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Directory of plans for wind technology construction.




Home Power Systems

  • DIY >
    Vela Creations Chispito Wind Generator - This is the latest version of the instructions for building a 100-Watt Chispito Wind Generator. This machine can be made from parts in most cities in most countries, throughout the world. (Vela Creations; Oct. 5, 2008)
  • Wind Power Savings - Wind power kits for home use. Guide to home wind power. Find used/new wind power kits, turbines, blades, inverters, how-to-guides, and more. (Thanks Detlef Warner)
  • Poor Man's Guide to Wind Power and Battery Systems - Downloadable book tells you how to make a 1 kilowatt machine using off-the shelf scraps for only $150, including the tower. Tells how to find and refurbish batteries for free; and how to source a good generator.
  • HOW TO - Make a Skylon tower - A free length of chord was attached to the op end of the Skylon also with horshoe nails. ... Also it would flash like a beacon for alternative energy. .. (Makezine).
  • MattB's Windmill - Open sourcing Matt B's "low tech" effective windmill that can be built from scratch.
  • "In my opinion, the very best plans out there right now are Hugh Piggotts Axial Flux Wind Turbine Plans My own designs are inspired very much by his ideas there. My goal was to perhaps simplify his ideas a bit more -- *and* to build a somewhat larger machine, but the basic design is the same." DanB of ForceField (Sept. 9, 2004)
  • All-Wooden Wind Generator - Full set of plans to build a functional device, as published in Home Power magazine. (Forcefield)


  • How to Make a Wind Powered LED Out of a VCR - It is a device that combines the renewable energy of the wind with the amazingly efficient and modern LEDs to make sure that you get spectacularly good lighting. (EcoFriend; March 25, 2008)


  • Featured: DIY > Wind > Plans >
    Downwind Faster than the Wind - Is it possible to build a device in which the forward motion turns a wheel that turns a propeller which provides enough wind propulsion to accelerate the device forward faster than the air around it? You would think not, but some investigators appear to have accomplished just that. Plans included. (PESWiki; Dec. 2, 2008)
  • Bubble Mill - Simple craft for a child. Use wind power to propel a bubble-making machine. Start 'em early on free energy. (Family Fun)

Other Applications

  • Wind powered electric car? - With a motor and some piping, it's suprisingly easy to build this inexpensive, efficient windmill generator--and enjoy free energy forever. ... (Makezine)



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