Walter Schauberger, is now run by Jörg Schauberger.]
  • Vortex Mechanics - Site dedicated to providing a comprehensive review of vortexes from the sub-atomic to the cosmic level; includes many interesting and educational graphics.
Frank Polifka's Windhexe machine
  • Tornado in a Can - pulverizes garbage down to micrometer powder; demonstrates an "overunity" phenomenon (amount of energy expended does not equate to the amount of pulverizing power exhibited)
  • Michaud Atmospheric Vortex Engine - Louis Michaud's atmosphere vortex engine would harness waste heat from power plants and other heat sources, creating a stationary tornado and capturing the rotational force.
  • Man-made Cyclone Used for Clearing Smog - Reader cites mainstream press coverage of a man-made cyclone reported in 1997. Evidence of weather modification capability not generally acknowledged. (PESN; Dec. 11, 2005)
  • Ram Implosion Wing - hyperbolic-like wing affixed to top of a vehicle is alleged to create a vortex ahead of the vehicle and impose a teardrop shape to help propulsion.
  • Jirnov Vortex Engine Supported by U.S. Navy - 25 kW prototype shown to have strong torque, using half the energy, with half the emissions. $1 million grant awarded General Vortex Energy by the Navy to build 125-kW prototype. Nine U.S. patents. (PESN; April 25, 2005)
  • Micro-vortices in Earth's magnetosphere - Aug. 11 issue of Nature reports turbulence detected by four satellites last year in the plasma surrounding earth, ranging in size from 100 kilometers to 40,000 km. (ZPEnergy; Aug. 10)
  • Vortex Toilet (Video) - Champion toilet maker took Uncle Sam's 1/2 water challenge to heart and has come up with a super-powerful vortex design. Their trick is in releasing water rapidly. (; 10, 2005)
  • Ramgen Power Systems - Advanced Vortex Combustion (AVC) technology promises improved efficiency, lower emissions, greater flame stability, fuel flexibility, and increased durability for gas turbine power generation and mechanical drive, manufacturing processing, chemical process heating, steam boiler systems, and incineration.
  • New Equation Helps Unravel Behavior of Turbulence - Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have discovered a mathematical formula called the "advected delta-vee equation" that may enable more precise models of turbulence, with practical implications in areas as diverse as weather forecasting, pollutant control, engine design and astrophysics. (Newswise; Oct. 18, 2005)
  • Universal Vortex has developed a vortex tube that converts the entire inlet flow into a single super cooled and dried jet or into highly intensive heat flux (Single Flow Vortex Tube). Products include natural gas heaters, snow making equipment and beverage coolers.
  • AKOIL - In 2002 the active searches of energy-saving technologies brought A. Kochurov to the vortex heat generator (VHG) of the first generation, generating cheap thermal energy and hot water. Heat generators have the coefficient of energy conversion (electrical – mechanical – thermal), which is much more than 100%.
  • Hot Stick Technology is a vortex friction heater from Dream Maker Spas by Mercantilla, LLC. The vortex causes the water to rotate in the chamber at a very high rate of speed. This swirling, whirlpool action is creating kinetic energy, friction and heat. The water heats at 1.9 degrees per hour using practically zero electricity to do so.
  • Whirl Power Turbine - Using principles of a tornado or vortex, this patent pending engine is said to capture most of the energy in flowing gases and delivers power to a rotating shaft in proportion to the fuel input. This is a True Rotor Power utilizing centrifugal force as well as compression and velocity for various RPMs and torque output.

  • Method for energy separation and utilization in a vortex tube which operates with pressure not exceeding atmospheric pressure

by Lev Tunkel

  • - David G. Dennard proposes an anti-gravity and engery-generating design based on the principles of a whirlpool, which he describes in a multi-part document.

  • RPE a new technology in refrigeration -Geometrical trajectory path(GTP) replica(variation in Vortex paths) of gases is a new discovery in thermodynamics which helps gases make themselves cold(up to 110 degree Celsius drop down in temperature) depend on pressure of gas. This new technology successfully tested on dry air.
  • Vortex super air jet -This device achieve supersonic and high trust output by only using the air and without any blades. This device is the first mathematical and physical useful solution for second derivative of acceleration(variation in Vortex paths) .

Evil Vortexes


  • Hurricanes Are Getting Stronger - The number of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes worldwide has nearly doubled over the past 35 years, even though the total number of hurricanes has dropped since the 1990s. The shift has occurred as global sea surface temperatures have increased over the same period. (PESN; Sept. 17, 2005)
  • Wilma the Capacitor - Some thoughts on storm tracking and ties to electrical phenomenon of interest, both pertaining to electrical properties of hurricanes as well as their interaction with the electrical component of humans. (PESN; Oct. 25, 2005)
Katrina manipulation
Katrina manipulation

In the News

  • Vortex > Michaud Atmospheric Engine >
    Man-made tornadoes could one day power our cities - Now, after years of struggling to be viewed as a serious company, AVEtec has just received $300,000 in funding from PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, to improve on the initial concept and build a working engine to prove the viability of using this technology to produce electricity with virtually no carbon foot print. (ElectronicProducts; December 19, 2012)

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